The hyphenated Matt McGovern-Rowen for PUC

Matt McGovern-Rowen (D) might have chosen his grandfathers last name over his birth name, but anyone who has seen this guy debate or articulate his support for liberal energy policies over the past several years knows first hand he didn’t get any of the charisma.

McGovern-Rowen has decided to challenge Kristie Fiegen for the PUC. Fiegen is running for the 6 year term while Chris Nelson is running for the remaider of Dusty Johnson’s term.

McGovern’s liberal stances on energy issues are totally at odds with the constituents of South Dakota. Most notably he is an advocate for Cap and Trade, opposes the keystone pipeline, and yes he worked for the liberal climate change driven Repower America.

This is one of the most lackluster fella’s I have ever seen in person. If you attend a McGovern rally, please remember to bring along a pillow.

20 Replies to “The hyphenated Matt McGovern-Rowen for PUC”

  1. tiny tim

    I saw this guy in person advocating for cap and trade. He was a snore. Feigen should be glad he drew her number. This will be an easy victory for the newcomer feigen.

    1. toga

      Sea Weed. You can’t even smoke it. Hippies pollute more by the stuff they smoke than by the cars they want to drive.

    2. Jenae Hansen

      How about ethanol. Instead of sending billions of dollars each year to a forgein country to support their economy, we can support our local economy-locally grown-locally produced-local jobs snd local economics

      1. Right of Center

        We would then have to borrow more money from China to subsidize the continued boondoggle called ethanol.

  2. anon

    It would have been less embarassing for Rowen to lose to John Thune. Now he will get destroyed in a race for PUC. BIG difference between losing a PUC race and a US Senate race to a popular incumbant.

    What do you want to bet this guy isn’t Mark Mickelson?

  3. Anonymous

    The difference between George McGovern and Matt McGovern is like the difference between Frank Sinatra, and Frank Sinatra Jr.

    (Except Sinatra was actually the kids name.)

  4. Jenae Hansen

    I would have to disagree with you completley. Matt McGovern stance on energy is not far off the path of South Dakota citizens concerns. He has been a strong voice doe renewable energy such as Wind power and ethanol that rural South Dakota citizens have firmly stood in favor of. I would commend Mr. McGovern for his opposition to Keystone XL. The pipeline would only create temporary jobs for out of state workers. It would make no difference in our gas prices (some studies showed it would actually raise them) because oil was not being carried to a US refinery, but to a boat. The path of Keystone XL went straight through the Oglalla Aquifer, putting a potenial hazard on thousands of citizens water supply. Matt McGovern will be a exceptional choice as PUC commissinor. He is an extermly intelligent individual, and I look forward to hearing him speak throughout the campaign season–no pillow necessary!

    1. 73*

      Matt McGovern is not going to defeat Kristi Fiegen or even come close. Kristie Fiegen is an attractive woman and he is about as low key as they come.

      McGovern and Varilek are running purely on Obama’s leftist policies in a RED state. They don’t have a chance… If he had run in California he’d have a shot.

      Face it neither he or Varilek are Daschle or Johnson. They are children.

  5. Clay Bill

    Funny how the only substantial criticism everyone here can make is Matt’s last name, all while taking the word of blogger who uses a pseudonym. Bill, you claim you’ve met Matt in person. How can we know? On what do you truly base your claims? Solely on the fact that he’s a member of the McGovern family?

  6. redstate hawk

    I am thrilled to see Matt McGovern running for the PUC. I cannot think of anything better than being able to vote against both he and Obama in one election. He and the current pres. will get toasted in SD in 2012.

    1. scooby

      Right on redstate hawk. McGovern is nothing more than a self entitled grandchild.

      I’ve got to tell you I am leaving the Noem spot blank this year. She’s let me down a little to hard.

  7. DUH

    MM looks like he just got off a three day bender. “Ok, I think I’ll change my name to Grandpapa’s, even though he couldn’t carry his own state in a national contest.” You go loon…

  8. Gramps

    Tried watching the video, was going to make my decision about all the ruckus after seeing the young fella talk. Now is it blocked and marked “private.” Just what we don’t need is another weasel politician that wants to hide who they are.

    Got enough of them in office now that need to be shown the door.

  9. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t Romney be on the ballot as Willard Romney? “Mitt” isn’t even part his given name. I’m not aware of “Mitt” being a historical family name either. What a phony baloney Willard Romney is for using some made up name.


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