A little truth amidst a humor piece?

From Jon Ellis at the Argus Leader comes a humor piece, where amongst the jabs, he points out that South Dakota Democrats couldn’t make payroll: Curiously, most of the candidates are Republicans. Only one of the state’s 23 registered Democrats, Rick Weiland, is in the race. When it started, 2013 promised to be the year when Stephanie Herseth Sandlin would revive her political career and U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson, son of the senator, would start Continue Reading →

Republican Jason Ravnsborg enters US Senate Race in South Dakota.

Coming as an announcement on the Greg Belfrage show this morning, Yankton Attorney & Army Combat Veteran Jason Ravnsborg entered the US Senate race as a Republican running in the 2014 primary against what is already a crowded field for the Republican nomination. Ravnsborg will be joining former Governor Mike Rounds, who has already been running for a year at this point, as well as State Senator and former House Majority Leader Larry Rhoden, State Continue Reading →

Harper polling releases GOP Head to head numbers: Rounds 58%, Not Sure 22%.

The GOP telephone polling firm Harper Polling released numbers today showing the head to head contest between the GOP portion of the field, and it shows a tremendous lead on the part of former Governor Mike Rounds at 58%, with the undecideds making up the next significant category at 22%. Tweeting victory a short time ago, Nelson came in at 8%, Rhoden at 7%, and Bosworth at 6%, numbers that were close enough to one Continue Reading →

KCCR: Venner still teases US Senate bid

Tony Mangan over at KCCR is reporting that former State Representative Mark Venner is still teasing that he could be jumping in the US Senate race. Anytime: Mark Venner, a former state legislator and Hughes County Commissioner, has been testing the political waters on whether to run in the 2014 Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Venner, who farms in rural Hughes County, had said he wanted to make a final decision on whether to run Continue Reading →

Nelson rules twitter, Rounds rules facebook, and which really matters at the ballot box?

Another story, this time from the Capital Journal, on the utilization of social media by the candidates. And again, I’m going to talk about it just being the sprinkles on top: Both dominate their three other rivals. Mike Rounds has only tweeted 73 times, despite his announcing his candidacy on Nov. 29. The accounts for Sioux Falls physician Annette Bosworth and state Sen. Larry Rhoden, who joined the race within a week of each other Continue Reading →

South Dakota Polling: Rounds holds largest lead, Rick Weiland Loses to nearly everyone

Rick Weiland is not Harry Reid’s guy. And according to the latest poll, it sounds like he isn’t anyone else’s either. From politico’s morning score: FIRST LOOK: SOUTH DAKOTA SENATE POLL: Republican Mike Rounds holds the largest lead over Democrat Rick Weiland in a new survey by GOP firm Harper Polling, 52 percent to 38 percent. As for other Republicans vying for the open seat, Larry Rhoden leads Weiland 41-35, Stace Nelson leads Weiland 40-38 Continue Reading →

The Bare Bones Staff.

Based on candidate Nelson’s comment about going it alone, here are some key campaign positions that should be filled for any campaign. They can be volunteers, paid full time, or paid part-time consultants. Campaign Manger – This person is the candidate’s right hand man. This is the second most important person in any campaign.  I know it is tempting for a candidate to try to run the campaign themselves.  However, While the candidate is out Continue Reading →

So, here's a question for all the US Senate candidates.

As of this coming Sunday, we’ll officially have 4 candidates in the US Senate race running for the Republican primary nomination for that office. And that’s an important point – they’re running to be the Republican nominee. Not the conservative nominee or the Christian nominee, or any other modifier. In most Republican forums for GOP candidates for hotly contested offices office over the years, I’ve heard one question consistently raised. “If you aren’t successful, will Continue Reading →

The State of the US Senate Race – where do the campaigns lie in monetary terms?

I’ve been talking to people working on the various US Senate campaigns on an ongoing basis, and thought it would be an interesting topic to point out what the early days are showing in their efforts, specifically as it relates to fundraising. And as you might expect, most are keeping their cards close to the chest, so not as to entice their opponents to work harder, nor to dampen their own supporter’s spirits. So, what Continue Reading →