The clock is ticking down….

This Tuesday we’ll be at 90 days until the fall general election.

Scary thought, huh?

7 Replies to “The clock is ticking down….”

  1. Springer

    Just an interesting story. My daughter had a rummage sale this weekend, and a couple in an RV stopped and bought a couple of things. In visiting with them, they said they were from Arkansas and were traveling around, but they hesitated to admit they were from Arkansas — because of the Clinton’s! They said they had seen the Clinton machine in action in their state, let alone the presidency, and were praying hard that Hillary does not win in November. My daughter said to make sure to spread the word in their travels, and they assured here they are!!

  2. Spencer

    The downside: any other Republican would easily be leading right now. The upside: Trump is still not running any ads while Hillary burns $600,000 per day in ads, Trump may just have to shut his mouth for 10 seconds and learn to read from prepared remarks to overtake her while Hillary continues to be an unimaginably bad Democratic candidate.

  3. Anonymous

    2 days to replace candidates and we will know who all the candidates are for the fall also.