Tim Tebow did it again! The Broncos defeated the Vikings 35-32 at the end of the 4th quarter. I was at a loss for words. If you were to get a Tebow jersey which one would you choose?


Tebow Jersey

I noticed that Tebow’s jersey has shot back up to one of the best selling jersey’s in the NFL and apparently a custom jersey is also selling very well.

Tebow "JESUS" jersey

I was listening to ESPN radio today and found it amazing that Tebow has caused such controversey when he is a class act on and off the field. Over Thanksgiving, I noticed some of my extended family members expressing their dislike of Tebow’s open expression of his faith. He consistantly gets bashed in the liberal media simply because he is an open Evangelical Christian. There are other players that I can see having a problem with. Maybe one who thought it was entertaining to kill dogs for example, but the media welcomed Michael Vick back with open arms.

The media’s message seems to be that it’s better for a player to have tortured and killed dogs than to openly express his faith in Jesus Christ.

Tebow is a good example for us all.

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  1. rob_dibble

    I think Tebow’s criticism has little to do with his faith. It’s more about the type of QB he is. QB’s like Tebow have not performed well in the NFL in the past. Experts are expecting him to fail like others like him. I’ve never heard an X and O guy go after his faith, just his skills. Time will tell if he’s an NFL QB.

    Michael Vick wasn’t welcomed back with open arms. The Eagles got a ton of bad press for signing him as a backup. A starter got hurt and winning cures everything. The press warmed up to him during an amazing season. I still think he’s a terrible person, but a good QB. Tebow will get his praise if he keeps winning.

    1. anon

      If a muslim was to pray and speak openly about his faith like Tebow does he would be loved and adored by the media. It’s such a double standard in a country that is 90% Christian.

      Go Tebow!

  2. Anonymous

    So many people welcomed Vick back to the league. Vick made me sick. Who kills dogs for fun or when they are in a bad mood? He should still be in jail instead of earning $100 Million contract. And yes the league welcomed him back and so did the media. Maybe some fans didn’t but the media shortly after Vick was named starter.

    Tebow is called controversial simply for his expression of faith. The Broncos were 1-4 when he started they are now 7-5. Deal with it Tebow is a winner. Anyone else would be praised as the real deal.

    Young, Marino, Aikman, Bradshaw, Rivers all throw the ball different. They are all good. Some people are unique and exceptions to the rule.

  3. Troy Jones

    Christ promised his followers would be hated by the world. Tebow is bearing this as he should-with grace and peace. He is not a victim nor martyr, but a soldier.

    This said, I don’t like the “Jesus” jersey. Even if the number was #1, God is not a Bronco fan. Tebow is a good man, a winning quarterback, a good role model, but that is it. He is not a god.

        1. toad

          It is amazing that his presence has brought that team together. It used to be 53 individuals and now they are 1 team.

          I bet the Eagles would like to have someone like Tebow instead of the thugs and egomaniacs they currently posses.

  4. Duh

    I have followed Tebow since college and admire his faith. However, it’s way past the point now that we get it. Tebow is a Christian. Tebow loves God. Tebow really loves God. Now, that being said, I don’t need a reminder of that 45% of every one of his interviews. It’s football, I’d like to hear about that. I want to hear about the plays, the drama, not 25 minutes of praise. He is a Christian. Great, but he’s on TV because of his football skills. If I want preaching, I’ll turn on Jimmy Swaggert (no).

    The announcers are spot on that he has to get his arm going if he’s going to make it. Running full steam into 250 lb linebackers can only last so long. His body will give out.

  5. BF

    I must be too culturally adapted from my days in NM, Southern CA, and the DC area, but if have just seen the “Jesus”jersey cold, I’d have guessed the guy wearing it was probably Latino.

  6. LK

    I want to echo Troy’s comments.

    I will add that Tebow leaves me cold not because he is open about his faith but because his fan base seem to honor him as the second coming.


    Tebow has two things going against him from the media. First off they said he was a loser and would never make it in the NFL. These are the same guys who had man crushes on Leinart. Now they cant wait til he has a bad game which will happen and they will be jumping out of their seats saying, “see I told you so!” Secondly, they just cant stand that he is a good role model and always does the right thing so far. You dont see him running after refs crying about imaginary penalties like most of the NFL qbs do now. You dont hear him belittling other players. His veteran team mates demanded that he start cause they knew he was a winner and leader and they were tired of losing games after the conventional wisdom had failed them. If he lost every game he plays from now on he will still be a better role model than 95% of the other NFL players. I was at the game last week and it was nice to see kids with Tebow signs and jerseys. Im sure the Stu Whitney types hate him with all their being because of who he is but they dont even honor the National Anthem before the start of games anyway.

  8. 73*

    But try to imagine Tebow as a jerk. Let’s say his performance on the field was unchanged, but his off-the-field personality was totally different. Let’s say he was alleged to have sexually assaulted a few coeds and electrocuted a few dogs and fired an unlicensed handgun in a nightclub. If all this were true, he would not be polarizing; he would just be unpopular, particularly with the people who currently adore him. Sales of his jerseys would fall through the floor. But what would happen after he guts out an ugly 17-13 win against the Jets? What would be the perception? The perception would be that his victory was due to his toughness. That’s how the media would explain it. It wouldn’t necessarily be true, but it would immediately make sense to people: We are comfortable with the idea that extra-bad people possess something intangible that helps them win football games. There is a long history of this, especially in places like Oakland.2 But it’s less comfortable to think that extra-good people possess such qualities, because that suggests they’re being helped by virtuous forces outside of corporeal reality. And that’s too much to handle/accept/consider, unless (of course) you already accept that premise unconditionally in every day of your life.


    You all should read this!


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