#TBT: Senator, Senator, President Pro Temp….

Throwback Thursday!

This seems it was a looong time ago, but at the time, it was the 2004 Republican National Convention.  John Thune was a candidate for US Senate, Mike Rounds was Governor, Brock Greenfield was in his second term of his first stint in the State Senate, and Lance Russell was a Fall River County State’s Attorney.

Now, Thune and Rounds are both US Senators, Brock Greenfield is Senator again, and President Pro Tempore, the highest ranking Senator, and State Senator Russell is a candidate for Attorney General.

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  1. Troy Jones

    And, the unique, Gordon Peterson, who by serving for decades in the legislature knew our highway system better than anyone in the Department of Transportation*. God made one of him, said it was very good, and broke the mold. We were blessed to have him among us.

    * When people clamor for term limits, it is like handing the Governor a bit more freedom from Legislative input and accountability. Our government is best served when both branches have information and knowledge. Term limits insures only one side has knowledge.

    1. Anonymous

      Disagree. The founders didn’t intend for people to make a lifelong career out of politics, and that is what is done today. If we had term limits McCain would be out, McConnell would be out, Chucky Schumer would be out, Dick Turban would be out. . . need I go on?

      And, which side are you saying would have all the knowledge with term limits?

  2. Troy Jones

    We agree it would be a good thing if the voters would have removed those jokes but they didn’t.

    We can disagree on the merits of term limits or necessarily whether the founders had any intent they thought should be codified into law. But it sounds like we probably disagree on whether voter’s choices should arbitrarily limited by something like time. I’m ok with that.

    However, no matter our position on term limits, there is no way Congress is ever going to do anything to limit by law or change in the Constitution the time people can serve. And anyone who says they are for it is:

    1) Offering an empty promise that is never going to go anywhere. I don’t appreciate people who offer promises they know nothing will come from it.

    2) They don’t understand it is never going anywhere. I don’t appreciate people who make promises without a little bit of research to know it won’t happen. It is pretty close to a person who promised to eliminate cancer next year. Two minutes on the internet would prove both to be unrealistic. I don’t want someone that deluded to be my Congressional Representative.

    3) See #2 but it is a function of being stupid. I certainly don’t want an idiot to be my Congressman. California supplies enough that idiots are well-represented in Congress.


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