The Nelson Saga continues?

From the Rapid City Journal:

Rep. Stace Nelson, R-Fulton, left the House State Affairs Committee after exchanging words with Lust, R-Rapid City, during a testy hearing. Nelson repeated accusations from last year that Lust and other Republican leaders had behaved unethically before he and Lust accused each other of lying.

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Bill clay was nice to post the audio of the hearing below. To call a witness a liar during the hearing is very very poor form.  Then to get into a shouting match before the vote to kill the bill, you both know better.

Nothing new here; these two have been trading words since the story broke about the LRC withholding Representative Nelson?s research last summer.
Then Gordon Howie posted this to the Right Side Blog

Republican Legislators are saying that their leaders have told them to ?kill Nelson?s bills?.

This is not the first time I have heard this rumor.  After doing a tad of research, I found this to be true.  Every one of Representative Nelson?s bills have been killed, tabled, or delayed.

If I understand this right, regardless of what their constituents say, regardless of the merits of the bill, regardless of anything else, legislators will vote against a bill simply because of who the sponsor is.  This is petty party politics.  There is no excuse for denying the citizens of South Dakota the very best the legislature has to offer, simply because two or three little boys can?t or won?t behave themselves.  (That includes Representative Nelson!)

If rumors hold true, a motion will be made to have disciplinary be committee formed to deal with Representative Nelson misconduct.  Keep in mind this is only a rumor, that has not been confirmed.

First, let’s deal with the children that for some reason just can’t play nice.  If this was school, I would expect everyone to be dragged in to the principle’s office and parents called.  Followed by a trip to the wood shed. (wonder If we can find a wood shed in Pierre?)
Representative Nelson is a man of integrity; he means what says, and says what he means. He is a workhorse, that will not let anything go, once he sets his mind to it.  However,  keeping this train on track has seemed to be problematic, especially when he going at full steam.  He needs to cool his engines a bit.

Representative Lust, is a master of building coalitions working behind the scenes to make things happen.  He has learn the fine art of double speak. He has that soft touch that is desirable in elected representatives.  He can make things happen without appearing to be doing much of anything.  Harnessing the raw power of Representative Nelson seems to overwhelm him.

HB 1142 is what I consider a general house keeping bill.  It does nothing more than formalize what was already considered to be LRC (unwritten) policy.  The only problem with this bill is whose name is primary sponsor.

The fat lady hasn’t sung her final song, this isn’t over.

I expect a lot more ugly stuff is about to come out.


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  1. Anonymous

    I woke up and it has finally dawned on me what is going on here.

    Nelson is a Marine criminal investigator. Honor and duty mean everything to him. He cannot be handled. He cannot be bought.

    So, why would those with leadership responsibilty be having so many problems here? Benign misunderstandings couldn’t have been resolved by appealing to Nelson’s sense of duty, honor and loyalty? Couldn’t this been resolved quickly between honorable people? How was this situation handled?

    Nothing was done about Nelson’s complaint for months. Some pled the fifth instead of telling all they knew to the press. A hand-picked committee hearing was held where witness testimony was refused. Meritorious bills are killed for little or no reason. Nelson’s bills are assigned to the leadership’s committee. Previously uninterviewed citizen witnesses are pubicly called liars by the committee members.

    Conclusion: Honorable people with honorable intentions should have been able to resolve these differences a very long time ago by simply inclusively reaching out to someone who holds duty, honor and loyalty dear. Another path has apparently been chosen: questioning honor, duty, loyalty and even stability. This appears to be the path of destruction. The question is why?

    It is a very sad day for the Republican Party because honorable people should have easily resolved a benign issue.

  2. george w

    for an interesting take on this,written before it happened ,go to the ‘Ruckus in the Caucus’ story of late Jan,and read the long post written by “homer’ a week ago

  3. lil wayne

    Obviously,”anonymous”, honorable people are not in charge in the House. I even hear a rumor that some are contemplating a special committee to have Nelson expunged.(Just because he dared bring this bill and explain why). The big problem with that is that the Speaker selects the committee (like every other). Leadership only works with honest leaders. Why and/or how could this guy Bender make up a story such as that? What would his possible motive be ? Supposedly he was ready to tell his story to the Caucus Campout this fall and again to the “special investigators’ in January, both times he was denied . Why ? “When the righteous thrive,the people rejoice;when the wicked rule,the people groan.” Proverbs 29:2

  4. Anonymous

    I believe that eye pea, IP, whatever, above has crossed the line between decency and libelous writing. He can disagree with Nelson all he wants, but the two comparisons above are offensive at best and libelous at worst. This is the first time I have ever called for a blogger to be censored, but I think it’s past time here. Please, MC.

  5. lil wayne

    I agree- get those morbid,obnoxious comparisons off of here. Obviously the pea-er has never met,talked to ,or spent a day with Mr. Nelson.

  6. Job Creator

    MC – come on! Anyone who has ever spent any time in Pierre knows for certain that there is a wood shed there. It is on the second floor. I have been called down there several times and have enjoyed others being called there, as well! Some call what comes out of the second floor “leadership.”

    1. Principles..

      ..are not something that you can have or not have as the situation dictates, unless you are a politician.

      Maybe if we had more people dedciated to the merits of each issue, our country would not be in the trouble it is in?

      1. Troy Jones

        Oh, aren’t we the sanctimonious. If you can’t convince someone of your views today, you build your case for tomorrow. There is no principle in throwing bombs, accusing people of being unscrupulous with only innuendo, and crying like a little baby when you don’t get your way today.

        1. anon

          wow, this post says so much about Troy Jones that it is scary.

          You would defend the misconduct of Lust, Rausch and others. After months of them running from the charges, while it is logical to believe they committed the misconduct based off of their own admissions, witnesses confirming it, and their recent abuses of authority, but attack Nelson for following through even though it was against his best interests to not look the other way?

          perfect example of the petty politics and beleifs of entitlement that obviously created this mess.

          1. Bill Fleming

            Oh come on. We all know how Stace acts.

            Just go through the back pages of this website. He wants it to be different… to have everybody think that he’s just half kidding, but people don’t.

            Because nobody knows him.

            And he’s physically and verbally intimidating.

            In fact, he’s made a career out of it.

            Even if he acts like he likes you, you’re mostly just glad he’s not mad at you.

            Big guys like that have to be extra careful about that kind of thing.

            Stace has yet to appreciate that.

            He thinks everybody’s his barber shop buddy and that it’s okay for us all to treat each other like this:

            Well, it’s not.

            The State Capitol isn’t the barber shop, or the Marine barracks, or the police station.

            None of those. Not as a matter of course, anyway.

            p.s. are you guys ever going to quit writing about this? I was talking to Grudznick, and he told me it was starting to kinda make his ass tired.

            Right Grudz?

            1. anon

              He must have scared everyone in his district to vote for him. Didn’t this guy win in a five way race against a popular incumbent, by like 1100 votes? Must have been because “nobody knows him”?

              Didn’t know you guys were buds Flem Dog?

            2. Bob Ellis

              Rep. Nelson just doesn’t expect everyone to act like pantywaist liberals, Mr. Fleming. He expects adults to be able to deal with a little straight-talk. Perhaps Nelson expects too much from our modern culture.

                1. anon

                  You better check again Flemmy. Your undercover liberal (lifelong D turned R just to get elected) Speaker o da house, said “everyone is afraid” of SD’s biggest Repub!

                  Only thing scary about the huge man from East River, is the stark contrast he provides the many RINOs in the legislature.

            3. grudznick

              Indeed. I didn’t think you were listening when I mentioned that this mess is making my ass drag, but clearly I was wrong.

          2. Troy Jones

            And, I hope it says alot about me. It means I’m being honest with you and and with myself. Thanks for the compliment.

            Wish you put your name up so I could thank you personally.

              1. Troy Jones

                Is it wrong for Rep. Nelson to say on blogs that leadership is corrupt?

                But, if they said it, an apology would be in order.

                It would be proper for ALL parties to do it in the forum the it was done.

                Since he made the first one, I assume Stace can first apologize for his accusations in public and then I’ll urge them to apologize in caucus if they said it.

                But, maybe it is just time to move on. In the words of Winnie the Pooh: “?You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count.?

                1. Mr. Persnickity

                  Let us not forget the situation that incited such comments. Representative Nelson complained to the press that Speaker of the House Rausch removed him from the Agriculture Committee due to Nelson’s oppostion to a state supported foreign dairy that voters in his district were opposed to, and Nelson’s then behind the scenes complaints of misconduct by leadership. Rausch denied the claims and alleged admissions as such to Nelson

                  But then must have forgotten those statements months later when he told KSFY that “House Speaker Val Rausch tells me Nelson was removed, in part, because of escalating disagreements with Ag Secretary Walt Bones over a proposed dairy operation in Hanson County.”


                  Now, yet more information coming out that these “leaders” lied about Nelson’s conversation with Moser to the press and the caucus?

                  Your support and defense of such “politics” is a telling statement of your own morals, Mr. Jones.

          3. Anonymous

            He had training in higher places…. Some people operate on SECRECY to have POWER..
            What have we become?????????????

    2. Anonymous

      It doesn’t dilute credibility so much as what it exposes one politically. Big difference between credibility and political exposure.

  7. Anonymous

    Off topic but word is Elizabeth Kraus is not running and that rocket scientist Phil Jensen is going after her seat, brought to you by the Rimrock Free Evangelical Church!


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