7 Replies to “The most offensive TV Commercial Ever.”

  1. District 3 Democrats Against Electing Cory Heidelberger

    Very offensive and in poor taste! Was this a local company?

    1. Anonymous

      They’re from Texas. Too bad, I was hoping to visit the store, take a “test lay” on one of their mattresses and pull a Poppie. (Seinfeld reference-those of you who are fans like I am, you’ll know!)

  2. Anonymous

    There are three certified morons!!!! I hope they go out of business!!! They can re-open in Iran or Saudi Arabia, though she’d need to get a plus-size burka.

  3. Tony Sayer

    Tasteless? Yes. Offensive? Sure. In poor taste? Definitely. However who the hell is making the rules exactly that draws limits, and how is it testing what is and is not “patriotic?” Go to Iran and get a plus size burka? Really. We seem to apply liberally (no pun intended) the ills of the PC era to those on the left but in reality we’re all guilty. A rich old piker makes fun of a reporter with a disability and we all applaud. However I am sure because of one bad decision who knows how many death threats these mattress people received, how many times they were told they need to go out of business, or whatever, and many of those folks have probably been offensive once or twice themselves. It was a stupid choice for that company to make that commercial but it’s also really not a concern of half the people in our “Geraldo” culture to care who probably wasted their time doing so. What we are really seeing here isn’t about this commercial itself because people have been making mistakes for a long time but rather we are seeing an idiotic culture unable to process the stream of information we now have, apply context to it, or in some fashion not take personal offense that is simply based upon what they personally feel is sacred due to poor understanding. In short, we have allowed our ability to acquire info to exceed that of understanding, and as well, we have allowed our weakness to apply strict PC limits to everything to steer dialogue. The reality is that this commercial did not a damn thing one way or the other, save embarrassment. It didn’t make us a weaker nation, less safe, increase terrorism or in some a la Ted Nugent manner, ruin this nation wholesale. Mussolini once said that the common man cannot grasp real issues and thus turns his attention to those definable minor concerns that have as much impact upon the world as a piece of dessert. It’s obvious he didn’t mean that to include just Italians.