The most conservative legislators for 2015?

The American Conservative Union came out with a scorecard recently of who the most conservative South Dakota legislators are from 2015, as well as the most liberal. And some of the choices are not a surprise:


You can read the report in it’s entirety here:

South Dakota 2015 American Conservative Union ratings

4 Replies to “The most conservative legislators for 2015?”

  1. Anonymous

    I see Pro-choice Peters is hovering right at 50%. Voting conservative just enough to CYA doesn’t cut it, and her support for more Medicaid just proves she’s a closet liberal.

  2. Troy Jones

    I hate to nitpick but I am going to nitpick.

    SB159 is really a bill upon which anyone should be rated?

    This bill basically just extended treatment to the coaches of American Legion Baseball teams from sales tax. The reality is if the coaches ran the expenditures through to Legion, they would get the treatment. However, in reality, in most cases, they walk around town, pick up money for travel expenses and just pay the bills out of the envelope.

    Yes, one could say they should follow procedure and run everything through the Legion. Yes it is abnormal treatment.

    But, there is nothing unconservative in just taking out rules and bureaucracy when the cost of following the procedure is excessively burdensome. So a few legislators with the support of the VFW and Leagion decided to just streamline it because it is good for kids and it effectively didn’t change tax revenue. Just the process.

    In the big picture, this is not clearly conservative or not. And if it were, it is so insignificant, it shouldn’t be in their ratings.


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