Stolen from Facebook – We now have the villain of our tale.

From the No on Amendment V campaign Facebook page:


7 Replies to “Stolen from Facebook – We now have the villain of our tale.”

  1. Wazzzuupp

    Why are so many Republicans lining up in support of Amendment V? Do we really want to fight that hard for the rights of independent voters? Geesh — people need to fall in line in this state.

    1. Anonymous

      The Republican party has done a resolution against Amendment V and the only Republicans for it in effect left the party 20 years ago and are being used as pawns to falsely claim this is a bi-partsan measure, when in reality it is nothing more than a Rick Weiland attempt to get back at the system that dared allowed 2 Independents to run against him in the general election and is propped up by a lot of hidden out of state money

      I am voting NO on V…I urge you to do the same

    2. Dave R

      So many? You mean a handful. Of genuine RINOs. I don’t use that word often, I think its used too…. liberally, but it really applies in this case.

  2. Anonymous

    The Republicans supporting this measure are the last of the Rockefeller wing of the party. These so-called Ripon Republicans are an aging breed of moderates that see this as a means to reclaim the party from the right wing wingnuts that have, in their minds, hijacked the party. This dog won’t hunt.