Thanks Kids!

Only a little rougher for the wear, my daughters arrived back from Teenage Republican camp on Saturday evening, and could not stop talking about what a good time they had. Although, between one trip to the emergency room and a bee sting, the word is that carrying an insurance card with them for any future camps is mandatory for Powers offspring.

As a gift, they brought me back a TAR camp t-shirt.

As I’ve said before, if you have a child interested in politics, government, or just looking for leadership opportunities, they can’t go wrong with South Dakota’s Teenage Republican organization. Find out more about it here, and the next event is coming up in September.

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  1. Anonymous

    Pat, next time for the bee sting soak a tissue in a baking soda solution (baking soda and water) and hold on the affected area. The quicker the better. It neutralizes the toxin from the bee which is acidic. Works for bullhead stinger jabs too. For wasps or yellow jackets pour a little pop or lemon juice (anything that is acidic) on the sting area. I have used these remedies several times myself, and they do work fast!


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