5 Replies to “Tapio over Solum…”

  1. A Nony Moose

    Good news. Tapio takes out Solum. Maybe the voters saw that Solum voted him and his wife big pay increases and decided enough was enough.

    1. anon1

      Wow…wonder how he did that??? Pretty hard to vote in favor of a raise for a retired person?!?
      Another well-informed blogger…

  2. Springer

    I wonder if it’s possible to get a list of all those who voted in favor of the teacher pay/tax increase and see how many of those survived a primary.

  3. A Nony Moose

    I know Sly and Solum for sure, not sure who else.

    Here are those in the House who voted against HB1182: Beal, Brunner, DiSanto, Feikert, Gosch, Greenfield Lana, Haggar Don, Haugaard, Heineman Leslie, Hunt, Langer, Latterell, Marty, May, Qualm, Rounds, Russell, Stalzer, Westra, and Wiik