Stolen from facebook: Is it time for the legislature to have more teeth?


8 Replies to “Stolen from facebook: Is it time for the legislature to have more teeth?”

  1. Heisenberg

    More teeth? Looks to me like Mr. Schoenbeck is asking the Republicans to have more accountability and step up to the plate with more leadership.

    Exactly what all of us in favor of good government should be demanding.

    Why not vote Democrat next election? Since the Republican leadership is taking the blind-eye approach as Mr. Schoenbeck says.

    I can’t imagine anyone with average intelligence who would want the kind of government Mr. Schoenbeck describes us having today. Hats off to Mr. Schoenbeck.

    1. enquirer

      evidently the answer to having your majority party do more oversight is to forget your major party and have the loons in your minor party take power, ‘drain the swamp’ and do their own cronyism on steroids.

      1. enquirer

        for democrats to take power, they have to actually win elections first. since they can’t provably do that, they need someone to suspend elections and just put them into power. does anyone else see a problem with this?

  2. Anonymous

    Haven’t the conservative legislators exercised their power in the past by protesting the corruption In Pierre? Rep Russell, May, Disanto, etc have been very vocal and active and visible in their efforts. Instead of advocating for more government? Maybe he should do something real and take an actual public stand on the corruption like the conservatives?

    Wasn’t Schoenbeck the one that attacked the conservatives several years ago for their complaints about leadership’s corruption of the legislative research staff? It was about a year before the director was forced to retire due to problems identified in an independent audit.

    1. enquirer

      evidently if you don’t douse yourself with gas and set yourself on fire every time you’re asked to be part of the political process instead of grandstanding on extremes, you’re not a conservative.

    2. Daniel Buresh

      What leaders have taken a stand on the current corruption scandals? Seems all I am hearing is crickets. They need to step up to the plate and denounce what is happening and put protections in place so it doesn’t happen again. If not, then they are no leaders, regardless of political party affiliation.

  3. Anonymous

    I get what an auditor general does but what about the state auditor? Is there any real power there for oversight or accountability? If not, it’s a useless office.

  4. Platonic

    Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.
    Oh the sorry state of South Dakota politics today.

    When asking for transparency and accountability is deemed a “loony,” radical idea from the minor party, you know you’ve got a pretty serious problem.

    If anything, shouldn’t our fiscally responsible leaders be shocked and alarmed at the hemorrhaging of money taking place on their watch? Shouldn’t taxpayers feel, I don’t know, upset? Shouldn’t anyone who has ever had a cent of theirs put in the state’s coffers be justified in asking for greater accountability?