Team Jackley in Sioux Falls St. Patrick’s Day parade

Marty Jackley had a nice turnout in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Sioux Falls Yesterday, with about 40 people walking in the parade (according to the campaign) for the 2-18 GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful. From Facebook:

You can check out all of the photos here.

7 Replies to “Team Jackley in Sioux Falls St. Patrick’s Day parade”

  1. Anonymous

    What’s he running for? AG or governor? Can’t tell with the conflicting logos on shirts and banners. I can’t wait to see which finance reports show the parade expense.

    1. Anonymous

      What office is Noem running for? Congress or governor? Can’t tell because she has filed a statement of organization to run for governor and congress in 2018. I can’t wait to see which campaign finance report shows her campaign expenses.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah but she’d at least use the banner that matches her volunteer shirts and her baseball cap.

    1. Anonymous

      Um- in case you didn’t know, Marty is the Attorney General- something he can be proud of. I’m not sure Kristi wants people to know she is a member of Congress.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think walking in a parade over a year from the primary is a good use of time unless you love walking in parades.

    No one will remember in two weeks who was there or not with hundreds of entries.

    If they love parades good for them and hopefully it was fun.

  3. Anonymous

    Jackley was spelled correctly in big letters and tens of thousands of people read it. Cheap retail politics. Good job Marty!