The Argus Leader gets it, the SF school board gets it, so there is still hope

Finally! someone in the school system gets it.

From the Argus Leader Editorials

There’s no doubt that the state’s revenue situation remains weakened, so the Sioux Falls School Board has the right idea about pulling back from its years long push to increase per-pupil funding for education.

But not everyone has gotten the message…..

Still, that’s the track that the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, the chief lobbyist for school boards across the state, is pursuing.

Funding K-12 education is important, no one is disputing that.  However the pie of the state budget is only so big.  With everyone sticking their hand out for a slice, it makes even harder.  With that pie getting smaller, some of those hands are going to have to be slapped away.

Still, there’s no bucking reality where the state budget is concerned. And the fact remains that South Dakota almost certainly will be staring at another budget deficit when lawmakers return to Pierre in January

Yet there is still that lawsuit dealing with funding of public schools.  Where a law firm is using state money to sue the state, for more money.

6 Replies to “The Argus Leader gets it, the SF school board gets it, so there is still hope”

  1. I would rather be fi

    We need to freeze all the funds that are now going into eduction. Just vote to make sure that the schools just don't get one more dime then they are getting now….change that stupid automatic tax money increase law that the schools now have.

    If we freeze the funds that the schools get to what they got last year, well, that will force the local districts to make the needed cuts! Everyone hollars about local control, well this is giving them local control. No more increase in tax money from the Sate. Local school districts can then determine where the local cuts need to be made.

    Republicans, this is our chance to Get R Done!

  2. ip

    So, reduce the number of counties in South Dakota and offer community outreach with mobile and online services. Design a Bookmobile/CT scanner-type trucks to service remote areas.

    South Dakota needs to manage its own pile. You dorks have seized control. Prove you can fix it. Add heritage languages to schools. Teach high school men and women in separate classrooms dressed in business casual. Engage high schoolers in administration with a voting member. Eliminate middle schools.

  3. John

    MC said: "Funding K-12 education is important, no one is disputing that."

    Actually, the actions of our Republican-controlled government would dispute that.

  4. Fred Deutsch

    Take it from one that's helping the Associated School Boards of South Dakota chart a legislative course this year, the "track" the ASBSD will be taking this year has not yet been decided and statements to the contrary are without any basis in fact.

  5. grudznick

    Oh no, Mr. Fred. It has been charted. The course is: Greed, Gobble, and Grab. The bottomless pit of school districts hording their reserves will never be filled and then they waste our taxpayer money on things like drama and band. Back in my day those kind of things were not to be found and you could sing or trombone after school and after your chores were done.


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