Take it down, Take it down!

I have been asked publicly and privately to remove my previous posting.  Why should I not call out other bloggers, or others use the internet to fan the flames of already bad situation? On-line commentators have already citing the political climate as the cause of the tragedy that occurred Saturday. As of me writing this, there are no hard facts connecting partisan politics to the alleged shooter.

In the absence of solid facts some people tend to jump to conclusions especially if that conclusion supports their believes. All of us, myself included, in the on-line community must be careful, that what we post is clearly an opinion, supported by facts. not the other way around.

While I may not agree with CBS’s Bob Schieffer often, I do agree with his commentary on this morning Face the Nation:

Watch the video here

To para-phrase, words can be dangerous things and they must be used with caution, on the air and on-line.

On March 30, 1981 a gentleman fired six rounds wounding four people

The shooter’s name was John Hinckly Jr.

The four wounded were:

  • James Brady
  • Thomas Delahanty
  • Timothy McCathy
  • Ronald Regan

The assassination attempt had nothing to do with politics or Reaganomics, rather something a bit more personal, It was an effort to impress and maybe meet an actress, Jodi Foster. At the time most of us got our news through the radio, television, and newspapers, By the time news got to us it had been vetted, filtered, and fully prepared for us. Today we get raw news as it happens, Sometimes without that filtering we see things are are not there and don’t see things that are.

We don’t know what motivated Jared Loughner to carry out this tragedy, we (the on-line community) must be very careful not to read into evidence that is just not there.

Congress on your Corner

What a great idea! I’m sure most of us have heard of the legislate coffees, and cracker barrels when the legislature is in session, this appears to be a version of the same idea. Getting those that have been elected to office, to (re-)connect with the people that elected them. I applaud Congresswoman Giffords for holding these type of events, in the open, where everyone is welcome to voice their opinion.

The politico is reporting that Congresswoman Giffords did not have a security detail, even after her office in Tuscon was vandalized. Congresswoman Giffords repeatedly professed to be unconcerned about her own safety. With the tragic events of Saturday morning I have to wonder will members of congress try to isolate themselves further from the general public, citing security concerns? Will our state legislators take extra precautions? Will local officials step up their security?

As I had mentioned before, once new lawmakers take their oath, they seems disconnected from the people they represent, that could be because they get very busy, or out concern for their personal safety.  I hope our all our lawmakers know and understand that we don’t want them to fail, quite the opposite we want to them succeed, and we are here to help them.

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  1. Name

    ALL public servants face greater risks to their personal safety than the general public. I know EMT’s who were shot at because they attempted to help a victim in a domestic dispute. Our Highway patrol officers face agressive and challenging people everyday. One of our Turner County Law Enforcement Officers was killed in the line of duty recently. Those who run for public office–who agree to be leaders–put themselves out there in the public eye. They are noticable to the “crazies” Everyone who runs for a public office faces this issue eventially Whether it is while you are knocking on doors meeting people and attempted to win an election–or after the election when you walk through the metal detector on the way into a courthose. The world is not a safe place–bad things happen everyday. When they happen because someone is working for “the people ” it is particularly sad.
    This isn’t about how hard it is to get a gun. Or about security for elected officials, Or about who said what to make someone do something else. This a about a young man who read challenging material (Communist Manifesto), had outbreaks in class to the point where he was asked to leave college,and who no one found a way to help before he “found” a way to become famous.
    Personal and parental responsibility–each person being responsible for their own actions and parents teaching that value to their own children. (And not expecting the daycare or school to do it for you.)

  2. Bob Ellis

    Yes, in the world of liberal “thought,” calling for facts, information and evidence is an unforgivable distraction from their meme. Their childish and empty blame game doesn’t require facts–those would only confuse people. They are too busy writing an indictment against conservatives for exercising free speech, and using the blood of innocent people for ink.

    Don’t listen to these liberal blatherbags. They want you to take down your previous post calling for rational discussion and the quest for information, just as they want to silence conservatives in general by using this tragedy as a vehicle. Don’t be fooled by it and don’t give in.

  3. Troy Jones


    1) The assailant is a mentally sick person.
    2) Who it happened to was because Congresswoman Giffords had a public persona.
    3) We should use these days to pray for those who died Judge John Roll, Christina Taylor Green, Gabe Zimmerman, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwin Stoddard, Dorothy Morris and their families.
    4) We should also pray for the recovery of Congresswoman Giffords and the other 17 people who were injured/shot by this person.

    Someday, we will have the luxury of speculating and trying to discerning the motives of this deranged young man, what might have been done to prevent it, and what we should do in the future. But, today, our prayers are needed. Nothing else we can do from here means anything.

    Regarding the perpetrator, I wouldn’t use his name or his picture. He wanted to be famous and these people are the victims of this derangement. This will only encourage more nut jobs.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    I agree with Troy on all but one point. I do not believe it is worth much time to attempt to devine the motives of an evil, crazy man. Normal people do not wake up in the morning with the idea, much less the ability, to kill somebody. It is worth pondering for a moment just how evil and sick (to some degree they may be mutually exclusive, but not with the premeditation here) you have to be to put a gun to somebody’s head and pull the trigger – even if you didn’t like them. Imagine how much more evil to do it to somebody you don’t know and have no disagreement with. Then, imagine doing it to a child – randomly. This was/is evil incarnate.

  5. William

    It’s become increasingly difficult for mentally troubled individuals to be involuntarily committed, until a crime of violence occurs and it’s belatedly acknowledged that someone one is a threat. While individual rights must be respected, it was apparent to those that knew him that he was “damaged” but I strongly suspect they were unable to find any meaningful way to stop him.

    1. William

      From a classmates’ email to a friend last summer, describing Loughner’s behavior at school – “Class isn’t dull as we have a seriously disturbed student in the class, and they are trying to figure out how to get rid of him before he does something bad, but on the other hand, until he does something bad, you can’t do anything about him. Needless to say, I sit by the door.”

  6. Anon

    MC: Interesting that the same crowd that cautioned in hushed tones not to jump to conclusions about the Ft Hood assassin (when there was clear evidence about who he is and what is represents) are the same ones who say you did a bad thing by asking people not to jump to conclusions.


  7. caheidelberger

    [grudz, you’re right: someone messed up the comment-page template! Fix that background! –Whoa! And not ten seconds after I typed that, the grey background kicked back in! Weird! While we’re on the topic, I think the dark type/light shadow still makes the letters a little tough to read at some angles.]

    Anon, the difference between the Palin map and the Dems map is only that Dems will admit they were using gun target imagery, while Palin’s people think they can lie about it and say they were surveyor’s symbols.

  8. Anon

    caheidelberger: It was stupid of Palin to try to make it sound like something it’s not.
    But where was the outrage when the Dems did it? Hypocritical.

  9. ymous

    The left messed this up pretty bad when Cory’s only real rebutal is “was it a gun sight or a surveyors instrument”. The right doesnt help to continue to rub their nose in there mistake but the left has continued to dig or at least the far left. Some democrat senator’s are now backing away from some of their colleagues statements. THC and some of the other lefties on this sight owe this blog and some of us an apology. THC told me to “shut up” while he was asking for us all to be a little more friendly. He also went off on this blog harshly along with others. Apologizing for an error is what we try to teach our kids, we just cant do it when were adults. Cory and Bill have been pretty good on this I must say.

  10. anon

    What in the heck is this about rgarding the Palin response to the shooting?

    Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD), one of the Palin-backed “Mama Grizzlies” during the midterms, had even less to say. When asked whether she any comment or reaction to Palin’s use of “blood libel,” Noem said, “No, I don’t.” Pressed further on whether the media attacks on Palin over the Arizona shooting have been out of line, Noem replied, “I don’t have a comment for that.”

  11. William

    When the sane must temper their language so that an insane person won’t be “set off” by the sane person’s language we have crossed the line into insanity.


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