Daily Kos writer seems to be telling SD Dems to back Stephanie Herseth.

While Cory Heidelberger tells people to jump of Team Varilek for the US Senate (Jagermeister shots for all), a writer for the Daily Kos website seems to be telling people that because of charges of nepotism, former Democratic Congresswoman Herseth is the better option for Democrats to consider in the race for US Senate in an article titled “Should Brendan Johnson run for his Father’s seat?:”

But of course it’s going to depend on who the Democrats nominate.  If they go with Johnson, they’ll have a fresh face with a great record, especially regarding South Dakota’s tribes.  However, they will have to deal with the charges of nepotism from the GOP. Herseth Sandlin, she’ll have a chance to redeem herself and learn from the mistakes she made from the 2010 campaign.  We would be sending another woman to the Senate, hold onto our majority and have someone who wants to continue to fight for both farmers and Native American issues

One thing for sure is we need to avoid a nasty and expensive primary if we are going to do this right.  It’s understandable that Democrats are divided on both Johnson the younger and Herseth Sandlin but there can only be one.

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Dems taping candidate's private conversations not just happening in South Dakota

Remember when the campaign stalker for the Varilek campaign was taping personal conversations, and the police were called:

Although Kristi remained in the building speaking to small groups, about 15 to 20 minutes after the presentation and public Q&A, it became apparent that the ?Spy? was moving around the room and focusing his recording on patrons, not on Kristie Noem, at which point he was confronted and asked to delete any portions of the recording that were not focused on the candidate.

He stated he couldn?t do that on his camera and left when he was informed that the police were being notified.

The police later confirmed that while there have been other complaints about this, until he is notified by the HOST that he must stop recording, it IS legal. One can only wonder what purpose the Varilek campaign has in recording attendees at campaign events once the candidate ends their public presentation and Q&A.

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It appears that at least for Democrats, that wasn’t an isolated incident, as there’s another case of it happening. From the Rapid City Journal website:

“There are really no boundaries these guys won’t cross,” said Emmons.

In Maine, LePage said the tracker went too far when he taped the governor speaking with an elderly veteran who was in poor health, though video that was eventually published showed no conversation between LePage and the elderly veteran.

“There was no need to have filmed this private discussion for political purposes,” said LePage, who is well-known for his blunt off-the-cuff statements that sometimes veer into gaffes.

The 23-year-old tracker, Brian Jordan, denied the governor’s claim on the Maine Democratic Party’s website.

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Argus concerned about Varilek's next move because people want to know……?

I wasn’t sure whether I should chide David Montgomery or his editor over this awful headline for a general story about what people do after a campaign is over, since someone made it sound as if it was a Varilek-centric ode.


It actually gave more ink to others, but the headline was about Varilek? I guess we can see where editorial biases laid in that contest.

(I did note that the sole commenter wants Matty Vee to go after all those corporation-y corporations, but what else would we expect.)

Another illegal flyer from the local Dems

After Nick Nemec blamed “someone else” for his flyer that local Democrats were distributing in Brookings, I see they’re at it again.

This one violates both State and Federal law for failing to use the appropriate (as in any) disclaimers for Tim Johnson, Matt “Matty Vee” Varilek, and for Matt McRowen.

Matty Vee – Do as I say, not as I do.

From my mailbox:

BREAKING: Varilek Caught Lying About Taking Down Attack Ads

Runs Attack Ad On Radio After Promising To Stop Negativity

 Sioux Falls ? Matt Varilek was caught lying to South Dakotans by running a new attack ad today after promising to only air positive spots between now and the end of the election. As the Argus Leader?s Political Smokeout blog reports, Varilek has an attack ad running on radio stations near Aberdeen. This is just another sad example of the hypocritical and negative campaign Matt has been running.

 ?Matt Varilek has set a new record in political hypocrisy,” said Tom Erickson, Noem’s campaign manager. “Just hours after promising to run a clean campaign and to take down all negative ads, Matt released an attack ad on South Dakota radio. If South Dakota voters can?t trust Matt Varilek to run the clean campaign he promised, then how can they trust him to fight for them in Washington??

 Varilek has said one thing and done another from the start of this campaign:

  • He attacks Big Oil but was himself an investor in one of the Big Oil companies he attacks.
  • He said he wouldn?t take Big Oil money, but has taken contributions from no less than six Big Oil lobbyists.
  • He spent all of October airing attack ads but is now complaining about the negativity in this race.

Background On Varilek’s Broken Pledge:

“Positive pledge only for TV ads? A reader sends over this Matt Varilek ad which they said is running on heavy rotation on 100.3 FM radio in Aberdeen. Its first half is Varilek?s positive message from his closing TV ad, but the second half attacks Noem for her committee attendance.”   (David Montgomery, Political Smokeout, November 3, 2012)


So – about Varilek and "Big Oil." The questions are all about timing.

Okay – here’s the thing I was teasing you all about earlier. It’s all about timing.

This goes back to when Matt bought his “Big Oil” stock. Remember Varilek had bought a “big oil” stock – where he purchased stock in an industry he has criticized – just 6 months before that company was reported to be looking to invest here in SD. (Valero bought out VeraSun in early in 2009.).

Also remember that Varilek held a position as Tim Johnson’s economic director.

If you think about it, and the position Matty Vee was in, the timing is curious…

It was an odd and singular stock purchase. Why would someone all of a sudden say “I’ve got to invest in Valero?”  I mean, why would someone like Varilek would seemingly violate their principles not to invest in the greedy big oil companies?

Hmmmm……  Interesting questions.