10 Replies to “Taken a minute apart at the State Fair.”

  1. Anonymous

    Not really a surprise….but if we don’t remain vigilant fighting these horrible ballot measures this year …..

    I have been doing my research and a ton of out of state money is pouring in to change our state…here is my brief take on them

    If the Democrats can gerrymander the districts (Amendment T)……take the GOP name off the ballot and keep 3rd parties out like Independent Pressler by only allowing 2 people in the general election (Amendment V) and force us to fund their campaigns with millions of taxpayer dollars (IM 22) and fund their political allies the unions, by forcing people to pay dues, who contribute heavily to Democrats (IM 23) they might have a chance to attract a few people….and win some elections.

    So vote NO on T, V, 22 and 23! We need to get active people…

    1. Anonymous

      Oh and I didn’t mean to imply we are not active by my last line, I am sure some people are…more of a call to arms that we can all do more…

      But just for good measure 🙂 Vote NO on T, V, 22 and 23!

      1. Springer

        I tried to do my part at the state fair on the Vote Yes on Amendment V booth. The first guy I questioned about the issue pretty much just said we’d have to agree to disagree. The next day I tried a different guy (there was another lady there at the same time who agreed with me) and he actually debated the issue with us. He had answers that sounded plausible, but it didn’t work on us because we understood the issues regarding this. This booth was situated at a prime location, and I’m sure that many people were probably convinced to support it if they didn’t know what was at stake. There should have been a vote NO booth right next to it!

        1. Anonymous

          Lots of deception by the proponents of Amendment V ….Nebraska doesn’t have this system for its statewide office holders and for those offices it shows the party preference.

          and why would we want to be like Nebraska with all the taxes they have that we don’t?!

          NO ON V!

      1. Charlie Hoffman

        If I were a respected SD Legislator I’d start writing LTE’s now to every weekly and daily paper in the State explaining just what will happen if these IM’s pass. Then Caveat Emptor.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s see… 12 dems in house, 7 in senate, 0 federal or statewide officials.

    No surprise 0 enthusiasm.

  3. Anonymous

    I still don’t get why the Republican party is assigned the color red when the Democrat party is much more closely aligned to the communist form of government. Can’t we get that switched?

    1. Troy Jones

      “We” can’t get it switched because it is a convention of description unrelated to any symbolism and to which there is no authority to enact a different conventional description. Historically, political “mapmakers” switched around which was confusing. The consensus change to fix the colors just so happened to be a year when the GOP was designated in red and Dem. in blue.

      Personally, when you look at the current map, the red states are in the Heartland of America while the blue states are under water economically and financially. 🙂