Unruh runs against Randall for GOP National Committeeman

I’m getting reports that pro-life/tea party activist Allan Unruh (of Sioux Falls) is challenging current Republican National Committeeman Dana Randall for the position. This is particularly odd considering Randall has been a board member of the South Dakota Right to Life and has always been a leading advocate for the grassroots branch of politics that dominates the SD GOP base.

Many of you may remember Allen Unruh ran for Congress in the special election in 2004 following Bill Janklow’s resignation from office. In that convention style setting Unruh didn’t fair so well.

Round one results were as follows. (A simple majority of more than 50 percent of the vote, weighted according to the number of votes cast for Gov. Mike Rounds in 2002 in each county, was needed to win.)

– Diedrich, 36.9 percent.

– Larry Russell, 33.4 percent.

– Barb Everist, 12.1 percent

– Ron Williamson, 6.9 percent.

– Dick Brown, 6.8 percent.

– Roger Hunt, 2.1 percent.

– Gary Wietgrefe, 1.1 percent.

– Allen Unruh, 0.7 percent.

After round one, Brown withdrew.

In round two, Diedrich had 44.8 percent, Russell 35.2 percent, Everist 16.7 percent, Williamson 2.8 percent, Wietgrefe 0.5 percent and Hunt and Unruh each had 0 percent.

At the 2008 Republican convention in Chamberlain, Dana Randall won an impressive grassroots victory where he defeated 4 term incumbent Ron Schmidt of Rapid City for the position.