The fluorescent postcards are arriving. Coloradans and Hoosiers for Mulally.

It’s that time of the election cycle again.

When spring is in the air, at a time when we’re likely to see no more snow, the fluorescent postcards begin to bloom, as courtesy of the Lautenschlager held South Dakota Gun Owners organization, they spread silliness and poo all over the state’s Republican primaries.


A reader received this one, and just snapped one side for me, but I’m sure there’s more of them coming. Just like last election, as you’ll see in this silly example from 2014, which was a lot of BS:


What’s the big difference from between this year, and last year?


Did I say South Dakota Gun Owners?  Um, that might be debatable. This year the fluorescent postcards are flocking in from on a Rocky Mountain High, as they arrive from Loveland, Colorado. Not Rapid City, where they they were formerly based. That’s because the head of the Lautenschlager group doing all the fluorescent attack postcards, Zach Lautenschlager, hasn’t been living in South Dakota for a while…


…hence the need for the attacks to be launched from two states away.

Can they legitimately call themselves the South Dakota Gun Owners PAC if it’s being ran out of Colorado?  Maybe they could put an asterisk behind it, for the sake of disclosure?  (We’ll watch for it on the others. Or at least the others that show up on time.)

Either way, some of this year’s postcards seem to be remarkable in that a few seem to be traipsing in from “elsewhere,” as they alternately cajole or cheer candidates,

Not just coming via the postcard from the South Dakota Colorado* Gun Owners  above, D35 Senate Candidate Tina Mulalley seems to be getting much of her campaign support from parts elsewhere, as there’s yet another cheer-leading postcard for her originating from several states away – this time, Indiana:



At least she didn’t note “Small Business Owner Supporting Indiana-Made Products” under her “Grow Jobs” section.

(*And no, it’s not that she didn’t use me, I’m completely up to my eyeballs this election season, and just keep getting busier. It’s just silly to go to Indiana to print or mail.)

11 Replies to “The fluorescent postcards are arriving. Coloradans and Hoosiers for Mulally.”

  1. Todd Kolden

    Personally, I find it offensive that if you don’t fill out their survey you are anti-gun or don’t support the 2nd amendment rights. To me, that’s all it is, silly BS.

    1. MC

      I think there was only one survey I didn’t fill out.
      the problem with many of these survey is there is little room for any middle ground. for example, You are either for arming every man, woman and child over 16 with a side arm and ammunition, or you are for turning in all weapons of any kind, including cork guns. Most of us are somewhere in between those to extremes.

    2. Todd Kolden

      I answer to the voters in my district not surveys. My position(s) have been on the table for weeks.

  2. Liberty Dick

    I love NAGR and SD Gun Owners. They are second to none in their support for 2A rights. Their postcard strategy could use a little work though.

  3. Bob Henry

    So far SD is pretty friendly to gun ownership. $10 for a concealed carry permit. I really like our Secretary of State Shantel Krebs’ support of our gun rights. The 2nd amendment means a lot to voter’s decisions.

      1. Bob Henry

        There’s definitely support for constitutional carry with many legislators. I’m not sure we need it. We can already open carry and a low level permit is $10 and gives reciprocity in many states.

        1. Liberty Dick

          We should have Constitutional Carry in conjunction with the permit process for those seeking reciprocity.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, you’ll have to let us know where that is. Sounds like there’s a coffee shop that only serves @$$holes.


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