The Nelson Interview with Gordon Howie

Gordon Howie interviews Candidate Stace Nelson

First let me put on my [Technical Director] hat, then tip it to Gordon. These latest batch of videos are so much better than just a year ago. The set is better, lighting is better, camera cuts are better, audio is much better. Still need to fine tune a few things. Clear the table. Ditch the water bottle, glasses and get rid of that phone!

[/Technical Director]

Time to move on to the content….

…some people are already taking pot shots at your contract with South Dakota…calling it a gimmick.

not to sure but I think he is referring to :

I was wondering about that last part asking myself “Do political gimmicks need notarization?” And make no mistake, it’s a gimmick. In an otherwise good announcement in Alexandria, I found myself stifling a groan when he rolled that one out.

From Pat Powers here, and you can read the contract here

It is one thing to put pen to paper and your signature saying “This is what I believe in.” something totally different to make a contract. Newt’s contract with America listed specific goals then went on to meet those goals. Stace’s contract only show what he will support or oppose. Unlike Pierre where one bill is one topic, on the national level, one bill could be and often is, multiple topics. We call it a gimmick, because it is. The devil is in the details, there are precious few in this ‘contract’

Shall we move on….

Great job on stating what we need to do to get the economy going. One topic that was I noticed only because it was missing was, our infrastructure is in shambles. What good are our farms and factories if we can’t get the goods to markets because our roads are falling apart. Great remarks about welfare drug testing. The swipe at the establishment, left and right, did not go unnoticed.

Overall a good piece. I hope Stace will take a hint a make a couple of videos like this, maybe not with Gordon, but simply stating what he believes and why.

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Out of time? Really? This is the internet! Let it roll, we’ll edit it all later.
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