5 thoughts on “That might be the first time I’ve seen that in a campaign for PUC”

  1. I dont tik tok but I am a millennial and find this video very entertaining. Doesn’t change my vote but if you dont have anything to talk about or any traction as a candidate, at least be interesting. And this was interesting!

        1. There were two types of kids in Oregon trail: the one who got dysentery once and died, and the kid who got dysentery, cholera, shot, nearly downed and stepped on by an oxen and still makes it.

          1. There are three. The two you mentioned, plus the one who got dysentery, cholera, broke down three times, nearly drowned, got stepped on by an ox and still made made it to the Wilhemette Valley only to drown while rafting down the freaking river. <– Me đŸ˜€

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