Legislative Leaders, Governor Daugaard, Rounds Campaign team & Noem people join together to host fundraiser for Congresswoman Kristi Noem

Hot off the press, this was one of the most interesting invitations that’s been passed my way for a while for a fundraiser for Congresswoman Kristi Noem this Wednesday evening in Pierre at View 34 from 5-6pm.:

NoemreceptionWhat’s interesting is who’s hosting it. Of course, you have Congresswoman Noem’s regular & notable supporters, including Ted Hustead, Steve Kirby, Peggy & Steve Stout, & Matt McCaulley.

But then you’ve got a number of other people. Corey Brown, Tim Rave, Brian Gosch & Dave Lust from the legislature,  the Rounds campaign team of Bob Gray, Rob Skjonsberg & Jason Glodt, and Governor Dennis Daugaard

I don’t recall when I’ve ever noticed such a diverse group of people throwing a shindig of this nature, considering that a year ago, many were questioning if Noem & Rounds would be battling for the US Senate seat, and some of these people would have been on opposite sides.  It’s a rare show of solidarity during a time when it seems like some are throwing mud and trying to fracture the party for their own ends.

It’s a good thing. I’m glad to see it, and a united GOP is a great show of teamwork as we move into the election season.

New Senate GOP leadership chosen. Rave, Lederman, Holien.

GOP Senate members are choosing new members of their leadership today in Pierre as I’m writing this.

Tim Rave will move up to take the position of Senate Majority Leader from the departing Russ Olson, who is taking over the day to day leadership of Heartland Power. But the big contest was for the #2 slot.

Several were all vying for the spot, but Dan Lederman was selected as the new assistant majority leader. For the open Majority Whip position, slot Reid Holien in there.

Outgoing chairman has "Rave" reviews for Noem's assistance to the GOP this past cycle.

Just received this “farewell message” from outgoing chairman Tim Rave in the mail today – and it particularly singled out Congresswoman Kristi Noem for her efforts in the last election. In fact, you might say he had “rave” reviews for her performance:

There’s one person who deserves special mention for her efforts on behalf of our state party and our Republican legislative candidates in 2012, and that is Congresswoman Kristi Noem. Not only did she run a strong campaign that helped the entire team, but she also contributed significantly to our successful Get Out The Vote (GOlV) effort that benefitted our candidates across the state. While the state party spent a significant amount to assist her campaign, she transferred over $50,000 more than what we spent, which allowed the state party to pay for regional offices, phone systems, literature, a recorded phone call from Sen. John Thune, and other grassroots efforts that were critical to our success in 2012. She is a good friend, a great asset to our Party, and a terrific Representative for South Dakota.

Rave stepping down as GOP chairman

Had a nice note from GOP Chair Tim Rave who is taking a pass on serving another term. In part, it noted:

I will not be seeking reelection to the position of South Dakota Republican Party state chairman. It was a great honor to serve Our party in this manner. I do need to focus on being a State Sen. and not wear too many hats. My daughter also graduated last year went to college and my son will be doing the same next year and I need to focus on those two while I still have time to do that as well.

Add Tim to a small group of incredibly successful recent GOP chairs. I can only hope that the party has someone as committed to moving the party forward to seek the job in his absence.

For whoever seeks it in his stead – the best chairmen are both diplomats and advocates who understand It’s not about a personal agenda – it’s about what makes the party strong and successful.

Best of luck to Senator Rave, and thanks and congratulations at an excellent job. It’s well deserved.

Jindal to headline GOP convention

This is an exciting win for Tony Post, Tim Rave and most likely Dennis Daugaard for reaching out to his fellow Governor.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will be the headline speaker when the state GOP holds its convention next week. Jindal will speak at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in a speech that will be open to the press.

GOP State convention

The 2012 South Dakota State GOP convention is getting close. As hard as Chairman Tim Rave and Executive Director Tony Post have been working behind the scenes in preparation for this event, I have no doubt it will be one of the best state political conventions in recent memory. (Delegates will be ariving June 21 in Sioux Falls for a great weekend).

Thanks for your hard work Chairman Rave and Executive Director Post!

SD's RNC delegation update

South Dakota GOP Chairman Tim Rave, Committeeman Dana Randall and Committeewoman Mary Jean Jensen have decided to support Mitt Romney at the convention.

The three top officials in the South Dakota Republican Party have begun to  shed their earlier neutrality now that Mitt Romney is the party’s presumed  presidential nominee.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Tim Rave, National Committeeman Dana  Randall and National Committeewoman Mary Jean Jensen are automatic delegates to  the party’s national convention. They declined to endorse anyone earlier in the  year, saying they would support the presidential candidate who won South  Dakota’s June primary.

Randall and Jensen now have endorsed Romney. Rave says he personally supports  Romney but would still vote for the primary winner if one of the other  candidates would happen to win South Dakota’s primary.

A Sandye Kading supporter sent me one of her literature pamphlets. Several people have indicated to me that Sandye is working hard and attending Republican events all across the state. She would make a great advocate for the SD GOP as national committeewoman at the RNC. Kading is running to replace Mary Jean Jensen who has decided not to seek another term.


Noem hires campaign staff and delivers keynote at ND GOP Convention

Congresswoman Noem is gearing up for reelection by hiring a new campaign staff.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                  CONTACT: Tom Erickson

April 3, 2012                                                                                                          (605) 323-8601 (mobile)

Noem Announces Campaign Leadership

Tom Erickson to Manage Campaign, Justin Brasell Named General Consultant

Sioux Falls ? Rep. Kristi Noem announced today the hiring of two senior campaign aides: campaign manager Tom Erickson and general consultant Justin Brasell. Erickson worked closely with the Kristi for Congress campaign in 2010 while working as the Midwest Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). Brasell was campaign manager for U.S. Sen. John Thune?s campaign in 2010.

?Tom and Justin are both skilled and experienced strategists who know how to run winning campaigns,? said Rep. Noem. ?With Tom and Justin leading my team, I look forward to continuing to build a statewide network of grassroots supporters that will help me communicate my message and turn out the vote in November.?

Erickson grew up in central Minnesota and attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.  In addition to working at the NRCC, Erickson worked as Press Assistant for Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), Deputy Communications Director for the re-election campaign of U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) and most recently as Communications Director for Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN).

Aside from managing John Thune?s 2010 re-election campaign, Brasell served as the Midwest Political Director for the NRCC, managed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell?s (R-KY) 2008 re-election campaign, served as Chief of Staff for Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) and managed Rep. Davis?s 2004 and 2006 campaigns.

Erickson and Brasell join Jessica Arend, who has served as Finance Director for Kristi for Congress since 2010.


Chairman Rave stated back in July to the RCJ “that her winning margin over whomever next year is likely to rival Stephanie Herseth Sandlin?s rout of Bruce Whalen in 2006.”

Rave might not be all that far off considering Tim Johnson won his reelection to the House in 1988 with 71% of the vote, Senator Thune won reelection in 1998 with 75% and Herseth Sandlin won reelection in 2006 with 69%.

One thing to remember though is that Johnson, Thune and Sandlin didn’t defeat an incumbent when they ran for congress the first time. They all ran for an open seat. Naturally when someone defeats an incumbent, there will always be hard feelings and voters who can’t accept defeat.

I’m sure a lot will depend on political climate and her opponent’s ability to fundraise and connect with voters through retail politics, but as of now I’m not seeing a reason to doubt Rave’s bold prediction on the congressional race.

However, if Noem and her staff are interested in a senate run in ’14 a rout of her opponent similar to Johnson, Thune and Herseth Sandlin would go a long way in making that case.

If Rave is going to predict Noem wins with 69% I’m going to predict she wins with 62%. Either way a thorough drubbing of her future Democratic opponent.

I’m looking forward to the campaign!

She was also recently visiting our neighbors up north delivering a keynote address to the North Dakota GOP state convention.

Rave raising money, Nesselhuf Tweeting???

Well, if you were judging the two major political parties (can I call the Democrats a major party in SD?) in the state based on the number of tweets or press releases they send out, you would assume the Democrats were kicking the GOP’s butt. However it appears the SD GOP is doing more behind the scenes while the democrats continue to put on a social media facade.

Good Afternoon,

With the reporting deadline this week, I wanted to share the South Dakota Republican Party fundraising totals for the 2011 calendar year.
Total Raised: $393,764.18
Obligations: $0
Cash-on-Hand: $145,304.41
Now for the fun part and some context: comparing these numbers with the Democrat Party:
Cash-on-Hand: $49,606.35
Obligations: $50,000
Actual Cash-on-Hand: -$393.65


Chairman Tim Rave

Just when I was wishing Rave and Post would send out a few emails, the Democrats had better start hoping Nesselhuf (or is it NesselFluff?) sends out some fundraising letters.

Good work guys!