The Lemonade Stand Update 3

Some time ago I posted  about a lemonade stand in Georgia being shut down by police, Then a follow up posting where a local business stepped to help. I thought that would be end of it,  The young ladies got to go water park, sell some lemonade, and make a few dollars for school supplies. The town of Midway was happy, because they didn’t have an illegal business running in their fair city.

That the end of it, right?

Meg Mclain, Kathryn Dill and Will Duffield (adults) decided to push the envelope just a little further.  They started ?Lemonade Freedom Day?

On August 20, 2011, we are suggesting that everyone who has children, who believe in this message, go outside and set up lemonade stands all across the country. Even if you don?t have children, go out and buy some lemonade from a local child?s lemonade stand.

They went out set up a lemonade stand on The Capitol Grounds, knowing it was wrong.  Even after being told to shut down, they continued, and were arrested.

To be fair this isn’t Meg Mclain first run-in with the law.  According to Fox News she was involved in a dancing incident at the Jefferson Memorial, and another incident at Fort Lauderdale airport.
They were not arrested for selling lemonade,

“Selling lemonade — that’s not a charge,” U.S. Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider told Fox News in an email. “Three people were arrested by USCP for failure to obey a police officer, unlawful conduct, vending without a permit.”

These are not kids, they are adults.  They knew what they was doing was wrong, and they wanted to get arrested.  My guess they are rebels looking for a cause.  There are some causes where civil disobedience is called for;  but for a kids’ lemonade stand?  There are times that a law or an ordinance becomes out of date or needs to be changed.  The correct way to make this change is to contact your elected leaders, they can get the laws changed, that is their job after-all.
A couple of differences between these three and the Midway Girls. When the Midway girls didn’t really know what they were doing was wrong; when told to shut down, they did.

May this be a lesson, this is not the way to get the laws changed, just a way to make a fool of yourself.

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