6 Replies to “Stolen from Facebook: John Thune chatting at Lunch”

  1. anonymous

    “I was just thinking, ladies, that when Mikey and I are in Washington that you won’t be able to afford to eat here anymore, what with increasing energy prices held unchecked by a gridlocked congress, tax codes that require your old mom here to pay more of her income to the IRS than Premier Bankcard has to, and my absolute opposition to raising the minimum wage. Don’t even get me started on equal pay for women! Well, enjoy your lunch, because its every man, ahem, little women, for themselves.”

    1. Anonymous

      And remember it’s not what you know it’s WHO you know! Enjoy your lunch ladies! 🙂

    2. Anonymous

      Just to point out one piece of idiocy in your statement-isn’t it the party of Weiland that is blocking the Keystone pipeline and is shutting down coal plants and is trying to mandate a carbon tax? Obama and his ilk are driving up energy prices, and Obama himself said that the costs would “necessarily skyrocket” under his (devious) plans.

      1. Anonymous

        Actually you missed the point. The quote wasn’t looking to place blame as to “who” caused the skyrocketing energy prices, but that more Republicans will only exacerbate the gridlock in DC…or, don’t look to Mike and I for answers. Secondly, the rest isn’t really all that idiotic, but perhaps a bit tragic.