The Argus covers Stace Nelson

I can’t think of another legislator that reminds me of Stace Nelson. Ever. Jonathon Ellis wrote a very interesting and lengthy article about Stace Nelson and his fight against the Hanson County Dairy, redistricting, time in the legislature and his life prior to joining the legislature. It’s a good read.

Just like any other story about Stace, it’s loaded with controversy and his blunt speaking style.

The article concludes with:

Should Nelson emerge as a Republican nominee from the June primary, Lust says he hopes the seat will stay with Republicans in the general election. There?s a chance Nelson will be invited back to the Republican caucus if re-elected, though Lust admits he?s still upset with what he calls the ?silly and ridiculous allegations? concerning the leadership?s role with other members? legislation.

?Stace has a lot of positive qualities,? Lust said. ?Prior to this last session, I had a good relationship with him. I think he has promise.?

But Lust, who is also running for re-election this year, should not count on Nelson?s support if Lust decides to seek another leadership post.

?I wouldn?t vote for David Lust again if her were the last person on Earth,? Nelson said.

Observing from a distance I’m going to have to disagree with Stace’s evaluation of Lust. The Governor and Leadership have done an incredible job managing our state’s budget shortfall. The budget votes were certainly not easy to make nor was the situation ideal. Lust isn’t serving in a time of wine and roses, and his leadership has reflected a strong committment to getting our state back on track.

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  1. Anonymous

    Stace stands and is heard for what is right. It doesn’t matter if it is corruption and insider dealing in leadership. It doesn’t matter if it is sloppy or corrupt operations of the state water board. It doesn’t matter if it is corrput, false statements under oath by one of the Governor’s minions. Stace is a hero, but like all heros he has stepped on some toes. Keep it up Stace!

    1. anon

      Remember, all those things you list are purely allegations from Stace himself… None of them have been proven true, many of them have been proven false.

      That’s what happens when you’re living in a he-said-she-said world like Stace does.

      1. Arrowhead

        You nailed it. This is absolutely a he said she said. That is never good for anyone.

        I love Stace and think he is a rockstar. If he were to primary Noem or go statewide third party he would pull down over 10% of the vote. He’s growing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him enter a Governor’s primary one day.

        But I also can’t help but like many of the issues leadership has accomplished such as fixing our budget woes.

        1. Anonymous

          Not just allegations. Listen to the December whitewash. Chuck Turbiville admits having read Stace’s e-mails. Stace never had given Chuck permission to do so. Just one example of the evidence of corruption.

      2. check yer facts

        Representatives Russell, Olsen, and Nelson were all three told the same thing by Reuben. Nelson was told research was being tampered with by Reuben in front of a constituent.

        Interesting comments by Rep Lust in the article, especially since he and Rausch told the caucus that Nelson and Russell were “not welcome in caucus and if you don’t like it, there’s the door.”

        I guess David already envisions himself as Chancellor for life with the passage of his “Lust for Power Bill 1133?” Heil Lust!

  2. buck

    This has nothing to do with the states budget or tough votes. Lust has proven to be a power-hungry corrupt leader. Remember when the Mitchell paper broke this story around Thanksgiving 2011 (the Nelson/Russell vs. leadership and LRC corruption story) ? Lust/Rausch were “no comment” all the way. It wasn’t until their hand-picked kangaroo committee supposedly cleared them of charges that Lust/Rausch got cocky and went on the offensive with their “nothing happened,silly allegations,we were trying to help the freshman,how dare they ‘lie’ about us” charade. If they were truly “innocent” wouldn’t they have been pleading that from the beginning?

    1. Anonymous

      A hypothetical story:

      You’ve got an investigator and a former prosecutor who ask for documents and e-mails of wrongdoing from a story they have both verified from a long-time employee of their organization. The accused immediately take the fifth. The head accused appoints a committee of his senator, who he could run against, and a senator who has made prejudical statements to the press about the allegations. The committee ask what evidence the investigator and prosecutor have. The investigator and prosecutor give the hearsay evidence they have and request the e-mails and documents again. The committee convenes to again inquire about what evidence the investigator and prosecutor have already disclosed to the committee. The committee requires no oath and refuses to subpoena any of the documents and e-mails the investigator and prosecutor originally asked for. The accused admits he has read the e-mails of the investigator. The accused’s senator and the prejudiced senator find no “proof” of wrongdoing.

      Only in a hypothetically corrupt state, right?

  3. 73*

    How is Stace making wild acusations good? He’s a bomb thrower. Sometimes he is right like the dairy for instance. If people don’t want it good for them. But I bet there are others who do want it.

    As far as making wild accusations against David Lust I have to laugh at him. Lust didn’t do anything wrong and Stace can’t prove that he did. So Stace should stop running someone down.

  4. Troy Jones

    First, I was struck by the Argus article. It was principally a he said- he said series of charges and response with little information from which the reader could discern the truth. If one is inclined to believe Stace, you’d come away thinking “you go” but otherwise to think Stace a bit off.

    Second, Stace claims to say what he means and mean what he says. So, if he won’t vote for Lust “if he was the last man on earth,” does that mean he would vote for Obama?

    Or is that hyperbole?

    Bottomline: Stace Nelson inspires strong emotions and feelings. By November (if not before), we will know the net views of the voters.

    1. insomniac

      You pretty much nailed Jonathon Ellis’ writing style Troy. I know Ellis is someone who fancies himself a libertarianish individual but he never really musters up the nuts to call anyone out. EVER.

      Not Johnson or Noem and both need it once in a while.

      Our newspaper industry has gotten so soft in SD when it comes to politics. Don’t get me wrong I like Ellis but I like it best when our elected officials fear our reporters more than the reporters who fear the elected official.

  5. caheidelberger

    “getting our state back on track”—ah, so even Dakota War College admits that a generation of Republican control kncoked South Dakota off track. How nice.

    “incredible” leadership? Well, sure, if you take “incredible” to mean “not able to be believed.”

    1. insomniac

      Name one state in the country that didn’t have a financial problem because of what was going on at the federal level.

      SD was in good shape we are on to 10 straight years of a balanced budget. It’s the federal govenment that needs to tighten it’s purse strings.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s just a good thing the federal government sent a whole bunch of stimulus money to SD, or there would not have been a balanced budget. Thank you President Obama for bailing out an ungrateful red state that pretends it balanced its own budget.

  6. This is . . . MMMMMYYY Country

    This made me mad.

    Stace Nelson needs to grow up. Getting up, standing in the back talking to others, obviously ignoring a speaker, then making a big show about sitting down again as the speaker ends his message: all I can say is my kids would never do such a thing because I have taught them basic manners. If his behavior was unintentional he needs to send a public notice of apology to Dusty Johnson for this unfathomable rudeness. If his behavior was intentional then its more confirmation that there is a reason this big baby was made to sit in the front of the class. For every person who applauds him there are five more who think he’s a wee little man.

    1. Anonymous

      Feigned outrage. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: the Mitchell and Sioux Falls media will do anything to malign a conservative and protect the liberals, no matter which party the liberals wear as a lable. Go Stace.

    2. Les

      “”For every person who applauds him there are five more who think he?s a wee little man.”” Kind of like…for every person who signs their name here, there are five wee men who don’t Myy Country??

      I think they should have brought in the Highway Patrol and made that beast pay attention!

      1. Anonymous

        I’m sure the same Governor’s detail that was protecting Rausch in the Halls of the Legislature, were also there protecting Dusty. Lawrence certainly wouldn’t have missed that, would he?

    3. Stace Nelson

      I am running for re-election because my constituents asked me to. Matter of fact, they collected 171 signatures on petitions for me and were going for more when I told them they did not even need that many. I turned in the most nominating signatures of any legislative candidate this year. Win or lose this election, my friends, neighbors, and family members know I am an honest man of principle.

      What does it say about the people that profess Lance Russell, myself, and others are supposed to be loyal to the likes of lying politicians like David Lust, Brian Gosch, & Val Rausch simply because they claim an (R) behind their names? My loyalty is with the principles that I have had my whole life and the voters that elected me.

      The Daily Republic concocted an OPINION piece drama to jump on the stir that the Argus Leader article caused two days previous and almost a week after the event in question. I simply got up to ask Phil Carlson to turn up the AC because the place was getting too hot, and stepped out of the room to the bathroom. I wrote Dusty yesterday and apologized that my ants in the pants was portrayed as a perceived intentional snub to him. I assured him there was no such intent.

      Lastly, I have 28 4?X8? highways signs up already with new locations and requests for signs coming in by the day. As Mr. Ellis witnessed when he visited me in Hanson County, without people knowing who he was, the folks I love here know I am their guy and not part of the incestous problem in SD politics.

      1. SD Native

        Right on Stace! I have driven through your district in the past and you are very popular and a good man.

        I know you think Kristi Noem is a decent person also Stace but I know that she has thrown in with Lust, Gosch and Rausch rather than you and she doesn’t even like Lust.

        If you want to change the party you have to start with the party chairman and then probably screw over a big time GOPer in a future election.

        You are ten times the man Gordon Howie is and if only you were leading this revolt against the party instead of him we might accomplish something.

        1. Les

          This is not a revolt against the party as I see it. It would be to put the party back into the hands of legislators who won’t tell Les things like “It isn’t right, but we the legislature has the power to do this” as in stealing Aero Fund dollars.

          Come to think of it, why would you have to be GOP or DEM to make honest decisions? Maybe we do need to hijack a couple of parties.

      2. Anonymous

        Some candidates go out and personally ask people for their signatures on a petition. I read your comments to say that you had others do your petition work for you. Is that right?

        1. Les

          Reading comprehension isn’t up your alley I take it?

          I’m sure if you would dig(means work), you could find a legitimate complaint to lay on Rep Nelson.

          Obviously you’re a Democrat because the Grand Old Party doesn’t play that kind of game.!?~ 😉

          1. Les

            I’m 400 miles from Nelsons turf and I’ve seen the big oaf out on the road hanging signs two years ago while traveling through.

            I imagine if they really want Stace to stick around, they are out in force, something I find admirable in this day and age of complacency.

    4. status quo

      what makes all these people nervous is that the more they try and get rid of the big sob, the more people like him! nelson is a loose cannon in their eyes that will not play ball and support their agendas. that threatens the people they want to move up that will.

      we know the snarky anonymous comments are lust, gosch, conzit, etc.

      not only did voters ask nelson to run for reelection, they actually carried his petitions around! you guys keep going after him, it looks like you are finally getting through to the voters in his district:!/RepStaceNelson/status/195644157308567553/photo/1

  7. anon

    It would seem to me, that the voters in Stace’s district would eventually figure out that sending him to Pierre is just the same as sending no one at all.

    He has alienated all but just a few of the people who should be his allies, and still claims that he can get things done. Sorry, but when no one trusts or respects you, they’re not going to trust or respect the legislation you’re trying to advance either.

    According to Stace’s logic, people that oppose him are either corrupt or dishonest. That would mean about 100 of the 105 out there would fit that description, because he’s only got about five friends. Anyone who’s spent any time in Pierre knows that there may be a few who are serving their own interests, but for the most part, legislators are honest and sincere in doing what’s best.

    1. Anonymous

      I think you are overestimating your support and undeestimating Stace’s. The future may very well hold an entirely different set of cards than you perceive.

    2. anon2

      ahhh, the bitter elusive rino sniping from the cover of an anonymous post.

      i saw a post awhile back showing the bills nelson got passed his first term, he did a lot better than shoenbeck did in his first term, who also claimed the big goof was ineffective.

      when was the last time a freshman legislator made the sunday argus cover. lust? gosch? rasuch? what color do rinos turn when they are jealous? (blue)

      1. Troy Jones Post author

        I’m confused. A complaint about a shot Stace that is anonymous by a person who takes a shot anonymously.

          1. Troy Jones Post author

            Will you clarify why we should take serious a anon post criticizing another for being anon?

            Or do your ilk have a special set of rules?

            1. Alinsky Repubs

              There are reports that the governor is polling races to make good on promises to help those that voted for his 1234 bill. Loved Steve Hickey’s recent endorsement reward after he gave his votes for his “least favorite bill of the session.”

              Even more reports that there are organized efforts by the SDGOP to sabatoge Nelson’s, Russell’s, and other conservatives’ elections.

              Mr Jones is awful cheeky and keeps commenting about the view of the voters will soon be known.

          2. LFoss

            No clearly, you could “man or woman” up and sign your own name. You talk about people hiding behind the “anonymous” title, yet so are you! Hard to have credibility when it is “you” that you speak of…

      2. anon

        Russell Means has been on the cover of the Argus recently too. It has nothing to do with being effective or respected.

  8. Anonymous

    I am sure that not being respected by a bunch of self-serving politicians, really bothers him.

    While I get the Alinsky repeated claims that he is ineffective, when looked at in reality by record and interest of voters, it dissipates like a foul odor on a windy day. Rep. Steve Hickey just got a nice quote from the governor for being an effective legislator, yet he never got even one bill passed into law. If memory and posts here serve us right, Nelson had a half dozen bills into law and 30+ other legislative joint resolutions and commemorations.

    I think the real concern is that Nelson will somehow be courted into running for higher office. I am sure that just scares the devil out of all those former Democrats that have come to the GOP to run for office.

  9. Proud Dem

    House Republican leadership came to the Democrats and tried to get the Democrats to sign on with railroading Rep Nelson out of the legislature for supposedly threatening to kill another legislator. They would not provide the details and just expected the Democrats to agree to help them to embarass him and run him out.

    Nelson is a pain in the butt debating issues that we want passed, but he showed he is a good guy and doesn’t play the petty politics that many in the Republican caucus do.

    After getting this type of exposure? Lust, and that jerk Gosch, will be after him even more now.

  10. anon

    Why would the dems want to throw him out?? Stace is the best thing they have going for them right now. He throws his own party under the bus, so they don’t have to.

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe you think self-serving dishonest former life-long Democrats turned Republicans just to get elected, are the SDGOP, the rest of us don’t.

      1. anon

        sorry, I don’t know any of those… I guess you have inside information that the rest of us haven’t made up yet.

  11. Troy Jones Post author

    The continued attack of “self-serving dishonest former life-long Democrats turned Republicans just to get elected” implies many things.

    1) “Self-serving”: They believe the motive of the person is only concerned with self. How do they know that? Rash judgment is assuming as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor and an offense against the truth. Unless they know the person intimately, the accusation is unsupportable by any evidence and since they don’t disclose their name and the extent of the relationship, it is prudent to assume it is non-credible.

    2) “Former life long Democrat”: They believe party registration must be a genetic factor as most people originally register consistent with the politics of their parent and change after life experience.

    3) “Turned Republican just to get elected”: Again, they presume to be able to see into the hearts of others. This is a skill only possessed by God. Again, unless they know the person intimately and have evidence, this is just rash judgment.

    Another offense against the truth is calumny (the act of uttering false charges or misrepresentations maliciously calculated to harm another’s reputation). The maliciousness, obvious intent to harm their reputation, and the lack of evidence is clear.

    Together, the constant and repeated stating of these offenses against the truth (rash judgment and calumny) is so calculated to be a grave offense to denigrate another’s inherent dignity. This deliberate intention of by repeating rash judgment and calumny is an insult to both justice and charity.

    Finally, the person does so under a veil (white hood?) of anonymity so it also is cowardly.

    While difference of opinion and ideology are serious and worthy of vigorous debate, this repeated offense against the truth should be anathema to all regardless of opinion or ideology.

    1. Anonymous

      Don?t lecture us when you are the vilest of posters. I don?t know who you are, and I don?t care. You only whine when someone responds back to the vile anonymous posters on here that go after conservatives. You don?t like the anonymous policy here? DON?T READ OR POST HERE! It is not your blog!

      How dare you lecture us!? You who have attacked Nelson and spread the lies to cover the misdeeds of Lust and Rausch for months on here. I listened to the point on the recordings at Pure Pierre Politics Nelson pointed out, Representative Turbiville actually reads from Representative Nelson?s confidential emails containing bill research. ON THE RECORD! You can claim that is not violating someone?s confidentiality all you want, all that makes you is either an idiot or a liar.

      We read the story in the Argus, we saw the timeline, we have seen the former Democrat?s voting records as well as Nelson?s. Nelson is not the problem, the ?former? Democrats are.

      Go look in the mirror before you lecture the world again.

      1. anon

        In other words, “I can’t debate with you, cause you’re right, so you should just go away”. As usual, Troy nailed it.

  12. Bill Fleming

    Anon, who is “us” and “we”. You refuse to speak for yourself, but now you’re presuming to speak for everybody? Don’t be ridiculous. Clearly you’ve not been watching this blog very long.

    There is a great chunk of it that was erased when Mr. Powers took his current position in state government.

    Troy has been a key participant on this board throughoutboth as commentator and occaisionally as guest host.

    Stace on the other hand is a relative Johnny Come Lately, and when he showed up, he brought with him some of the most abusive and insulting language and posturing ever witnessed in the SD Blogosphere.

    Fortunately for him, most of it was erased as per above, but there are still remnants if you care to look.

    Lately, Nelson has cooled his jets and started crying crock-odile tears instead, and some suckers seem to be buying it. Don’t be one of them.

    Of course, there is always the possibility that you yourself are really Stace Nelson an are dishonestly posting like a sock puppet troll. Stace has done that here too… openly and unabashedly.

    In fact, any way that one can be abusive, insulting, obnoxious and ill mannered on a blog, Stace Nelson has done it. That’s not uncommon when newbies join the blogosphere. What is though, is how uncommonly good he is at it.

    It’s as though he’s just naturally nasty.

    p.s. I’ll lecture you any time I please. Get used to it.

  13. Bill Fleming

    Edit to above (3rd graf):
    “Troy has been a key participant on this board throughout its history, both as commentator and occasionally as guest host.”

  14. Troy Jones Post author


    A way too common abuse of logic and argument is to attack the message and avoid the message. It is called an adhominem negative attack.

    What I said was an analysis of the phrase self-serving dishonest former life-long Democrats turned Republicans just to get elected? and its logical implications.

    Your response is a textbook ad hominem attack of me rather than addressing whether the phrase is an offense against the truth. Furthermore, you continue to make a personal attack behind the veil of anonymity.

    My objection to anonymous posts is not ones where they articulate an argument but only post to personally denigrate another’s reputation without the courage to expose themselves to reputational questions.

    “The coward only threatens when he is safe. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

    As much as you may think your attack hits me, being behind the veil only turns the attack on you. My only motive to defend those impugn by the phrase is to articulate for others how feeble the phrase is.

  15. Stace Nelson

    Troy & Billy,
    Enjoying my birthday, trying to get caught up on all the facebook greetings and was told that you two are whining on here and bad mouthing me yet again.

    Fear not my two dear little antagonists, if I have something to say to you two, I have proven I don’t hide behind any veils to do so.

    The facts are that Lust, Rausch, & Gosch and others lied to the caucus, and to the press on several issues. Mr. Jones can rant and rave that it was all he said she said and that the dog & pony show ad hoc joke of a hearing cleared them; however, it does not erase Chuck Turbiville reading from my confidential emails about my confidential LRC research, at the hearing.

    Now if you two will excuse me, I have better things to do on a beautiful May 2nd than to engage in unproductive discourse with you two.

      1. Bill Fleming

        (..readers, there is no mention of this thread on Stace’s FB page [I just checked], nor is there any particular reason for him to pretend like he doesn’t check in on this blog, other than a lame CYA maneuver, and maybe a pimp for a birthday wish. The latter worked, the former ain’t quite cuttin’ it. Nice try though, Nelson. You’ll get better at this with age. ;^)

        1. Stace Nelson

          (readers, no one said it was posted on facebook. There are also these other neat forms of communication where people can impart messages called telephone, cellphone, text, email, and smoke signals)

          As I have shown in the past, I have no problem responding by name and in person. Of late, I have been a little busy and concentrating my efforts elsewhere.

          Now run along Billy and go play nice with the other kids. 😀

    1. anon

      As usual, Stace wants us to accept the fact that what he ASSumes to be true is accurate. No where, at no time, has it been proven that any of the republican leadership “lied” as Stace puts it. In fact, it was proven that they didn’t.

      Spin Stace spin… fewer people are buying your act every day.

  16. Troy Jones Post author


    Unless you are the anonymous poster, I didn’t say anything derogatory about you, except to ask if your “I won’t vote for Lust if he was the last person on earth” placed Obama ahead of Lust or if it was hyperbole.

    Otherwise, my comments was commentary on the Argus article that if I were you and had the facts on your side as you claim, I would be disappointed as the article didn’t give many facts independently verified except for your version.

    And, I commented on the rash judgment and calumny committed by one of your supporters under a veil. I do notice though you too have used this phrase on this site:

    “This was one of many lies former lifelong Democrat turned Republican to get elected Val Rausch made. . . .Let?s hope folks see him for the self-serving politician he is and they re-elect Tim Begalka.”

    “former life long Democrat turned Republican to run for office”

  17. Stace Nelson

    (Big sigh) If Lust was the last person on earth, that would mean there was no one left on earth other than Lust.

    I spent hundreds of thousands of hours over a career drafting volumous reports that attended to every detail. Mr. Ellis did not have the liberty of such expansive writing. I did not seek or relish the coverage. That being said, there were details that I would have liked to see in there because of my retired nature of attending to such; however, clearly Mr. Ellis worked hard to understand and attempted to capture much in the space alloted. I have gotten many calls/emails/comments from folks that have now understood the problems after seeing the written timelines.

    Contrary to your half baked ideas of thinking you understand me or my likes, I would prefer the retired comfort outside of the public eye on my little farm.

    If you want warm fuzzy lies about these people, please seek out these very same politicians that will couch their words for your entertainment. I have neither the time nor the whereithal to readdress the details of the litany of lies these two engaged in. Suffice it to say Rausch’s claims I was innocently removed from the Ag Committee has been proven to be a lie, Turbiville read my confidential emails about confidential LRC research into the record at the hearing proving they violated confidentiality, and their lies that I threatened to kill Nick Moser were shown to be the concocted lies that they were.

    Now maybe in your eyes their changing their registrations after a reported lifetime of being Democrats, their dishonest acts above , and their left of center voting records make them “good Republicans;” however, to me it paints them to be the political opportunists that they are. You don’t like my opionion of these two scoundrels, tell them not to engage in such dishonest acts.

    1. Bill Fleming

      “I spent hundreds of thousands of hours over a career…”

      200,000 hours = 23 years, if he wrote reports 24/7.
      (200k/24/365= 22.83) I went with 200k since it was the lowest possible plural of “hundreds of thousands.” Okay so maybe he wrote reports only 12 hrs a day. That would take us out to around 45 years. What birthday are you having again today, Stace?

      Stace is so used to lying he doesn’t even know when he’s doing it.

      They call that “pathological” in the psycho trade.

      1. Stace Nelson

        Actually it would be 205, 860 hours for the 23 1/2 years I worked for or was on call to Uncle Sam 24 hours a day. Are we counting the time that I was doing the work that would require the writing of reports? The thinking about reports? The nightmares over some of the cases? etc? Then you have that week that I got called back off of retirement to testify in court in April 2010, that week I went to Hollywood to be interviewed on Rape & Sexual Assault cases. What about the time that I have thought about the cases in my retirement? Does that count too? 😀

        You got me a Billy, I will do my best over the next years to properly quantify the exact amount of time down to the last millisecond for you.

        1. Bill Fleming

          It’s your bullsh*t, Stace you can spread it as thick or thin as you please, I recon. From a mental health standpoint, the important thing is that you know whether or not you are doing it.

  18. Troy Jones Post author


    Fair enough response regarding lust being the last person on earth. But by that logic, you wouldn’t be here to vote for him either.

    “hundreds of thousands of hours?” Really. Or hyperbole? You were 25 years in the military? At 2,080 hours a year it would take almost 50 years to get to just 100,000. So, if I acccept you worked 4,000 hours each year (16 hours a day) on reports, did you do anything else and do you sleep?

    Well, you might have gotten responses that the article was clear, I and others I know did not see the same clarity. But maybe I and the people I talk to are dense.

  19. Anonymous

    Nelson! Stop wasting your time on these two idiots! They are both liberal dirtbags who are trying to waste your time! Jones wouldn’t have a clue if he pulled his head out to get a breath of air.

          1. Celio

            Congrats on the award! Did I know you were in Montreal??? I’m from there, grew up in Brossard! Now I totally feel like we’re krneidd spirits. By the way, read your drunken post above. Great idea! I better go, I need to get wasted!PS: Feel free to vote on as many IP addresses as you want! 🙂

  20. Jay BK Slater

    I believe Stace Nelson will continue to grow more statewide support in the future. The citizens of South Dakota are sick and tired of career politicians and divisive politics, there may be results in upcoming primaries to support this theory. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem and Rep. Nelson?s constituents obviously see him as a solution and a future.