Tapio moving closer to an announcement for US House?

An interesting note went out form Neal Tapio recently to members of the media across South Dakota, including myself:

Response Requested.
Members of the Press:
In preparation for upcoming announcements, I am updating my press contact list.

Please provide additional contact information, including phone and email addresses, for your personnel interested in receiving press releases.

Thank you.
Neal Tapio
District 5 State Senator
Watertown, SD

“In preparation for upcoming announcements.”   As I’d noted earlier, Neal has indicated he’s likely going to be one of the candidates for US House in South Dakota.

40 thoughts on “Tapio moving closer to an announcement for US House?”

  1. I appreciate his savvyness to get in like Noem did in January or February of the election year when voters are engaged.

  2. Big deal. The guy is like a used car salesman. What has he accomplished in the Senate other than take up space?

    1. so you want a career politician…

      Give him a chance…maybe he will do something novel and actually talk about ISSUES!

      Where do the other 2 stand on much of anything….been listening haven’t heard much a lot of I’m for 2nd amendment and pro-life…good welcome to the Republican party…

      Where do you stand on Obamacare? and not just repeal and replace, what would you be proposing…would you have voted for bill that House passed? or not?
      Tax reform?

      Same challenges go to Neal if he jumps in…tell me why I should vote FOR you and what are you going to do SPECIFICALLY!

      1. @5:25pm – Overall, I agree w/ your statement. However, “…good welcome to the Republican party…” isn’t 100% true. Even though a candidate is registered Republican, doesn’t mean they’re pro-2nd Amend or pro-life. A “Republican” representing my district, in the Senate, consistently votes pro-choice. Yes, it is important to know where ppl stand on issues, regardless of party affiliation. This could be why Congress has serious issues getting much accomplished, our GOP is all over the map w/ viewpoints & many times change their minds once in WH.

      2. 5:25 if all you want in a politician is a guy that talks about issues, Tapoi might be your guy. For me, I want some one that actually “DOES” something. He’s done zilch so far in the legislature.

        1. I would prefer real life experience to legislative experience any day. I don’t remember John Thune as a legislator or Stephanie Herseth being a legislator before going to Congress and they managed to struggle through!

          I guess it sounds like he has a story to be told yet…maybe we should let him tell it for better or worse and let him get in the race or maybe he won’t get in the race.

  3. Meh…I’m definitely open to different option than the 2 we’ve got already. But Neal Tapio is not what I have in mind.

  4. Mr. Tapio getting in the race guarantees Ms. Krebs the winner. Sorry guys but the likeability rating of Ms. Krebs is just off the charts and out of reach for you.

      1. She’s not as pretty as that young Dr. Boz though. And Mr. Dusty seems like no slouch at pretty either.

    1. Charlie – Do you have any actual evidence for that statement? A poll perhaps? I would say they’re pretty even on support & likeability, might even go with Dusty slightly ahead. My evidence comes only through conversations at church, family/community events, work-place discussions & internet searches.

    2. Shantel likable? I disagree. Not sure who thinks she’s likable.

      She was notorious in the legislature for telling everyone what they want to hear and then doing what’s best for her. Very self-interested. I didn’t always agree with Dusty when he was in the Gov’s office, but he always stuck by his word.

      Haven’t dealt much with Tapio yet, but he hasn’t impressed me to date.

      1. That’s true. In my experience Dusty irritated people when he held his ground and Shantel irritated people when she didn’t.

        Dusty would do better in Congress.

    3. I would agree. If Tapio runs, then he becomes Curd, Johnson is Nelson, and Krebs is Noem……

          1. grudznick’s mistake. When you type Nelson I read “Third Place Stace” and was thinking of the race where Rounds first, Rhoden second, and Nelson third.

      1. That’s a good comparison.

        I was also visiting with a couple legislators and they indicated that Barnett will be getting a strong challenge from a member of leadership for secretary of state.

        I guess the legislature feels that he is a nice guy and it’s not personal but the office needs someone with a strong policy grasp.

        1. Yes, Barnett will have a very strong challenger at GOP Convention. Former County Chair, and longtime delegate has said that he/she is definitely running and will have enough support to win.

          1. Who will Krebs support? I think she will play a big roll if she supports whoever is running.

            1. What happens if Krebs loses the House primary and then runs herself to keep her current job as SOS?!

              So are the clues about someone in legislature leadership and a former county chair about the same person or 2 people. Same Anonymous or not?

  5. Whoa red flag sexist comment there. I said nothing about the sex of candidates only likeability which when Grandpa and Grandma hit the polls is what sparks the lever pull first and foremost.

  6. Charlie, we get that you like Shantel, but I haven’t seen any evidence that she is particularly likeable in most people’s estimation.

  7. You haven’t watched her press the flesh then.
    The primary will be very close and with Judge Bjorkman getting in the General will be a chess match for whomever wins the GOP Primary.

    I have known Shantel since the mid-90’s. Her character, intellect, and integrity has never changed. People know that.

    This is a blog. Opinions are what we put here. My opinion is one you should listen to.

    Obviously polls today are basically fake news.

    1. Man this is a good one. Bjorkman chess match? The guy has never ran for a political office and isn’t even liked by his peers. Shantel is nice when she wants something, I’ll leave it at that.

      1. Didn’t he get elected as a judge? That is what I read online…maybe he didn’t have an opponent but didn’t seem to be an appointment from what i read. Seriously asking.

  8. Its an open seat. Anyone who thinks they have something to say and offer, desire to serve, and are willing to win or lose with grace, I encourage them to put their hat in the ring.

  9. I have heard all three give their elevator speeches.
    Shantell talks about her can-do work ethic, her “see a problem and fix it” mentality and how hard she will work. I think if she is elected she will probably be found in the Capital coat room banging her head against a wall.

    Dusty talks about policy issues. This is red meat for us political animals and impresses the people who turn out for political events. But it’s not going to give him an idealistic following of True Believers who will walk over molten glass to vote for him.
    Neal gives an uplifting, inspiring speech about the future, patriotism, what America stands for, yaddiyaddiyadda. Those of us jaded and faded by years of political rhetoric recognize it as eloquent bullshit, but damn, it works!

    I like all three. maybe we can have an “all of the above” option on the ballot?

    Whichever one wins will have my enthusiastic support in the general election.

  10. This guy isn’t running. He’s a dollar store blow blow-up doll with no real interest in governing. Likes to see his name in the headlines, not much else. Still, it is enough to make Team Dusty nervous and Team Shantel, who is getting smoked to this point in the primary, optimistic.

  11. Barnett will definitely be seeing a challenger at convention. Legislative leadership has recruited a strong candidate.

  12. How is Barnett going to fit in his hunting and skiing when he actually has to campaign? Won’t Secretary of State require longer hours than Auditor? Is there truth to the rumor of Jason Lutz seeking to get out of Barnett’s shadow?

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