Susan Wismer only likes certain types of free speech on campuses. Why do liberals hate complaints about child brides?

At the recent Government Operations and Audit Committee meeting, during the hearing about what the Board of Regents are doing to ensure free speech on our college campuses, there was a statement from a Democrat State Senator that seemed to indicate that the whole concept about free speech has her a bit flummoxed:

So, one of the few Democrats in the South Dakota Senate, Susan Wismer, denounced the consequences of free speech as “very troubling,” claiming that someone was spreading hate and disinformation about muslims,” and “their faith,” and claiming that she didn’t think it should have happened.

What was this supposed hate rally that Wismer was railing on about?

In 2018, the human rights activist Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus spoke at Northern State University about her experience being sold as a child bride, and how she was rescued from that fate by escaping to America.  This apparently offended Wismer, who claimed that Cyrus should have never been allowed to speak, and was generally appalled that the speaker “was allowed to appear on the campus.”

Interestingly, Wismer’s hemming and hawing about someone speaking about the horrors of being a child bride at Northern State University echo previous complaints of censorship on USD’s campus that brought the campus censorship issue to a head in the first place:

When lawmakers take up a bill on Friday that guarantees free speech rights on the state’s public university campuses, one incident from 2015 will likely be a key example for both supporters and opponents.

On March 22 of that year, the campus activities board at the University of South Dakota had scheduled a screening of a controversial film called the “Honor Diaries.” The 2013 film documents human rights abuses against women living in predominantly Muslim Middle East countries, including honor killings, forced marriages and genital mutilation.

The film, however, has also been criticized by Muslim rights groups for being promoted and sponsored by anti-Muslim bigots. Critics denounced the screening at USD, and the March 22 showing was canceled.

Read that here.

It seems bizarre that Wismer feels so strongly about censoring documentary evidence about child marriages, and the objection of women who don’t want one.  I don’t care what your religion is, the entire concept is offensive on a universal basis.

Why do South Dakota liberals hate complaints about child brides? Because that’s what we’re really talking about here.

It’s beyond explanation. But, then again, so are many things that Susan Wismer says.

17 Replies to “Susan Wismer only likes certain types of free speech on campuses. Why do liberals hate complaints about child brides?”

  1. tara volesky

    This isn’t a party issue, this is a very uncomfortable issue that the SD Nice are afraid to talk about. Where are you Neal? Pat’s friend Lora and I spent several hours talking to Anni Cyrus. She is a very interesting woman that carries a gun and has body guards. It’s pretty sad leaving the Muslim religion, you have to watch your back.

      1. Pati Koenguer

        Shame on you! Have you heard Anni’s story? Have you lived in a Muslim country? Shame on you!!!

  2. Charlie Hoffman

    I was there and heard the entire speech by “Anni” and not one bit of hate was being spread by her. The usual little dreeb hecklers were chanting some hate speech outside against her though. Maybe the good Senator was just thinking of the wrong speech.

  3. tara volesky

    She spoke in Sioux Falls and two private body guards and 2 or 3 Sioux Falls police officers where there for protection. Pretty sad a former Muslim that is now a Christian speaking out against criminal behavior has to live in fear in America. She has an amazing story that every college kid should hear.

  4. Anonymous

    She has her twitter account protected. Does she know she is breaking the law according to the lawsuit Trump lost?

  5. grudznick

    Young Ms. Wismer, um, had her twitterings, um, ahhhhhh, protected even back when, um, she was running for, aahhhhh, Governor. *gripping head with both hands* AHHHHH ER UMMMMMM!

  6. Pat Powers

    …. and sorry about an error that a friend pointed out today. I’m rocking such a miserable head cold I wrote Wismer was the Dem’s leader in the Senate. Ugh.

    She’s one of two un-leadership dems in the Senate. Wismer was in leadership in the House as a whip in 2017-2018. Next thing you know I’m going to refer to Mike Rounds as Governor when I post the weekly updates.

  7. GPAltaBob

    The so called brains of these demonrats are so screwed they can’t tell the difference between hate speech and the TRUTH! Anni is one of the few true heroes in America! I have a great deal of respect for her honesty and bravery! There is not one lieberal of demonrat that can compare to Anni!

  8. Anonymous

    Wismer certainly comes off sounding foolish, doesn’t she? Not only was what she said very stupid and anti-American, she also didn’t say it very well. Was she taking cold medication at the time, or is she always this muddled?

  9. Corrine Zorn

    About time, the people, in this U.S.A. Wake up! What, Anni, told is true- brides at nine years of age- female sexual mutilation, beaten by their husbands, killed, if they “ shame” the family- I have not lived in the Middle East! I did live in Tennessee, at the time of a law suit, over the building of a Mosque- Believe me, the “ Infidel” has no rights! It is time, America, open your eyes! I don’t call it South Dakota, nice- I say- Do you remember 9/11? They, mean it!