Occupy Sioux Falls creating an alliance?

One of my spies caught wind (and in case you are wondering about the smell, he was up wind) that supposedly South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman BJ Nesselhuf may be attending the Occupy Sioux Falls protest tomorrow.

Wed Oct 12
1:00 PM

Michelle’s 324 South Phillips Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Occupy Sioux Falls is quickly becoming a very interesting story. Especially if the rumors become true that ties may be forming with the SDDP.

I’m still waiting for Michael Douglas to make an appearance on Wall Street as the anti Gordon Gekko at some point.

Occupy Wall St… ahem! Sioux Falls

Do you smell that? Sniff, sniff. What is it? Nope, not John Morrell. It’s occupy Sioux Falls. Those insightful protesters who have forgotten to bathe and bring porta potties to Wall Street have decided to bring a similar movement to South Dakota! They are even starting a Facebook page that currently has almost 200 supporters!

KSFY even did a story on this…

But this Sioux Falls group tells us they won’t be protesting, they’ll be holding what they’re calling “peaceable assembly.”

“Kind of bringing people together and bringing them some options and let people decide how to change,” Lincoln said.

The group has been having small weekend meetings but wants to hold candlelight vigils or a larger group meeting by the end of the month.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything so ridiculous on South Dakota TV.

Photo's from Occupy Sioux Falls Facebook page

Judging by the photos on their Facebook page, we can expect to see a few V (character from the movie “V for Vendetta”) impersonators walking around town, just in time for Halloween! I recommend checking out the few photos from their Facebook page. One of a guy wearing a t-shirt with explicit language cracked me up, but I chose not to post it on the SDWC. Other photos are just offensive and disrespectful. One photo shows a man who appears to be defecating on a burning American flag (hence the smell). I hope they monitor their page and remove such offensive things that are meant to demean our country. (That one photo tells us the difference between Tea Partiers waving the flag and the “Occupiers” using the flag for toilet paper.)

If these protests represent anything, it is the failure of President Obama’s 2008 campaign message in his presidency. Apparently “hope and change” has lost out to people holding mass protests in the streets of American cities. Democrats controlled the presidency, 59 Senate seats and had total control of the US Congress following the 2008 election, and three years later Obama’s leadership has led to multi-state protests.

Here is the KSFY video: