That’s kind of a coincidence in two different attacks on the GOP.

This flyer has been put together for the Independent running in District 19 State House against Republicans Kent Peterson and Kyle Schoenfish:

That campaign piece looks familiar.  I wonder where I’ve seen that before….

With the Roger Hofer piece, I note that the Liberal Democrat Blog is pointing out this morning that “a source” is telling Cory Heidelberger that 10,000 Hofer flyers are being inserted in newspapers in District 19.

Along those lines, let me relate a personal tale that took place recently.

Because of some personal stuff I have going on, on Friday the 19th, I had to set up a relay of campaign materials.  I had to move a truck load to Sioux Falls, where my daughter picked it up. In turn, she delivered it to another person, who was dropping it off at the Armour Newspaper, who prints most of the newspapers in that region, so most newspaper inserts are dropped off there.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from the last person in the relay, who said laughingly that he was ready to drop them off, but had to ask if he needed to drive around the block a few times, because Senator Stace Nelson was there arranging something in the newspaper’s business office.


Now.. I’m not saying that Stace had anything to do with arranging the publishing and inserting of the flyers for the non-Republican candidate. It could have all been innocent. Yep. Completely innocent.

But, considering he was the primary person trying to deny Kristi Noem her choice for Lt. Governor, and now a piece for the person attacking the House Republicans in his legislative district is being distributed after his visit to the paper. And the two pieces are virtually the same…

…it’s an interesting coincidence. Don’t you think?

8 Replies to “That’s kind of a coincidence in two different attacks on the GOP.”

  1. SSD

    Stace is a fake and a traitor. Stan Adelstein is right in there with him. They are so desperate to win they will play dirty and down in the gutter. They remind me of George Soros. Evil and shameful!

  2. Anonymous

    Down in the gutter is right. Too bad the good legislators in this District have to put up with his crap. He will go to any length necessary, which is the scary part with him temperament.

  3. Cory bookerbooger

    These were done by two different people, clearly the capitol picture is bigger and shifted to the left. Takes a keen eye to spot a fraud. Stace is being framed!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Stace is the dumbest, most pompous RINO in Pierre right now. He’s a power-hungry maniac and a bully and needs to be put in his place. Whoever lives in that apparently misinformed District needs to vote anyone but Stace. There isn’t a Democrat in the state who could be more obstructive to the Republican party. If he had been Kristi’s running mate (which would never happen because Kristi has common sense and decency) she would lose this election by 30 points.


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