The Hell-No “sort-of Republicans” apparently hate all office-holding Republicans.

On KELOland radio, today we’re apparently being treated to a blast from the past from the sort-of/former Republicans who managed to alienate the rest of the GOP.  Today’s topic? That nobody but ‘them’ are acceptable to ‘them,’ as ‘they’ now think that apparently John Thune isn’t conservative enough:

One likely candidate, arch-conservative Gordon Howie says he’s thought about it, but it would be a “monumental challenge” due to the time and money involved.

Former U.S. Senate Candidate, Stace Nelson, says he hopes someone will take on Thune in a primary next year, but says it won’t be him.

Read it here.

Uh, say what?  John Thune isn’t conservative enough? That would be laughable, if it wasn’t…  No, in any situation it is laughable.   And for a moment, consider the conservative ‘credentials’ of the people making the statement.

This last election, the “Many True Conservatives” PAC exclusively supporting Gordon Howie didn’t really live up to their mantra. Because they weren’t so many, nor true conservatives. Unless you consider soliciting and spending Soros family money, Labor Union Money, and money from a PAC devoted to elect House Democrats as “truly conservative.

And you would have thought Stace would have learned from his last election that the “Hell no” attitude just doesn’t work among Republicans. In fact, it works about as much as cozying up to Slick Rick Weiland.

If either Howie or Stace ever want to have a future in the GOP, they probably need to work on their people skills, as well as recognizing who is conservative, and who is not. George Soros and Rick Weiland are not conservative. John Thune is.

If they can’t figure that out, maybe it’s a good thing they’re on the outside of the GOP.

Bonus hate from another former Republican:


Jeez. Someone better alert Planters. They’re missing another one of their nuts.

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  1. Anonymous

    Trump, Carson, Fiornia and Cruz must also hate all office-holding republicans. Your post has the shrill of the democrats and the McCain/Romney Republicans.

        1. Anonymous

          People who buy a ticket on the faux conservative bus DON’T deserve the destination as they have been hoodwinked.

  2. Anonymous

    Nelson is part of the wave of conservatives, across the nation, that want to see the surrender caucus leaders booted from office.

    We have a GOP majority in Congress and Obama’s agenda marches on as if Pelosi and Reid were still in charge. We still have Obamacare, we still have executive Amnesty, Congress is continuing to increase spending, increase government, and increase the debt cap.

    Would be nice if you actually did some investigative reporting instead of reposting links to the same old tired establishment attacks.

          1. Anonymous

            Leaders like Rep. Dan Kaiser, Sen. Greenfield and Rep. Bolin are doing good work and advancing the cause. Nelson would only hold them back by taking the focus off of the real issues and putting it on himself. Conservatism is not about Stace Nelson.

            1. Anonymous

              Top notch work! Two of the biggest tax increases passed in the history of SD, more government, more spending, pro-life bills killed, 2nd Amendment bills killed.. Top notch!

              It’s not about conservatism is it Sen Greenfield?

  3. jimmy james

    So John Thune and Paul Ryan are not conservative but Donald Trump is? Trump is the ultimate RINO. He is all over the place. He was pro-choice. He supported Hillary. He said he identified as a Democrat. On and on. His tough anti-immigration position does not change those facts. Rush, Mark, Sean, Ann, Glenn and Laura should know this. What is going on?

    And who would the Donald appoint to the Supreme Court? God only knows. Miss America?

    1. Anonymous

      Trump has probably been the most consistent of those running for president. Is he conservative? No. Not in the least. Does he capture the frustration that the American people have with their government? Yes. And that’s why he’s winning.

      I take issue with you using Miss America as a derogatory term. Shameful. Remember, Reagan lost the 1976 nomination to a male model.

      1. Anderbilt

        Trump capturing frustrated voters creates the mental picture of a fat kid out in the yard at dusk catching fireflies in a jar.

  4. Anonymous

    Typical WHINO rhetoric from Stace, Hubbel and others. You want to know why the GOP loses on their initiatives in Congress? It’s because the WHINOs would rather hit the GOP than the Democrats. They want to make the GOP a fractured party. Governing is hard. I’d like to see how South Dakota WHINOs would fair in a legislature where their party is one on the margin.

    “You know the RINO — Republican In Name Only — but you may be less familiar with the WHINO. The WHINO is a captive of the populist Right’s master narrative, which is the tragic tale of the holy, holy base, the victory of which would be entirely assured if not for the machinations of the perfidious Establishment. Never mind the Democrats, economic realities, Putin, ISIS, the geographical facts of the U.S.-Mexico border — all would be well and all manner of things would be well if not for the behind-the-scenes plotting of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and their enablers, who apparently can be bribed with small numbers of cocktail weenies. The WHINO is a Republican conspiracy theorist, in whose fervid imaginings all the players — victims, villains — are Republicans.”

    Read more at:

    1. JimV

      I disagree that governing is hard. Any politician can govern. Just cast aside your values, compromise on social issues to get reelected, and throw obscene amounts of money at special interests. Oh yeah…and do a “Meet the Press” every so often. Leadership is what is hard and we haven’t seen any thing close to that for some time! What might we have accomplished in the last 30 years if we actually had leadership in the Congress?

      1. Anonymous

        Both are hard. Those politicians who make media appearances more than they make votes or spend time listening to their constituents are not governing. And they’re not doing so because it is hard. Leaders set aside the pettiness of certain issues and govern because it’s good for the people. Strong leaders do so without compromising their core values.


        A true conservative, who is skeptical about raising taxes, can vote to raise the gas tax because roads and bridges are necessary for commerce and public safety. They can vote for it after much debate deliberation and still be a good, true conservative. The increase is good for the people. They’ll catch some heck, but it’s a good vote in the end.

        A WHINO will attack the the politician in the example above based on one small, albeit important, part of the voting record. The WHINO will ignore, for his or her own gain, the other conservative issues that the politician stands for and is unwavering – protection of life, protection of liberty, protection of the second amendment, protection of religious liberty, school choice for parents, shrinking the size and scope of government, making government more transparent (this happens more in other states), keeping the legislature in control of the government and not kowtowing to the administration – event if it is from the same party.

        WHINOs, if they want to win and have the GOP be a part of the American political process must stop attacking their own and offering true solutions to the American people. The same goes for the establishment types. Don’t attack current front runners. It makes us seem petty and will end up with a number of people staying home on election day and will give control of the Whitehouse to the democrats for the foreseeable future.

        1. Anderbilt

          YAY!! I KNEW coming here today would be profitable!! LOVE THE TERM WHINOS. Fits them like a straitjacket.

    2. Anonymous

      Every “report card” done on the SD Legislature has shown the conservatives are the minority despite nearly every (R) claiming to be one to get elected.

  5. Anonymous

    This reminds me of Margaret Thatcher’s statement about being a lady. If you have to claim to be a lady, you probably aren’t a lady.

    Thune and this blog claim that Thune is a conservative. Maybe too much.

  6. Troy Jones

    On one hand, I get the frustration these people are expressing. We have an entire class of Americans locked in despair and the good intentions (and spending) has produced a movement that endorses the killing of law enforcement officers. We have debt/spending that is getting worse. We have 15% of our GDP captive to a program that is failing in its promise (more Americans with health insurance) at greater cost taken right out of the pockets of the middle class. We’ve had concurrently the lowest new business creation and job creation ever in the history of our nation for 8 years (what a couple of % of growth wouldn’t have done for everything is mind boggling). And, they see insufficient evidence for a change in outcome. It is enough for one to become angry and despondent.

    At the same time, we have made progress because we have a GOP Senate and House. The trajectory in very real ways has been reversed. And with a change in the President, an economic growth plan is viable, reducing spending is possible, we have growing consensus on how to repeal and replace Obamacare, etc.

    In my mind, the challenge is bridging the here and now with the future. Those who are angry and frustrated are not seeing the improvements because it isn’t enough. I acknowledge that. Little spending victories don’t feel very good.

    At the same time, those who are in leadership need to do a better job letting those who are frustrated know they share the same goals but are working in a Constitutional framework that doesn’t allow immediate and sufficient change.

    To be angry with Republicans because Obamacare hasn’t been repealed denies the reality its author is still President. To be frustrated with Republicans that Obama rules by Executive Order denies the reality the Executive is still President. We should all be grateful for the negative change which hasn’t occurred because of a GOP majority in the Senate and the House. We know what happens when Democrats control the Senate, House, and White House.

    Except for Trump (for reasons well articulated by Jimmy James), there isn’t a single GOP Presidential candidate I have great confidence will move the ball forward on all fronts in significant ways. Yes, some might be better on foreign policy, spending/deficit/economic growth, or cultural issues. But the trajectory and direction will all be in the right way.

    A house divided itself can not stand. We can and should advocate for our particular preferences in the primary, hone our arguments, and communicate our priorities. Families can and do have internal disagreement on many things. Dysfunctional families also know when to come together.

    I have no problem if someone wants to oppose Thune in a primary for any reason they think warrants opposition. But, if and when he wins the primary, it is imperative to accept that collective decision and do what non-dysfunctional families do.

    1. Anonymous

      You would be right if such elections were a fair fight and candidates had to make their case with voting records and actual stance on the issues. The reality is that K-street is buying elections for the candidates that represent their interests.

      “Republicans” control Congress and yet we still see increased spending, increased government, and not even a diminished Obama.

      Conservatives are tired of the excuses of “Republicans” who won’t take a stand on any GOP principle.

    2. JimV

      Contrary to popular opinion President Obama had nothing to do with the writing of Obamacare. Typical politician took credit for it but the makings of the ACA were in Congress years ago. Not repealing it is less about Obama and more because Congressional Leadership of both parties wants it in place. Washington runs a muck in cronyism and heath care spending is the poster child. While you all sit back and debate the meaning of conservatism, Washington politics protects the status quo and America ever so slowly declines. In my book that’s not governing or good commentary.

  7. Troy Jones


    Good catch. I meant to say “A house divided AGAINST itself cannot stand.” I also meant to say “there isn’t a single GOP Presidential candidate I DON’T have great confidence will move the ball forward on all fronts in significant ways.”

    I sometimes type slower than my thoughts. It’s not that I’m a fast thinker, I’m a very, very slow typist.

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t see how Lincoln’s quip on half slave/half free nation has much to do with Republican infighting.

    Lincoln was pointing out slavery was irrevocably dividing the nation and one position would have to prevail. He was right.

    Political parties periodically go through throes of ideological cleansing and accommodation–its been true for Republican & Democrats and both have survived and thrived for years. Its not about dysfunction, its about growth & change.

    House divided? It sounds like someone was using a meaningful speech to add gravitas to a shallow opinion.

  9. Anonymous

    Hubbel’s comment completely crossed the line. And this is the lady Jonathan Ellis kept basing stories off of for petitions against Hickey and others.

    1. jimmy james

      Speaking of crossing the line. The Republican Kathy Griffin (Ann Coulter)…

      “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper,” Ms. Coulter tweeted Sunday.”

      Permission to throw up, please.

      1. Anonymous

        Sounds like the Republican slate offers real “choice”

        something the old white men running for the Democrat nomination do not.

  10. Jaa Dee

    Hilarious, the Repugs welcomed and encouraged the t- brains just like they went after the southern racists 50 years ago—-“You people” got what you asked for.and now don’t know how to get rid of the infestation….

    1. Anderbilt

      Wrong as usual. The tea party sprang from the Republican party, not to it. And the southern racists were mostly all democrats, right up until the 90’s when the northern communists were finally able to kill the Southern Leadership Conference once and for all. The northern communists of course are always sexist and racist in what they do, just not what they say.

      1. Jaa Dee

        Here is what the t- brains say, nothing about the “grass roots group” springing from the (R) party…. Show something proving the teas originated from the (R) party….Can you do that?

        ” And the southern racists were mostly all democrats”– You couldn’t understand that was my point?… The Repugs. went after the racist Dems. with the “southern strategy” after LBJ signed the voting rights and civil rights act———You don’t know that?

        “And the southern racists were mostly all democrats, right up until the 90’s “—-Sir, you haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about.

        1. Anonymous

          “The Repugs. went after the racist Dems. with the “southern strategy” after LBJ signed the voting rights and civil rights act———You don’t know that?”

          They did not do a very good job since the South was solidly & predictably Democrat until about 1994–THIRTY YEARS LATER!!!

          1. Jaa Dee

            #1– You don’t know that? Many old school Dems. were elected to local and state offices for about 20 years after the “southern strategy”. the last time AL. went Dem. in a presidential election was 1976 with a southerner….. I am from Al. I know very well the sentiment toward Dems. even as far back as Kennedy…. AS I said the Repugs. went after the racists (D) in the south and they got them…. that is historical fact dude, which to some people is a “libbie” conspiracy theory..

  11. MC

    Too bad there can’t be any middle ground.

    You’re either a liberal democrat that believes in big government will meet all you needs and help you achieve all your goals. Everybody and everything has rights including plants and animals


    You’re a conservative republican that sides with business and that people should fend for themselves without any government help. Nobody nor anything has any rights, unless they were bought and paid for.

    The fact is most people are somewhere in the middle. We all have different views on various topics, and I respect that. Seeing the comments from Lora and Tara tells me they are so entrench in their position they can’t perceive any other solution other than their own. They are the ones who squawk the loudest, and thus get the most attention.

    1. Anonymous

      MC, I agree and just cringe and sympathize when I see you go over to that extreme liberal blog and try to reason with them. They are a banged up rancid can of NUTS over there.

      1. MC

        Ever since I announced I have put my name in to replace Rep Hickey, they have really ramped up the attacks.

        Kind of sad in way.

        1. Anonymous

          MC: Keep talking about the middle and you may just get appointed. Do not talk like a conservative if you really want the appointment. Remember, you are asking campaign conservatives to appoint you.

    2. Anonymous

      Theres plenty of middle ground MC.

      Reagan found it with a Democrat Congress & Senate.

      GHW Bush found it with a Democrat Congress & Senate

      Bill Clinton shut down the government in a hissy fit with the Republican Congress & Senate

      GW Bush found the middle ground with a Democrat Congress & Senate (remember NCLB; no government shutdowns)

      Obama won’t even sit down with the Republicans. Iranians YES! Republican no!

      See the pattern, MC?

    3. tara volesky

      So Mike, because I bring out different viewpoints and question our government officials……there’s something wrong with me? I consider it a compliment that I am Blocked from DFP or should I say Dakota un-free press. It seems like one is so censored living in this state if you think outside the box. To much abuse of power. We need more critical and creative thinkers. Just because I don’t march to the beat of a political party…….what’s wrong with that?

  12. JohnDoe

    As one who worked to help get Thune elected to the Senate, I would now gladly work to help unseat him.

  13. Anonymous

    I agree “sort of” Republicans.

    Gordon and Hubbell left the party to run as Independents in 2014.

    Then Stace threatened to back an Independent (Gordon) over whomever the party nominated if it wasn’t him; ie trying to blackmail the party into voting for him.

    So much for loyalty…

  14. Anonymous

    Why won’t Stace run? That seems like the obvious follow up question. Gordon gave reasons at least…

    Is he officially done with politics?

      1. Anonymous

        Nelson took a principled stand and was a champion to conservatives across the state. He is considered dangerous by any fake conservative establishment crony because he refused to be bought or intimidated.

        As long as Nelson breathes? He will be loathed/feared by those that claim to be like him to get elected.

        The irony? Those on the left respect him for his principles even as they disagree with him for his conservative stances while those who claim to be on the right hate him for actually having the principles they claim to share with him.

        Be careful what you wish for MC.. on the off chance Daugaard ignores rich donors and picks you? You will be faced with the tough choices of going along with more crony capitalism or being a principled conservative Republican. One keeps you in office and the other earns you the ire of the establishment bucket carriers.

        1. Anonymous

          This gave me a good laugh! Nobody claimed to be like him nor especially feared him. Every candidate (among many others) distanced themselves as far as possible.

  15. Charlie Hoffman

    Remember “Caveman” and whom of his close SD House supposed “Friends” outed him here on WAR. Those kind of friends are enemy’s. Trust once broken is never regained.

    1. Anonymous

      Remember how Charlie Hoffman talked smack about people who used pen names even as he talked trash anonymously about people while using the pen name “Caveman?”

      But hey, please link us to that event so we can all sympathize with how unfairly you were treated.

      1. Anonymous

        Is this the same duplicitous Caveman Charlie Hoffman who loudly proclaimed that his friends Tim & Brendan Johnson were honest and upright…a few days before Brendan Johnson’s email appeared on Ashley Madison’s leaked website information???

        Is Caveman Charlie the same guy who personally attacked a poster for questioning the integrity of the Johnson family because the poster was pseudonymous?

        What a joke. What a hypocrite.

        Trust broken is never regained!


    2. Anonymous

      You tell em o’l 180, 360, 540, 720! That nickname is the earned moniker of someone you can always count on (not to honor their word).