Susan Wismer attacks Kristi Noem family story, calls Agriculture “shill for the aristocracy.”

From Facebook, if there was ever any doubt over how liberal, and far to the left State Representative Susan Wismer is, let all doubts be removed, as Wismer attacks Kristi Noem’s family story of having to take out a loan when her father was killed in a farming accident, and calls Agriculture “a shill for the aristocracy.”

Thoughts?  Some are privately wondering if this could earn us the first District 1 Republican House seat in a lot of years!

48 thoughts on “Susan Wismer attacks Kristi Noem family story, calls Agriculture “shill for the aristocracy.””

  1. Well said and concisely accurate, Ms. Eisner. A farmer or any business without loans is just being lazy and not trying to grow.

    1. Wismer missed the biggest lie in the story- Noem’s mom was still alive when her dad died…so the inheritance tax would not have even applied.

      1. The inheritance tax doesn’t apply because mom was still alive? Moms and Dads can’t have separate wills? There must be something I’m missing or something you are missing?

        Curious minds would like to know, can you elaborate?

        1. Again, if the laws were back then like they are today, the Noem’s wouldn’t have had to pay the tax. That’s history.

  2. Aristocracy, hmmm? She’s been watching too many Jane Austen movies, probably thinks they all live in houses like the Duke at Chatsworth.

  3. There’s really no question why Republicans continually win in South Dakota. Intellectually and socially limited gene pool.

    1. I have seen several rankings for average IQ among the states. South Dakota always ranks in the top ten. Probably why you feel out of place. Maybe you should consider moving to Mississippi.

  4. I have a great deal of respect for Representative Susan Wismer. She is a CPA and has an extensive background in this area.

    How many South Dakotans will really be affected by this? My concern is that if we eliminate the Death Tax the rest of us will have to absorb it. Nothing is for free.

    1. Nothing is for free, unless you qualify for food stamps, subsidized housing and child care, free school lunches, Medicaid, free or subsidized phones, while collecting earned income tax credit even though paying nothing in income tax in the first place.

      1. Springer,

        I get your point on that and it can be a different discussion as to the costs and causes of that. We both can most likely agree that in the end what you mentioned still is not “free.”

        Back to my original question. How many South Dakotans are really affected by the elimination of the Death Tax? That tax revenue will need to be made up somewhere else.

        1. Nobody thinks just maybe the govt should live within its means. Cut redundant agencies, sell vacant buildings, cut one penny from every dollar that every govt agency has to spend. We the people can’t keep on spending if our income decreases, and the govt should operate the same way instead of looking to its citizens as an ever deepening well of cash.

          1. Springer in 2012 the SD House of Reps tried to only put back only a 3% raise into SD Gov workers paychecks after Gov DD had to cut 10% in order to balance the budget but the Senate wanted 5% and won that fight. Look it up. My only question was why the private sector had to dig themselves out of the hole while we were pushing the envelope to make State workers whole with tax dollars taken from the private sector? The question remains unanswered.

      2. Sorry I need to rephrase the question. How many South Dakotans would actually benefit directly from the elimination of the Death/Estate tax?

        1. No thanks! One friend had to take their computer to a repair shop after visiting that site. wipe everything clean and get it running again. Another friend spent hours getting rid of the Malware and viruses.

    2. Nobody is affected by this, it’s just something fluffy to talk about instead of real issues.

      1. I think more Indian students were affected by Gear-up than multi-million dollar farmers that put their land into a family trust so they don’t have to pay taxes. Maybe she recover the scholarship money that was stolen from the Indian students.

        1. We don’t have a death tax in SD.

          The only person it might affect would be Denny Sanford? lol. That would be so sad. Who are the victims? Why aren’t these people coming forward and testifying. Usually if you have an important piece of legislation, you will have people testify form groups, fb pages. Example…..Obama Care, or no Obama Care. South Dakotan’s against Common Core. Can you name me a dozen people in SD that currently have to pay the $11.5 million per couple exempt death tax? Would be nice to have some people come forth. I still think the other issue is better.

  5. ” Wismer attacks Kristi Noem’s family story of having to take out a loan when her father was killed in a farming accident,”– That is a lie, she was referring to the estate tax…..

    1. “Kristi Noem’s old family story is outdated, misleading and abusive…”

      It most certainly was not a lie.

  6. My father died around the same time Representative Noem’s father did and the $800 Thousand Estate Tax bill the Feds charged us was paid in increments covering 15 years from a Trust created to take profit which could have been used to increase profitability on the ranch in order to sustain payments of the death tax to the Federal Government. Nothing has ever been a deeper blow to the sustainability of this piece of property than that tax. Ms. Noem is 100% correct in her assessment of the Death Tax killing future farmers in South Dakota and nationwide.

  7. That $800,000 thousand dollars would be exempt now. No worry, the law has already been changed years ago.

  8. For the life of me, I will never understand why some people believe the government should get first dibs on the estate of the deceased. It does not matter whether the estate is $1 or $1,000,000,000, it is just plain wrong for the greedy government to take the inheritance from the families. That inheritance has already been taxed over a lifetime. I wonder if the reason has to do with jealousy because someone else’s family has something they do not. It is always in someone’s interest to advocate for a tax you will never have to pay.

    1. One million pays zero taxes. Thousands of people are much more affected by rising property taxes.

      1. Since we are talking about federal taxes, over 40% pay 0 taxes. Not sure what you mean by 1 million people pay 0 in taxes, but if there are 1 million people who receive property passed down to them from their family, that money has already been taxed, much of it at over 39%. Taxing people who have died is just plain wrong. Again, you just appear to be someone who wants to stick it to someone else.

        1. Sorry duggersd, I was referring to your statement above mine. An estate worth one million dollars pays no death tax.

  9. I remember Stephanie Herserth during a debate at the Sioux. Empire fair stating exactly that, that the federal government needed that estate tax money and deserved it. Typical liberal belief.

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