Team Jackley out on the parade circuit this past week.

The Jackley for Governor campaign just dropped me a  few courtesy photos, as they’ve been out hitting the campaign trail recently.

Here’s the Jackley parade team at Swarm Days this past weekend…

And at the Pierre Homecoming parade…

And at the Winner Labor Day Parade:

Keep those photos coming!



3 Replies to “Team Jackley out on the parade circuit this past week.”

  1. Chris

    Marty has an impressive ground game and a lot of good buzz around the state right now. I think his big win in the straw poll at the State Fair surprised a lot of people, but he clearly has a lot of support across the state.

    1. Anonymous

      I would like to see a lot more adults…a lot of these parades seem to be filled with kids (who can’t vote)

      Parades are good for name ID though and don’t cost a candidate much


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