The Boz bounces back and she’s babbling b.s.

Annette BosworthIt’s hard to come up with an introduction, because this mail piece is so utterly over the top. But, the Boz has bounced back and she’s babbling b.s.

Please do not miss the fact that the medical board is governed by the Attorney General’s office.

“Under the intimidation and pressure to conform, my campaign lawyer chose to align with the powerful establishment team.”

Six months ago, Mr Westerhuis reportedly shot his three children, shot his wife, lit their home on fire and then shot himself after being haunted by the South Dakota government officials of DCI.

Annette Bosworth 2016

Wow. 16 pages of the wildest fish story you’ll find this side of Lake Oahe. Nevermind that some things in the letter are utter fabrications, poor persecuted Annette wants to you send her $121,000.

If anyone is dumb enough to send them money at this point, they deserve to be parted from their hard earned money.

3 Replies to “The Boz bounces back and she’s babbling b.s.”

  1. The Guy from Guernsey

    “… Mr Westerhuis reportedly shot his three children …”

    By error, The Boz adds a new layer of intrique to the Westerhuis conspiracy. Which three ? And who shot the fourth ?

    I guess those who are writing checks wouldn’t have followed closely enough to recognize the error.