12 Replies to “Stolen from facebook – Congratulations, Sue!”

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Great pick Governor DD! Sue has and will continue being a very strong voice for Conservative Values and someone who easily mixes with every group. I’ve always liked Sue and Bill.

    (Interesting sidebar to me is knowing that had Lee stayed the course he would be in the gunning for ML.)

  2. Anonymous

    Charlie I don’t believe the governor made the pick, I think the central committees of the district did…..

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Thank you for correcting me. My first misnomer of the day with more coming surely.

    Great Pick Central Committee!! Cheers!!!! Three Cheers actually!!!

    1. Troy Jones

      Before she married Bill, Sue was a successful and highly respected banker. When she got married she hyphenated her name, which I suspect she did so as not to “give up her brand” in the industry.* Then when she quit banking, I did notice she dropped the “Lucas.” My guess is she never bothered to legally change her name sans Lucas.

      P.S. It is a compliment to Rex and Alex losing to Sue and not something to be ashamed of. Sue is very smart, works hard, and capable.

      * I remember talking to a friend in the late 80’s or early 90’s about why she chose to hyphenate her name. Her answer was simple: I have worked hard getting known in this business, I don’t want to start-over, and I want my company to know that I’m not going to quit working because I got married. I think alot of women made choices back then as perceptions adjusted to the idea some women will choose to work vs. staying at home (or want to make the choice on their terms and on their timing).

  4. Anonymous

    Westra was a big loss for the GOP caucus. His leadership will be hard to replace. Much like Democrats losing Bernie Hunhoff.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree it’s one thing to be excited about Sue K. Lucas-Peterson but it’s important to remember that the GOP lost a strong leader. Westra, Olson, Rave and Lederman have been greatly missed in recent years.

    1. Anonymous

      This will be hard for the caucus to find a new leader but it will also be easier for Mickelson to have a leader that is on the same page as him.