Tessa Gould staying in practice for Herseth 2014 US Senate Race

Caught it in a recent news item – in case you hadn’t heard, Tessa Gould, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s former chief of staff/campaign manager is running the race of North Dakota Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp. The original news item was several months ago on “the Roll Call” website:

Tessa Gould will manage the Senate campaign of former North Dakota Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp.

Gould was chief of staff to former Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.) and most recently served as associate development director for the University of South Dakota Foundation. She is a native of Jamestown, N.D., which is about 90 minutes west of Fargo.

Heitkamp is running against Rep. Rick Berg (R) for the seat of retiring Sen. Kent Conrad (D). This is a top pickup opportunity for Republicans.

Read it here.

With key staff members such as Tessa Gould staying involved in the political field, I think you can practically seal the deal on a planned return to politics in 2014 for former Congresswoman Herseth, as she runs for the seat currently held by Tim Johnson.

6 Replies to “Tessa Gould staying in practice for Herseth 2014 US Senate Race”

  1. Heidelberger

    Really searching for sharks to jump over to hasty conclusions, aren’t you? A much simpler explanation is that Tessa Gould likes working in politics and has an opportunity to do so in the region, regardless of who might hire her to work in 2014.

  2. Mark

    This “recent” news item is about six months old. My guess, which is no better or worse than yours, is Ms. Gould will be more likely to be Senator Heitkamp’s CoS or State Director.

      1. Mark

        Hey “Oldguy”: I know of only two polls on the US Senate race in ND. Rasmussen and an internal poll. Not surprisingly, Rasmussen has Berg and Democratic poll has Heitkamp. Big ad buy for the Senate race with a ton of out of state $. I’m guessing the House race and the Governor’s race will be called early with a nailbiter in the wee hours of Nov. 6 going into Nov. 7 for the Berg-Heitkamp race. The airwaves might confuse tourists into thinking they’re in a swing state.

  3. Anonymous

    A very popular former governor we never thought we’d see on the ballot again is screwing up a large number of individuals plans for 2014 by injecting himself in the senate discussion.

    While Herseth Sandlin is likely keeping her options open for senate it’s hard to imagine her wanting to run against Rounds.


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