The “be nice” plank

A new GOP Platform plank asks candidates to act in a professional, honest and respectful manner.

(Good luck with reminding candidates of that part of the platform!)

17 Replies to “The “be nice” plank”

  1. Gideon Oakes

    What’s the status on my Platform Accountability plank, in that same section? My “source on the inside” understandably can’t answer her phone right now. Sorry to not be there to defend it in person.

  2. Rick

    same as the old 5.17

    5.17 The South Dakota Republican Party encourages those who run for public office in South Dakota as a Republican to familiarize themselves with, and pledge to support, the platform of the South Dakota Republican Party.

    1. Rick

      current 5.14

      5.14 The South Dakota Republican Party supports the right of immigrants to enter our country legally and also supports the right of legal immigrants to work in our state. It is the responsibility of the federal and state government to strongly enforce the current immigration laws and protect our borders. South Dakota Republicans hold that our government was instituted to secure the blessings of freedom, and that exploitation of illegal aliens is an unqualified evil and the antithesis of freedom. We further hold that it is the explicit sworn duty of South Dakota’s state and federal elected officials to take all legal actions available to protect South Dakotans from the growing problems of illegal immigration, and the trafficking of illegal aliens to our state.

      1. Springer

        So what good does this do when Obama has already said that Huron and Sioux Falls will be forced to receive Middle East refugees that cannot be properly vetted? And please don’t say that this is now considered legal immigration.

        1. Anonymous

          Please provide a link to a news story that quotes Obama saying Huron and Sioux Falls will be forced to receive Middle East refugees.

            1. Anonymous

              I should have known you’d provide something not trustworthy. Even McAfee Antivirus warns me not to go to that website. You spreading computer viruses now along with the rest of your usual crap?

              Let’s try this again, please provide a link to a news story by a mainstream media organization (i.e. CNN, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News) that is credible. And Troy is not mainstream media. Or credible.

  3. anon1

    I guess I’ve never been involved, but what’s the point? What is the platform used for?

    Clearly, Stace will violate this rule 33 out of 35 days during the legislative session.

    1. Rick

      FYI – record breaking tax increases 2 years in a row and allowing boys n girls to use the same locker room violates the platform as well,,,

  4. Troy Jones

    Anonymous, 12:17:

    You have got to be real stupid and I’m talking stupid at kinda a high level. Do you think a “quote” exists of the President of the United States mentioning Huron and Sioux Falls for anything and he would actually say something like that?

    That said, currently under federal refugee law, Sioux Falls and Huron are designated as “direct resettlement sites” for refugees. Neither city has any say on whether ANY refugees are assigned/sent/resettled to such sites. Thus, any Syrian refugees whose identity is unknown or can’t be verified CAN be sent to Sioux Falls or Huron (maybe Aberdeen as they are now being considered as such a site) and we don’t even have to be told government to government they are here.

    This used to not be a security/safety issue because in the past the people coming were clearly being persecuted for ideologies consistent with American values. That is no longer the case.

    1. Anonymous

      Troy, I’m going to enjoy turning this around on you and ask: Do you think Springer is real stupid and I’m talking at KIND OF A (note proper grammar usage) high level for writing: ‘So what good does this do when Obama has already said that Huron and Sioux Falls will be forced to receive Middle East refugees that cannot be properly vetted?’ I asked Springer for proof the President said that because I know he would not. Therefore, you can take your pugnacious post above and gently insert it where the sun does not shine. 🙂 Oh, and Springer, you can use google to learn the definition of pugnacious.

      And Troy, were you opposed to the resettlement of refugees from the former Yugoslavia to the US in the late 1990s? Many of them relocated to South Dakota, particularly Sioux Falls, and are living quite well. And many of them are Muslim.

      1. Springer

        In the 1990’s we didn’t have possible terrorists being inserted with the refugees coming to the US. Now we do, and we have been warned about that by members of this administration. Whether or not Obama actually stated the words is immaterial if his administration has made this the policy. A final point, just what world are you living in if you believe that the mainstream media (the wonderful news outlets you mentioned above) are completely trustworthy and unbiased? BTW, insulting people only weakens your point. That being said, have a wonderful day!

        1. Anonymous

          I wasn’t insulting you. I pointed out a fact. I always have wonderful days but thanks for the encouragement.

          Now, are you 100 percent sure in the 1990s the US ‘didn’t have possible terrorists being inserted with the refugees coming to the US’? Did you work in the immigration office back then? Oh, wait, you probably know someone whose brother’s wife’s cousin worked in government and knew for sure there were no terrorists. And by the way, nice deflection on your inability to provide a credible link but where or not Obama said what you wrote is material. You made the claim. And you can’t back it up. Did the Obama administration create the policy that sends refugees here? You know that to be fact? Not that facts matter to you.