Taffy Howard for Congress files Statement of Organization with Federal Elections Commission.

Looks like this poorly kept secret isn’t a secret anymore, as this afternoon State Representative Taffy Howard has filed a statement of organization with the Federal Elections Commission:

Taffy Howard for Congress by Pat Powers on Scribd

In the filing, Taffy is using the e-mail of [email protected] for the campaign, however, the howardforcongress.com website does not appear to be active as of yet.

Big indication of how this campaign is going to be run is that the campaign’s principle e-mail address on the form which is to someone at the e-mail address of [email protected] Who is that, I wonder?

If I was a betting man, I would bet that [email protected] is Zach Lautenschlager, who was last involved in the Attorney General race, passing out hit pieces at the SDGOP State convention which may have played a part in securing Jason Ravnsborg the win in 2018, and a number of fluorescent hit piece postcards in legislative races.

So Taffy Howard has made her filing, AND has her out-of-state consultant with a long history of scorched earth campaigns running the show for her.

It’s a pretty good indication that she’s in the race, and it’s game on!

13 thoughts on “Taffy Howard for Congress files Statement of Organization with Federal Elections Commission.”

  1. Endorsed! Dusty Johnson seems like a nice guy. But his vote to keep Liz Cheney in leadership was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me

  2. Anti-broadband Taffy backed by anti-everything Zach Lautenschlager. I’ve already donated to Dusty’s website.

  3. The kiss of death Lautenslauger style! A few poorly written postcards saying Dusty is anti-gun with Taffy touting a full auto commando video. Ask Herr Fitzgerald how that branding worked?

    1. Taffy is just the latest face of the cabal that gets elected to go to Pierre & just vote no on everything. Yesterday it was Stace Nelson, and today it is Taffy. Big deal.

  4. Caveman: The Wingnuts in Rapid city do not need to be brought to heel by Lederman or any other RINO. Have you ever met with the Wingnuts and listened to their discussions? Or are you the one who got called out at a meeting for your duplicity and have been avoiding showing your face since?

  5. Ms. Lorraine, I have dined with the Wingnuts. They are insaner than most, led by Mr. Howie, an overgodder of Gordantic proportions who is the insanest of them all. Even my good friend Bill, he of the junk car lot, is not insaner than Mr. Howie. But young Ms. Taffy is close behind.

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