The Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States. As promoted by a couple of Republican Legislators

Americans United Against Tyranny (AUAT) is a Texas non-profit corporation working to build a nationwide Patriot Union with the express purpose of restoring a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States.

This group is coming to South Dakota next month, and actively recruiting militia members to act as security for the event. They’ve already recruited South Dakota Legislators who are participating in their rally to restore a Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States:


The American Patriot Union is an organization working to build a nationwide Patriot Union for the purpose of providing a voice to the millions of Americans that make up the ‘silent majority’, Christians and Conservatives that hold to ideals of Patriotism and virtue on which we believe America stands.  At this time in our country that term is more appropriately stated, ‘the silenced majority’ because much of our news media has become so politically biased and supportive of a narrow perspective that they either demonize of marginalize the views of Christian Conservatives and Patriots.  Our ambition is to give these millions a voice and a means to respond to the never-ending barrage of politicized news reports and to provide that voice in response to legislation and policy being developed by lawmakers.  Without the presence of such truly American voices there is no ‘competition’ of ideas and we believe this is negatively affecting the course of our nation.

On April 15th starting at 9am and ending at 5pm, the American Patriot Union will hold a rally at Mt. Rushmore titled ‘Liberty and Justice for All!’ to bring attention to critical issues now facing the American People. We have brought together an array of speakers to address the topics of greatest concern which include political corruption, bias in the Press, immigration, education, veteran’s affairs, and more.  The speakers at the event are listed below together with a schedule.  We have some important voices in the Patriot community joining us to address the audience including Sheriff Richard Mack and the daughter of Lavoy Finicum who was killed in the land rights protest in Oregon, Challice Finicum.  Two South Dakota legislators, Senator Stacey Nelson and Representative Tim Goodwin will speak at the rally as well as leaders of several well-known grass roots patriotic efforts now speaking out for reform in America.  And we also are hosting two performers honored in the Patriot community, Jordan Page and Dave Bray to bring their inspiring and thoughtful music to the attendees of the rally.  It will be a day of celebration and protest and a demand for reform in many areas of American life.

We are asking for your help in promoting this rally and making it known that there is a rising voice for American Patriots in the Patriot Union.  This rally will be the first in a series of rallies we will hold this year around the country.  We thought it meaningful to stage the first of these rallies at the most significant monument in America, Mt. Rushmore, as it is an icon to the ideals of Liberty and Justice and a testimony to the American Spirit.  Please join us in promoting this significant event.

9:00 – Opening Ceremony, Prayer and National Anthem
9:15 Opening Speech: Michael Hutton, The American Patriot Union
10:00 Jordan Page – patriotic singer songwriter
11:00 Keith Mitzell – Evangelist
12:00 Sheriff Mack – Constitutional Sheriff’s Organization
12:30 Challice Finicum – Daughter of Lavoy Finicum and co-founder of Stand By Me for Liberty
1:00 Tim Goodwin – South Dakota State Representative
1:30 Stacey Nelson – South Dakota State Senator
2:00 Bella Dangelo – Radio Host and Patriot Activist
2:30 Sherrie Saunders – Overpasses for America, Mississippi
3:00 Dave Bray patriotic singer/songwriter
4:15 Billie Breman Below – Take a Pause Advocates United
4:50 Closing Ceremony

Thank you so much for your support.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff by responding to this email or by telephone at  (Redacted)

Michael Hutton
Co-founder of Americans United Against Tyranny, The American Patriot Union

And there you go.

103 thoughts on “The Constitutional Republic of Sovereign States. As promoted by a couple of Republican Legislators”

  1. “Restoring” suggests that something fell a part or is falling a part, but after Gettysburg and the eventual passage of the 14th Amendment, that something was instead replaced and it never weathered away.

    The mere premise of this group shows an ignorance of history. I think what they mean is reestablish, but how can you have a constitutional republic of one if you also purport to support a collection of sovereign states? You can either have an Articles of Confederation or a US Constitution, but to marry the two is to suggest that you are brighter than our brilliant fore fathers ever were and since AUAT do not know the difference between “restore” and “reestablish,” then I question that….

    1. I think the opposite of “restore” is “neglect” not necessarily fallen apart. Our Constitution and the silent majority has most definitely been ignored by Democrats, the Establishment and MSM. I highly doubt this group is ignorant to our history, did you search any names listed? You should.

      Solid point about marrying the Articles and Constitution, but again, this group does not think they’re above the intelligence levels of our forefathers. Please. I’m going to try and attend and then I’ll have the opportunity to decide what they stand for and if they’re worth supporting.That’s called free, independent thinking, do you do that too, Genius? It’s very healthy and refreshing;)

    2. You want to know who really shows
      ignorance of history and the 14th amendment is California and any other state that ignores federal statute. I agree that some of the wording is a little off with this group but at least they are trying to point out the fact that we are losing our rights everyday. If we stand by idly to the buroucracy, our rights will be gone with the blink of an eye.

    3. We are not ignorant of History and I’d counter that anyone that imagines the 14th Amendment changed the mandate of the Constitution is attempting to rewrite history. All of the important pieces of the Constitution establishing that we are to be a Republic of Sovereign States are still firmly in place and, in fact, the 14th Amendment has NOTHING to do with that. Article 1, Section 8 defines the role of the Federal Government.. nothing changed there. The Tenth Amendment establishes where power lies.. with the people!.. nothing changed there either. Perhaps you’re enjoying the way the Federal Government has become a giant centralized power run by oligarchs… but millions of Americans are not. That is why Trump is now President. But listen, it’s America… and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and free to express it however they wish… even the deluded and confused. God Bless you and yours.

      1. The 14th Amendment turned the united States of America into the United States of America….

  2. The opposite of restore is not neglect. Restore is an active word while neglect is a passive word. The opposite of restore is an active word like break or mar or destroy. Restore is a word that means to put back in a better prior position. It does imply a degradation has occurred either by an active action (break) or a passive lack of action (neglect). To be clear, degradation can occur by action or passivity. Restoration requires action.

    In order to communicate, it is important people use the correct words in the correct context. Otherwise, words just become babble.

    Which takes us back to this group. I’ve gone to their facebook page and associated blog and I think there are a number of word choices which is confusing and makes their objectives unclear.

    For instance, they use the word “restore” and VSG uses the word “reestablish.” Yet, as far as I can determine they propose no real change to the structure of our Constitution that I can discern.

    What they seem to be as I try to read between the lines of their word choice (which often is nonsense if one applies common vernacular and dictionary definition of the words) is more educational on our structure under the law so the citizenry are better citizens advocating change within the bounds of our Constitution and not outside. That is a great goal and one to be supported.

    However, because so much of their language is so poorly chosen (it is almost as if they chose big words to sound smart but end up being incoherent), their prospects of being educational outside those who already agree with them is virtually nil. It is a classic case of people who agree with each other coming to a safe space and patting themselves on the back.

    Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for like-minded people gathering, sharing ideas, getting motivated, etc. Unfortunately, if their public information (as far as I can find, they don’t have a real website which gives greater detail) is indicative of the coherence, don’t expect much.

    1. Jones – Your word is the final say? “Restore” can be interpreted in a variety of ways, give your search engine a go. Hundreds of words listed as suggested opposites of restore. Correct words for who? For you, it’s highly unlikely the AUAT is pandering to your needs. That’s why it’s important to research groups, individuals within the group and maybe, just maybe attend events to learn more.

      As I appreciate your opinion, it is just that…your opinion. In your statement, you have provided minimal facts, if any at all. You are not the end-all. I’ll continue to be a free, independent thinker and seek out more information. Thanks for your insight, it’s very helpful.

    2. I appreciate your thoughtful response and I’d like to clarify on a few of your questions. The reason I say ‘reestablish’ is because what we’ve seen in the evolution of government over the 242 years of it is a reversal of its intended State. The Founders were intent on there not being a centralized power institution and everything they did in the architecture of our government illustrates that. First, they established that the Fed Gov would have very limited role and its role is defined by the ‘enumerated powers’ in Article 1 Section 8. Next they created a Republic, a two tiered government where the Fed Gov would manage affairs, mostly foreign affairs, and leave the governance of domestic matters to the States. They also created the divided power model in 3 branches of government in both tiers. They intended for the People to be the supreme power and in the 5th Amendment provided a means for the People to circumvent any effort by the Federal Gov to assert itself as ultimately supreme. So when we say ‘reestablish’ what we intend is to restore that order in our government and hence to put the People back in power and have the States reassert their sovereignty. The objective is to permit the main intent of the Constitution… Liberty and Justice for All! See you at the rally.. and please, if you’d like to speak with me personally do not hesitate.. I am approachable and glad to speak with all of my fellow Americans. We may not agree on everything.. but that’s the beauty of this great country isn’t it? God Bless you and yours.
      Michael Hutton
      And btw… there is a rudimentary sort of website that has been put up to permit people to register for either the rally or the Patriot Union at
      You can also find us on Facebook at

    3. “For instance, they use the word “restore” and VSG uses the word “reestablish.” Yet, as far as I can determine they propose no real change to the structure of our Constitution that I can discern.”

      But that depends upon your definition of sovereignty, or how great of sovereignty you are advocating and the AUAT sounds more interested in returning to the Articles of Confederation than the US Constitution, when it comes to sovereignty.

      And to say that “they propose no real change to the structure of our Constitution that I can discern,” either proves that the AUAT does not really know what they are doing, or that somehow a true sovereignty can be established for the States without any regard for the 14th Amendment… somehow.

      No doubt the 10th and 14th Amendments are potential wrestling opponents in a world of political fantasy, but constitutionally the 14th limits the10th and in so doing makes it impossible to enhance the idea of “sovereign states,” within the context of our current constitution, whether you like it or not. And if you cannot do this in the current context, then there is nothing to “restore,” but you do have the potential for a reestablishment, however.

  3. Vanilla ISIS aka Domestic Terrorists. What an embarassment. Republicans invited these clowns into bed, and Trump is full-on groping their… uh… “rifles”, much to their mutual excitement.

    1. Please provide the evidence you have supporting the allegation that they are “Domestic Terrorists”? We should then forward it to the AG of SD.

      1. The daughter of LaVoy Finicum is going to speak. Last I checked, armed occupation of US Government installations is domestic terrorism – not to mention treason. “Patriot Militia” is an oxymoron.

        1. To a socialist who believes the government should have all the power I guess it is an oxymoron. The founders included the right of the citizens to defend themselves against a tyrannical government as a basis for the 2nd amendment.

          1. Tyranny is grazing fees? I guess we’ll leave out any mention of “well regulated”.

          2. Government as in We the People and also taxpayers and a few deadbeats refuse to pay grazing fees and weasel their way out of it? Overgrazing and damaging public lands in the process?

          3. The basis for the Second Amendment was the need for a well regulated militia: at the time citizens were obliged to serve in the militias, but the Government was not providing arms. The Second Amendment was to ensure our militias were armed.

            1. I stand corrected. thank you, Bit-o-Histoy. In the sense you speak of, I do support militias. I supported the Bundys’ and the many others involved in the LBM’s complete failure to follow laws.


              I also listened to an interview Gavin McInnes had with Angie Bundy, Livestock News editor Carrie Stadheim, and Bundy reporter Bryan Hyde. The MSM is neglecting to tell the truth about what happened in the Bundys’ and Finicums’ case.

              1. you will have to let us know how it went when you get back from the AUAT. lets hope Antifa does not show up.

        2. An interesting response subject to much interpretation. Regarding Challice Finicum, she’s a woman who lost her father because he stood up for what he believed. And if you’ve followed the story past its initial presentation you know that some of those involved on the Law Enforcement side are now under scrutiny. And I’m betting you’ve never actually gone to Lavoy’s website and heard him speak. He was not a terrorist.. he was a rancher who loved his family, his country and pretty much everyone else from what I can glean. But Challice is a good woman bringing attention to an important issue. There is no authority for the Fed Gov to own land in the sovereign States. You can think what you like about it.. but the truth is this.. we, as Americans, have the right to stand and dispute the government’s position on ANY topic. When we are no longer able to do that… that’s tyranny. And if you imagine there aren’t aspects of our government that are becoming tyrannical it makes me question your understanding of what America was intended to be.

          1. Oh, by all means, have your patriotic pity party. Arm yourselves to the teeth and clutch your Bible tight. Assert that you are sovereign, and the states hold sway over the federal government…. but you still gotta pay your grazing fees. That’s not tyranny, that’s just making sure there’s enough $ to be good stewards of the land for all of us, including the desert tortoise.

            As far as becoming armed occupiers of buildings belonging to all citizens, that’s kinda where you forfeit your rights since you’ve infringed on everyone else’s, and become a terrorist and traitor.

          2. May I say….Checkmate! Well said, Mr. Hutton. However, you’re a domestic radical extremist according to leftists and RINO’s who comment here. I’m sure you’re already well aware of that, aren’t you.

            1. lefties and RINOs? Nope! Just a red blooded American Patriot that also voluntarily signed on the dotted line to help defend our country and love it. 🙂

              1. Oh, so you do think Mr. Hutton is a radical domestic extremist? Someone you don’t know, you’ve done little to no research on is an extremist…seems about right for a leftist/RINO.

                1. “There is no authority for the Fed Gov to own land in the sovereign States.” is a fairly extremist point of view. The Property Clause and 175 years of SCOTUS rulings put that fairy tale to bed.

                  Ironic (intentionally?) that the event is taking place at the federally owned Mt. Rushmore National Memorial.

                2. KM you’re a bit of an extremist as well- how does the edge of the Right look? Does Stace keep you company at gatherings?

                  1. And what exactly qualifies me as an extremists? The truth?

                    Do you could consider fathers being arrested for reporting to the police that their daughters are being held and raped extreme? How about this extreme, an 11yo girl burned with a rod containing the letter M to identify her as property? This is happening in England. Is this the extreme you compare me to? Am I fear mongering you again? It’s frightening the stories coming from the Telford rape reports.

                    What Muslims are doing to little girls is extreme. I am not extreme. And what does the “edge of the Right” look like? You tell me.

      2. A conspiracy theory you don’t endorse Steve?!? Maybe Tapio & Hubble will win nominations as well!

  4. I had some roomates a long time ago that were in a militia and they were nuts! Illegal stash of explosives. One road rage away from goin nuclear.

    1. The vast majority of those involved in militia efforts are ex-mil… they are sound and stable family men…and they love this country and defend the Constitution and the rights of all. Here in Texas we have a law, written in 1975, that calls for the realization of an official reserve militia in every county under the authority of the Sheriff.. sort of like a volunteer police department. And the intent of it is to provide the necessary trained and armed manpower in the event of issues that overwhelm the existing LE agencies. In rural areas organized terrorist groups could quickly and effectively do that and by the time outside support troops would arrive scores of people could be dead. The vision of the Patriot Union is to become an agency in America that provides for many things, including the necessary response abilities that a society with an ever-increasing case of violence will require. The 2nd Amendment is not a permission slip for people to have hunting rifles. It is a mandate to all citizens to be armed and at the ready to provide security for the preservation of a free State. Now, if you have a problem with that… I think you have a problem with the document that assures your Liberty and the Justice you enjoy. I don’t have a problem with it.. and I am a father of 4 children that I intend to see remain safe and secure. And no one is beyond that ambition.. it means if I’m standing next to you and someone tries to harm you… I am there for you…because that is my obligation as a human being and as an American.

      1. Michael I used to do AT at North Fort Hood and based out of Austin. I was just looking to save money, be a roommate for a few months nothing more. Moved in and these two found out I was in the military and the showed me the upstairs windows in my bedroom and said I was responsible for the line of fire and then showed me live grenades and a huge stash of military weapons one being a former Army officer and informed me of their local militia. I’m like what the heck did I get myself into? These two I later observed and especially one was mentally unstable being a murder suicide waiting to happen and if this meltdown would ever occur it would of made national news.

        Everyone was their enemy and under suspicion and they talked about if the police came they would shoot them and somehow their house would be a fortress. Did they not realize high velocity rounds would go thru the walls? Anyways! I very carefully got out of there as quickly as possible. The former Army officer died a few years later of an accidental Opioid overdose and the other vanished. I could go on for hours but they were completely nuts!

  5. KM,

    Part of the reason we have communication problems is people use words and apply personal “interpretations” to them. Thus, one person intends to say one thing and the other person hears something else which results in misunderstanding and bad communication.

    I guess you can “interpret” words to be what you want them to be but that defeats the purpose of language and communication.

    Restore is a verb which requires action. You can’t restore by doing nothing. You have to do something.

    Neglect is a verb that requires one to do nothing except ignore its needs or fail to care.

    If you can find a dictionary which lists neglect as the antonym of restore or vice versa, I’d like to see it. Otherwise, grammatically, etymologically, and in the common vernacular (together are semantics), restore and neglect are not opposites. This is not my opinion. Its an informed conclusion using the standards of the semantics of the English language.

    1. Neglecting is an action and requires you to do nothing. People are charged for neglecting their children… neglecting to feed them. Going about their business while a baby is crying out for food. They can hear the baby, but are neglecting to restore it’s health and provide nutrition. It’s unfortunate people don’t put as much thought into an informed conclusion of the word racist or bigot.

      Many people are neglecting the Constitution and the silent majority. Judges are purposefully ignoring laws to further the progressive agenda. MSM are purposefully ignoring the silent majority, by neglecting to report the truth.

      We disagree, nothing new.

  6. The opposite of doing something is doing nothing.
    Entropy works, except that it doesn’t.

  7. At the bottom of the My Militia link, their bumper sticker says “Join or Die.” Did they steal that from ISIS or did ISIS steal that from them? They seem like all right guys, just a little over enthusiastic. I would hope they won’t be killing any non-members on Mt. Rushmore grounds, that would be unpatriotic and rude.

  8. So, the same legislators who voted to make it harder for the people to have a voice in making policy (increasing the power of the legislature in lieu of the people), are the key note speakers of this group? That is hilarious. These guys are for “liberty”, unless they and the special interests that support them (i.e. family heritage alliance and others) do not like the activity. They support “we the people”, but vote to make it harder for the people to exert their will. What a bunch of jokers.

    1. What a rebel Goodwin is. He must be a racist… that’s what you really want to say, isn’t it.

      1. Senate bill 124 is not meant to discriminate anyone but to get ahead of the problem neighborhoods or “no go zones” in the state.

        “No go zones are places where even the police won’t go.” Goodwin said, “I’ve seen some of these places myself, in fact, there is one in Pringle believe it or not. We do not want these kinds of neighborhoods in our state.”

            1. “Caused a lot of problems in those towns” said by Goodwin referring to Sioux Falls, Aberdeen and wherever else in SD. See a lot of knuckleheads making poor choices and getting into trouble and unless they are changing their names & surgically altering to Anglo identities don’t see much with Somali or Middle Eastern names.

              All this fear mongering is just going to make it harder for them to find places to live, join, contribute to our economy & communities.

              1. There are violent passages throughout the Koran telling Muslims to wage war against unbelievers…

                Kill them where ever you find them:

                Chapter 2, v191; Ch4, v89; Ch9, v5 and in Chapter 9, v29 primarily kill Jews and Christians.

                Is this fear mongering or the truth, you tell me.

  9. Bit-o-history,

    That is true but it isn’t the whole truth. Also, because they had just revolted against a tyranny with a standing army and Sheriffs doing the governments bidding without regard to “inalienable rights,” they also intended the citizenry to be a defense against an assertion the collective became the sovereign over the individual sovereign.

    Both sides try to interpret the 2nd Amendment as an “either/or” when the most plain reading of the words and the practice of the day is “both/and.”

  10. KM,

    Those all are true. Not doing the right thing can be as wrong as doing the wrong thing as one confesses in the Confiteor. It is also why the Lord said He’d rather we be hot or cold and would spit out the lukewarm (apathetic).

    But none of that makes “neglect” the opposite of “restore” as you first asserted. Unless you find it in the dictionary, you are just speaking in your own language and to understand what comes out of your requires one to be in your head.

    And words matter. One of our founding fathers (I forget which) said the hearts and minds of the people are held by either words or the sword, but the latter is temporary and unjust. As good and noble as the goal of this group is, their words are essentially incoherent which is a disservice to their cause.

    The reason our Revolution (vs. that of Cromwell, Bolivar, the French, Haiti, was successful and long-lasting is we had not only right ideas but extremely effective and intelligent authors/writers/communicators. These guys are barely intelligible.

  11. LaVoy Finicum… anyone can look at that man and the video clips of that family, he was the most gentle kind man that ever lived… a small piece from the interview Gavin McInnes had with Carrie Stadheim – Tri-State Livestock News.

    The punishment is not fitting the crime. I want to hear Challice Finicum speak.

  12. Micheal,

    Your responses (including the response in moderation because you attached two links. The spam filter stops all such posts) are what I suspected and I agree with your goal.

    My “beef” with your words is they give the impression you want to make change to the Constitutional Democratic Republic which narrows your appeal. People like me think (as you describe in your posts) the Constitution is fine but problem is in execution of the Constitutional Principles or their understanding.

    Thus the problem is educational. And, as all good teachers know, successful teaching must first and foremost remove impediments and not build impediments to learning. No matter how good the message you want to teach, impediments make it almost impossible to be successful.

    Just my opinion but I think your words (not goal) put up impediments for people to listen to you. They sometimes conflict with what you actually advocate or confuse the issue.

    Plus, you don’t need to talk to those who agree with you. You need to find ways to reach out to those who either disagree or are confused on the issues.

    1. Want to take back the statement you made… “These guys are barely intelligible.”

      You are behind the scenes on SDWC, aren’t you Jones? Would be nice if that information was provided to the public; that’s a bit sneaky, dishonest, untrustworthy, devious… you want to pick the word that fits what you’re doing?

    2. “There is no authority for the Fed Gov to own land in the sovereign States.”

      You agree with this, or think it’s a laudable goal,Troy?

  13. Ike,

    I don’t have to agree with everything. Do you agree with everything liberal groups advocate?


    No. I don’t think their primary messaging is coherent and is confusing. Too many impediments to their message, especially if they want to broaden their audience. Regarding your last paragraph, it is wholly incomprehensible and incoherent. I have no idea what you are babbling about.

    1. You typed…”These guys are barely intelligible.” Are you going to take that back? Mr. Hutton has displayed that he is in fact educated and I”m able to comprehend his comments. The message is confusing to you, not to me and it would seem many other Americans are able to understand their message.

      You know exactly what I’m talking about. I’ve asked you before about who manages SDWC, that didn’t receive an answer.

      “Your responses (including the response in moderation because you attached two links. The spam filter stops all such posts) are what I suspected and I agree with your goal.” This is what I’m babbling about. Does this statement suggest you are reading posts before the public has the opportunity? Why haven’t we seen Michael’s post you are referring to? Seems pretty scandalous to me.

      Are you working behind the scenes at SDWC? Is that more coherent for you?

      1. Why won’t you answer the question, Jones? Do you manage SDWC? I think it’s important to be honest and up-front with the public, wouldn’t you agree?

    2. Troy, that’s the ultimate goal of these “patriot militia” movements: state and individual sovereignty over the feds. They grab the trappings of 2nd amendment rights and a Bible and you’re willing to give them a pass on racism and treason. It’s bananas.

  14. VSG,

    I disagree with assertion the 14th essentially renders the 10th neutered. If that was the intent, they would have said so as they did with the 21st repealing the 18th. Thus, understanding the Constituton requires the reading as “both/and” and not “either/or” with greater weight to the latter (if latter was applicable, the 1st Amendmaemt would be effectively “last.”

    1. I never said it “neuter(s)” it. “Neutered” suggests that it can no longer perform to any avail. But it does potentially control it. The 14th meant that the Federal Bill of Rights applied to State Constitutions and State laws. So even if many were in agreement that certain rights and or duties were to be left to the States, these rights and or duties still have to pass the potential test of their constitutionality in the context of the Federal Bill of Rights and its stare decisis decisions, which define the Federal Bill of Rights.

    2. The 14th Amendment sent in motion the movement to destroy the Bill of Rights. Not done yet, but still in motion. The Muslim Brotherhood Islamists are the ones that will probably finish the job. And Ike is helping.

      1. Yes, Steve. I want to help radical Islamic terrorists destroy America because that’s what would be best for my children and grandchildren. I know I can guarantee a great future for my progeny by trampling civil rights, discriminating against people who don’t look like me, and generally freaking out over the Jews and the Deep State who force us to give up our guns so we can’t defend ourselves against the black helicopters or walk freely in the “No Go Zones” in Pringle.

        1. It is discriminatory to classify ‘Muslim Brotherhood Islamists” as “Islamic terrorists”.

  15. VSG,

    Rhetorical question: Is there a limit to a federal preemption of state law of a CONSTITUTIONAL federal law?

    1. Well, that depends upon how you feel about the 10th Amendment and its capabilities given the establishment of federal law supremacy in the Constitution initially, the 14th Amendment, and the application of the commerce clause of the Federal Constitution.

      To answer your question better would be to say on face value, “No,” but that “No” could then be challenged in the federal courts, however, using the 10th and limits on the commerce clause as your main arguments. But regardless of how one would answer your question, they are still potentially held to the mercy of the 14th and the application of the Federal Bill of Rights, however.

    1. But only with the right, or should we say left Supreme Court in perpetuity…. And it’s not my “neutering,” because I didn’t author the Constitution, the 10th, or the 14th. I am merely observing its evolution or potential devolution….

  16. Ps. Your answer is ironic (and should clearly put you on the side of ICE) in light of the sanctuary city debate.

    1. Well, if you believe that it is constitutional to require state and local employees to enforce federal law and that the 14th empowers such an idea, then you might be right.

      But I’ll tell you what is really ironic, however, which was hearing Atty Gen. Sessions, with his Alabama accent in hand, invoking memories of Gettysburg and the 14th Amendment in a recent statement about the illegalities of sanctuary cities…. Now that’s ironic….

  17. KM,

    Pat has given me the privilege of originating posts on his blog. That allows me the ability to see what is in spam. However I have no ability to approve spam except on my own threads. Otherwise, I am just a commenter like you.

    Anybody who has been around the SDWC knows that and it has never been hidden. There are no conspiracy theories and nothing is being hidden from you.

    1. Your guest posts, I’m well aware of them. To monitor spam on your posts may not be considered a “conspiracy theory”. However, having the privilege to see what is in spam with all posts may be characterized as managing by some viewers.

      That is the piece of truth you’ve been omitting from the public. Do you see IP addresses as well? I bet you do. That’s information the SDWC community should be made aware of. Wouldn’t you agree? I was under the impression, per the rules, Pat Powers was the owner and manager… the man behind the curtain for SDWC. Turns out there’s more than just one great Wizard.

      I appreciate you acknowledging my babbling;)

      1. If something went in the spam box, all you have to do is let me know and I’ll take a look. I don’t actively monitor it. I probably check it once a week.

        1. That’s clearly not what I was referring to. Jones is working behind the scenes and you have never disclosed that information. Do all guest posters get that access, or is Jones the only privileged one?

          When does a poster become “jerky”. Could you clarify.

          Does asking someone to die warrant a ban? Or how about just a bunch of smart-ass nonsense. What are the rules. You have some listed, but where’s the line?

          1. KM, Troy has long had the ability to contribute, going back years. So does Rep. Mike Clark, who posts as his schedule and interest allow. It’s no secret. Other contributors have come and gone such as Kristi Golden and Bill Clay, who mainly moved on for job reasons. Although, I should see if Bill wants to post again, as I think he changed positions again a year or two back.

            Every once in a while I consider adding columnists.

            1. Yes, it is a secret. Where’s that information posted? It’s certainly a secret to new-comers. Contributors have the “privilege” to know IP addresses and that should be disclosed to the public. You are aware of what can be done with that information, right? Where’s the transparency?

              You set rules, but you don’t clarify. How can we follow them if there adhered to by your discretion? There were comments about Dusty’s appearance that were removed, but then you feature ‘Dakota Post’ who’s drawings of Hubbel are offensive as well. Why is that? I just want to make sure to follow the rules, but if they’re not clear how can they be followed.

              Yes, I’ve heard about Clark, rumor has it he also posts anonymously. That’s allowed as well, I could post as KM and then later post as anonymous?

  18. VSG,

    Well Obama thought local school districts had to enforce federal law. Same thing?

  19. VSG,

    That is the problem. Neither the right is willing to lose an issue by being consistent to principles. They are willing to parse and manipulate and change articles just to win.

    In the meantime, the average person sees the hypocrisy.

  20. Anonymous 8:27 “Sure it is……..enjoy your reality.”

    You claim I’m bit of an extremist. I ask for your definition of extreme. I ask for you to tell me what the “edge of the Right” looks like? What game are we playing, do I get to know the rules or do you get to make them up as we go? I want to play by your rules, but if you neglect to inform me of them how can we create a conversation about real-life extremists? You know, the ones that live in reality. Want to start with the extremists in Telford, England?

    What qualifies me as extreme?

  21. Steve,

    The problem isn’t the 14th Amendment. By itself, it is a very good Amendment as it rectified intentional omissions in the ConstitutIon up to that date. The problem is it’s application as a super Amendment superseding all other amendments and the base Constitution.

    As long as we are nothing more than the reverse of the self-serving, intellectually dishonest sycophants of the 14th Amendment, we will be co-conspirators in the destruction you lament.

    1. I agree with “by itself”. The 16th and the 17th also added to the destruction of the Republic.

  22. Troy, have you ever vetted this point:

    Congress, in passing the 1867 law that declared the Southern States could not have their seats in either the Senate or House in the next session unless they ratified the “Fourteenth Amendment,” took an unprecedented step. No such right — to compel a State by an act of Congress to ratify a constitutional amendment — is to be found anywhere in the Constitution. Nor has this procedure ever been sanctioned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

  23. This is turning into a dialectical perpetual motion machine.

    Let’s simplify this: if the rally isn’t going to be an armed assault on Mt Rushmore with the intention of returning ownership to the State of South Dakota, what’s the point?
    Gov Daugaard tried to get it back in 2013 during the federal shutdown. If we aren’t going to get Mt Rushmore back, this is a waste of time.

    1. They already cost taxpayers a lot of money with their illegal armed takeover of the national wildlife refuge in Oregon. Even more disappointed in Nelson and Goodwin for being a part of this.

      1. And who else cost taxpayers a lot of money? Did the BLM cost us money as well? If I recall the govt failed the people of Oregon and other decent ranchers with their corrupt choices to benefit who? Not the ranchers. Not the people.

        You’re disappointed in Nelson and Goodwin? Let me fill you in on something… they don’t care what an Anonymous poster thinks. They don’t pander to your feelings.

        Don’t go to the event, that’ll show’em.

        1. KM, Hope you are able to safely enjoy the event. Plenty of leaflets will probably be passed out by various conspiracy theory , alt-right, domestic radical extremist groups and members of the South Dakota Tin Foil Hat Party. Just pick up after yourselves when your done ok? No armed takeovers please. 🙂

  24. Steve,

    Simply, they left the Union, they were defeated in War. The victor can set the terms of peace and becoming a full member of the nation.

    With more detail, prior to readmission, the 14th Amendment had been ratified by 17 of the 19 States that didn’t succeed and 18 of the 21 States in the Union at the time (West Virginia and Nebraska the additions).

    The reality is Congress could have ratified it prior to their readmission which would have had the same effect. But, to your point and my inference above, the process you describe was a form of war reparations by making them actively ratify instead of passively by readmission. Reparations I think were more than fair.

    1. Rhetorical question: How come they didn’t include banning the Confederate flag and destroying their monuments in that statute? Perhaps that would have started another war.

      So the Civil War was more about reclaiming land from the states that left the Union than it was about eliminating slavery. Perhaps that is why so many, like Ike, are willing to allow the return of slavery under Sharia.

      1. Steve,

        The suppression of a defeated enemy’s flag etc. is a symbolic sign of subjugation. The Romans taught us that.

      2. Of course. I tell my slaves to be submissive to me and to give satisfaction in every respect; they are not to talk back, not to pilfer, but to show complete and perfect fidelity, so that in everything they may be an ornament to the doctrine of God our Savior.

  25. KM,

    Pat is too nice to say this this bluntly.

    This is Pats blog. He does what he wants as he wants. He extends courtesy to he wants and bans who he wants.

    We are all guests. I have had this privelege extended to me for at least ten years. I sign the posts I guest author and I sign my name.

    Nothing is hidden and if you ask politely instead of accusing Pat of being a secretive something, you will get answers as he can. The only reason you know this is I was open to explain moderation is probably 99.9% a function of the spam filter and I wanted you to know it is a lot of work to go through hundreds to approve one post from a real commenter vs a robot from China.

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