Thanks for the laugh, Jay.

Apparently, when you can only raise $24,000, you’re out fishing for likes instead of votes.

(Seriously, I laughed out loud when i read the headline.)

6 Replies to “Thanks for the laugh, Jay.”

  1. Anonymous

    If you seriously lol’ed then you don’t understand modern campaigns. Social media can be a great equalizer. Kristi Noem gets how to use it effectively. Thune? Not so much. I’d becareful how you dismiss modern tools. You may end up surprised how using it can suddenly make this thing a race.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      And I suspect you don’t understand what matters in South Dakota political races. Social Media has yet to be proven to be effective in driving the vote in State Elections, as much as providing an echo chamber, or fodder for websites like mine.

    2. Anonymous

      I think Jay Williams is a modern tool.

      There is no level of social media that can turn that clown into a serious candidate.

  2. Dave R

    Thune 27,400 Twitter followers
    Williams 159 Twitter followers

    Thune 92,700 Facebook likes
    Williams 1,359 Facebook likes

    Thune and Noem’s campaigns are equally adept at social media, I don’t know how one could objectively conclude differently – unless its the nonobjective analysis of an (anonymous) person who also hilariously asserts that two orders of magnitude difference in social media presence is an equalizer.

  3. Troy Jones

    Anonymous, you are funny. I don’t know if I laughed harder at Jay’s statement or yours.

    PS: Pat understands modern campaigns pretty darn well.

  4. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t give Williams a nickel, and I wouldn’t like him on FB either. Do likes equate to votes come the chill winds of November? I think there’s not a one to one return on your cyber investment.