11 Replies to “Thank you from Attorney General- Elect Jason Ravnsborg!”

  1. Fred

    Ravnsborg is a true class act, hard worker, humble, and very professional during his entire campaign. We are lucky to have him as our attorney general.

  2. T

    The “R” is the only, and I mean only, reason he won.
    Nearly zero relevant experience.
    Never tried a criminal jury trial.
    Shows the naivete and closed-mindedness of most Republicans in SD.

    1. Anonymous

      @T: Just petty and you need to get over it that whomever your choice was lost. The better person, Ravnsborg, won. He beat out fellow republicans and thumped Seiler. He proved to the people of South Dakota why he was the better candidate. I am glad we had him running vs. a Fitzgerald or Russell, seiler may have won against them.

      Ravnsborg qualifications for AG
      Law expertise: Check
      Law enforcement support: Check
      Leadership experience: Check
      Management experience: Check
      Moral compass: Check

    2. Anonymous

      Go cry to your mama. Jason won because he is more than qualified, and I would guess he is a harder worker than you are.

      So it’s closed-minded to not consider voting for an old socialist who supports everything that Pelosi and Schumer support? I guess I’ll keep my mind shut to keep out the idiocy that you have apparently let into your so-called mind.

  3. Troy Jones


    I disagree.

    1) I think the AG is day-to-day a management job. JR has significantly more management experience and skill. Personally, I have never wanted an Attorney General who thinks his job is to be in the court room.

    2) JR got near unanimous endorsement from people in law enforcement (who incidentally have been working with his opponent for decades).

    3) JR’s views on law enforcement, justice, and crime issues most closely mirror my views.

    4) As a corollary to #2, his opponent’s integrity is too often questioned by those who have worked with him. More than any position, such questions can not be over-looked for our chief law enforcement officer.

  4. Anonymous

    The only office I voted for a Democrat. I will never support someone who thinks the solution to addiction is more prisons. I just hope this guy doesn’t make our state look bad.

    1. Anonymous

      Stinks to be you since your guy lost. A slap on the wrist like Seiler suggested is the Democrat answer to everything: nobody ever does anything wrong and everything needs to be accepted as normal.

    2. Anonymous

      Exactly my problem with him too. “Tough on crime” usually equates to locking poor people up for nonviolent offenses while looking the other way for white collar crimes. He has the persona of being buddy-buddy with lots of cops which rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Troy Jones

    Generalize much? Sheesh. “Tough on crime” usually equates to locking poor people up for nonviolent offenses while looking the other way for white collar crimes.”

    1) I think you need to take High School Civics 101 class: Attorney Generals can’t lock up anybody. It takes a conviction in court of which the accused can request a jury trial.

    2) I have no idea what logic leaps it takes to assert “tough on crime” is equal to “weak on a particular type of crime.”

    Finally, you have a problem he is “buddy-buddy with lots of cops” but you ignore one of Seiler’s so-called qualifications was his 40+ years of relationships with cops.

    1. Anonymous

      Well put Troy. I would add one point that an attorney general does not make the laws, only enforces them. So tough on crime mean Ravnsborg is going to do his job and enforce the laws, that just sounds crazy.


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