Terry LaFleur claims he could have tapped into votes from all 8.54 Million South Dakotans.

What was I saying earlier about Terry LaFleur being smarter by wiping his facebook page clean?

I guess he has another page I missed…

19 Replies to “Terry LaFleur claims he could have tapped into votes from all 8.54 Million South Dakotans.”

  1. Anonymous

    Does that include all his imaginary friends? The lice on his scalp? His pet hamster? Even with those we’re not to 8.54 million yet, Whats-up-doc. This guy is 51 cards short of a full deck. Does he work anywhere so I know to avoid that place for fear of contracting moronitis?

    1. duggersd

      You must have missed the caravan making it from Guatemala up here to SD, 7.84 million members, give or take a few.

    1. Dave R

      Possible…. seems unlikely since he actually uses the word “million”.

      Mr. Lafluer also says the Republicans have 224K registered voters, there are in fact 275K Republicans. He says there are at least 200K Democrats, there are in fact 174K Democrats. Mr, Lafluer also claims less than 50% of registered voters cast ballots, actually 62% of voters cast ballots.

  2. jackrabit1

    8.4 million???? Jeez, I move to Texas and suddenly EVERONE is moving to South Dakota!

    Maybe it was my cologne??? 😉

  3. Anonymous

    OMG! Does he not know how to look up the SOS website? Our population is barely over 850,000 so whether millions or hundreds of thousands, every.single.number is OFF! If he’s wrong on every detail, how could he even think about governing???

    And what did Noem have to do with keeping him off the ballot?

    Must be something in the air these days…

  4. Tara Volesky

    If he wins his one hundred million dollar lawsuit, maybe he will run against Kristi in the ne governors race. He could spend all of it and not get 1%.

  5. Lincoln County Delegate

    I knew Sioux Falls was having growth spurt but didn’t know it was THAT big over the last eight years. The numbers can’t be right…. I never even heard Mayor Mike brag about it!


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