The ever more bizarre saga of people who may or may not be associated with the Corinna Robinson campaign.

If you recall yesterday, I wrote a post about the press release a person was pushing on behalf of Democratic Congressional Candidate Corinna Robinson. In particular, both versions; the version sent to Madville Times, and the version sent to myself.

In the hours since the release was sent out, the whole tale has taken some very bizarre twists. So, let’s recap.

Yesterday, I had a call from a Kathy Scott, who runs a florida based blog “Me and my 1000 Girlfriends,” which promotes itself by noting:

Need a name, a contact, have an issue, want to start a letter writing campaign, need a few of your friends to send emails on your behalf? Ask your 1000 Girlfriends to help.

Kathy has been commenting here for several weeks now, after contacting me at one point to try to air a beef she has with someone.  She had a release she was going to send me for the Robinson campaign. Which she did.

And as I recounted, I was tipped off about an argument between Cory Heidelberger and Kathy Scott for publishing the release that was blowing up.

Their war also waged on twitter


Ever amused by political carnage, I did note that there were some differences between the version of the release Cory was sent, and the version I was sent, mainly that it noted a person by the name of Leslie Wimes, another blogger from Florida who seems to have an association with Kathy Scott.

Leslie Wimes had attacked me earlier on twitter, over a post I did about Corinna Robinson coming in to run from out of state, so it was not an unfamiliar name, and one loosely connected with Robinson, so it didn’t surprise me that she was noted as a campaign employee.

And that’s where the carnival ride started taking crazy turns.

I had pointed out some of Wimes cringeworthy antics in the Florida media, and suffice it to say that Wimes got a bit fired up. And she took great exception being connected with the Robinson campaign…… despite her name being on the release supposedly coming from the campaign.


..And hastily added she didn’t send the release, in case someone was reading at 3:30 am.


Again, you can read it on the earlier post.

And here’s where it started going off the rails.  After furiously posting at 3:30 am, the twittering took a weirder turn.


Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.

And, that was creepier. But, it still didn’t respond to the issue…. Why was her name on a release from the Robinson campaign in the first place?

bizarro_campaignworkerFrom my understanding, it sounds as if I’m about the only one who did not receive both the original release, with it going to the media at large, as well as the non-Leslie Wimes version being sent as a correction.

Which still doesn’t explain why her name appeared on it in the first place, error or not.  With neither version actually containing actual quotes from the person allegedly endorsing Corinna Robinson.

As it sits at this point, Wimes, a Florida blogger who claims to  promote “positivity in women” continues to say weird stalker-ish things about my wife. And claims to not have any involvement with the Corinna Robinson campaign. Despite a press release going out noting thatTo volunteer or speak to media relations, contact Leslie Wimes..

And let’s not forget Kathy Scott, who is now claiming:

LAST TIME: I am not Corinna’s staff. I am not Corinna’s staffer. Cory and I have shared emails. I forwarded him an old document (I’m sure you people share documents with each other) that I had. Yes I help when I can. I am not a staffer. I sent that to Cory today like I have sent MANY other things and for some reason he acted like he got it from a ghost and questioned Corinna’s character. Very uncool.

Read that here.

The thing is, she didn’t just send it to Cory. As I confirmed today, She sent it to several members of the mainstream media as well, not just those who write blogs.  How many Congressional campaign allow “helpers” to send out press releases on the campaign’s behalf.  (hint: NONE!)

I doubt this bizarre tale is done, by a long shot.  In any case, it’s not anything I’d chalk up in the win column for Corinna Robinson for being entangled with.

25 Replies to “The ever more bizarre saga of people who may or may not be associated with the Corinna Robinson campaign.”

  1. Leslie Wimes

    Lmao! Rather than face facts that I didn’t send or write a press release, you want to make this conspiracy theory-type post because you don’t like Corinna. You can simply ask her if I work for her campaign or sent out a press release, but you don’t want to do that. I’m not going to let you try to disparage me because you don’t like her and get away with it. You want to delve into my personal life, well what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Yes, I’m going to put your personal life, including your wife,on display for everyone to see. You can’t have it both ways. If my personal life is fair game for you, yours is fair game for me.

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      In what manner am I disparaging you? If I read the article correctly, I believe you’re the one who put your own life on display. Unless you’re contending I went back in time and used mind control to force you to spill your private life to a reporter.

      Which still doesn’t resolve the question of how your name ended up on the press release.

      As for the rest, please. You’re embarassing yourself.

      (And I changed the linkback to your website to one for “Kristi for Congress.” Because it was funny. )

  2. Anonymous

    Stace and his supporters can relax for a while. Corinna I guess it’s your turn now. Pat have you considered doing webcast show? Forget the Kardashians!

  3. Dale

    Wow these people are crazier than Stace. This lady and her supporters won’t gain any traction, unless the circus comes calling.

  4. My Opinion

    Wow. Holy Cannoli. What the heck just happened here? I always knew Floridians were a little off. These people confirm it.

  5. sdsen_2014 Post author

    Yup. I have to admit, it makes humdrum South Dakota politics look boring.

    I did send a note to the Robinson campaign to find out what their association with the campaign is, and how they’re sending out press releases on it’s behalf.

    I think this explanation ought to be good.

  6. Dits

    PP hit a nerve somewhere … The come back was about a spouse. Otherwise rebuttal would have stayed on track with subject

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      I suspect the expose will be that we’re the most boring people in South Dakota, with a pile of kids, and I used to work for the state. And sometimes I say things that make people mad.

    1. Dits

      Read the entire twit transcript old guard This doesn’t end with a handshake. She is looking for an argument. Has to be publicity no one can possibly be that embryonic when being called out on something.

  7. Kathy

    I’m not sure when you jumped into bed with Cory H., but it’s getting tongues wagging around South Dakota that the TWO of you are trying to bring her campaign down. I know you need page views so stories like this help. Thanks for the links. My blog is more highly rated than yours so I won’t return the favor. I think Cory’s alliance with you is odd and I do think the voters of South Dakota deserve a viable alternative to Noem. So since it seems that this blog is trying to kill her chances, we’re going to call for a boycott of voting for your advertisers. I guess the primary is around the corner and I know you need women. We’d call for one on Cory’s but he doesn’t have any advertisers. Calling women “crazy” is an old tactic used to keep us in line. Once we go after your pocketbook we’ll see how crazy we are.


    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      So, let me understand this. Because you don’t like my story, as opposed to you never linking to me before, you’re going to continue not to link to me.

      And as a Florida based blog, you’re going to call for a boycott of my South Dakota political advertisers by your Florida voters, who can’t vote for any of the South Dakota candidates anyway.

      Yawn. I’m quite sure I’ll feel the burn.

  8. Todd Epp

    Corys and Pats living together, real wrath of God stuff. Pat, I didn’t know you and Cory had a rapprochement! 🙂 Talk about burying the lead!

    1. sdsen_2014 Post author

      Todd, you and I have been around long enough in SD politics that eventually, you see it all.

      I never thought I’d live long enough to see the blog be boycotted by someone from out of state I’d never heard of.

      *sniff* I can now say I’ve lived a full life.

  9. Anonymous

    Just as you say Kathy in the last sentence of your post at 12:59, I certainly hope you do see how crazy you are. I know we have seen it.

  10. Anne Beal

    Leslie, in South Dakota we take a dim view of women who fool around with other women’s husbands, so don’t expect us to take you seriously. If you had any class you would have stayed quiet, out of respect for the wife. Trying to rally support from other women will not work here.