The Case against Gordon Howie as a conservative

David Montgomery was writing about party switchers this morning, and had the following passage in reference to Gordon Howie:

Howie, an outspoken conservative who ran for governor in 2010 as a “Tea Party Republican,” is running for U.S. Senate as an independent in a tactical move. He thinks Republican frontrunner Mike Rounds isn’t conservative enough and wants Rounds to face a conservative challenge on the November ballot.

Read that here.

And it had me contemplating what Howie had said about believing that Mike Rounds should “face a conservative challenge in November.”   Ignoring the fact that Mike Rounds is fairly conservative to begin with, Howie makes the assumption that we should consider him as far more conservative than Mike Rounds.

But is he?

Looking at Gordon’s past as an indicator of his future behavior, I’m not so sure.

As one commentator notes, conservatives believe the rule of law is pretty important. But with Gordon, I’m not so sure.

We had the recent incident where he and his son illegally shot a trapped mountain lion, which cost them their hunting privileges.

In 2010, he garnered headlines statewide during the Governor’s race that he had failed to pay taxes on many of his properties for at least a year or more.

The same year, he lashed out at prosecutors, claiming that they wrongly charged his wife in a DUI case that was more about politics than law enforcement, because certainly, it was all about him.

None of this would seem to indicate that he’s a big fan of the rule of law as it applies to himself.

Gordon talks the conservative talk. But when it comes to walking it? I’m not so sure.

What do you think?

11 Replies to “The Case against Gordon Howie as a conservative”

  1. Anonymous

    A hypocrite. Plain and simple. These guys cloak themselves in the tea party flag and talking points and can’t see it themselves.

  2. Anonymous

    I see Howie is cozying up to the Madville Times blogger… That right there is evidence enough for me that Howie is in fact, NOT a conservative. He sorta acts like Nelson, who also loves liberals more than conservatives.

  3. Someone in the know

    Anne, he and his son intentionally set the trap to catch a mountain lion which is illegal and his son didn’t even have a mountain lion tag.

  4. Anonymous

    Conformists are not conservatives. Far too many people who are labeling themselves conservatives or far right are actually conformists. They do not want a discussion of ideas or thought. They want blind followers who adhere 100% to their philosophy. This trend concerns me and it’s just disappointing.

    In this sense they have more in common with the intolerance of liberalism than the freewill of conservatism.

    Conservatism and Libertarianism are about embracing the idea of individualism and tolerance for anther persons ideas – not mass conformity to a party platform and name calling.

    Being a conservative should be about welcoming and encouraging expression not a hindrance to free speech and thought.

    A message of love would go much farther than a message of anger.

  5. Anonymous

    Gordon was the ultimate RINO just behind Nelson. Now, I’m curious if Nelson has the same “trust but verify” notion against Gordo? That was his his comment in Montgomery’s story afterall…referring to party switchers.


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