Rave raising money, Nesselhuf Tweeting???

Well, if you were judging the two major political parties (can I call the Democrats a major party in SD?) in the state based on the number of tweets or press releases they send out, you would assume the Democrats were kicking the GOP’s butt. However it appears the SD GOP is doing more behind the scenes while the democrats continue to put on a social media facade.

Good Afternoon,

With the reporting deadline this week, I wanted to share the South Dakota Republican Party fundraising totals for the 2011 calendar year.
Total Raised: $393,764.18
Obligations: $0
Cash-on-Hand: $145,304.41
Now for the fun part and some context: comparing these numbers with the Democrat Party:
Cash-on-Hand: $49,606.35
Obligations: $50,000
Actual Cash-on-Hand: -$393.65


Chairman Tim Rave

Just when I was wishing Rave and Post would send out a few emails, the Democrats had better start hoping Nesselhuf (or is it NesselFluff?) sends out some fundraising letters.

Good work guys!

Redistricting Committee Meeting

The redistricting committee descended upon the state capitol. They approved option A Rausch/Olson with an amendment that made some changes to the northeast districts. A special session of the Legislature will be held Oct. 24 to consider the committee?s recommendations.

Option A - Rausch/Olson proposal


In a recent Argus Leader story by Megan Luther:

Each district ideally would have a population of 23,262, but court rulings have established that it can vary by 5 percent above or below that number.

Redistricting takes place every ten years allowing for adequate representation for constituents in proportion to the state’s fluctuating population from one region to another.

The process can add representation in the Legislature to cities that have grown in population while rural areas that lose residents also can lose representation.

Surprise, surprise:SDDP Chairman Ben Nesselhuf is crying partisanship about the redistricting process.

South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman Ben Nesselhuf calls the map: “A blatant attack on South Dakota Citizens’ right to fair representation.”

In my opinion, that’s a hard accusation to make stick considering prior to last November the democrats had 14 of 35 senate seats. In 2010 Democrats lost across the board in areas that are Democratic strongholds. Democrats lost because of liberal democrat’s policies. Democrats currently hold only 5 senate seats in the legislature.

(Is it too late for the SDDP to replace Nesselhuf as Chairman with maybe… Mitch Fargen? Are any of you Dems having buyer’s remorse yet on this guy?)