The obsession of a liberal blogger

I spent a few minutes looking over Madville Times today, and in doing so I was impressed with Congresswoman Kristi Noem and her graciousness to constituent Cory Heidelberger. Cory can come off as that child who thinks he knows more than the adults in the room. And he is obviously no fan of Kristi Noem’s (or is he? we could be lead to believe he’s at least obsessed with her) and airs his complaints publicly every time he finds the smallest reason. Kristi made time for Cory at her recent town hall. You would think someone so obsessed would be giddy. And maybe he was, but his blogging wasn’t going to reflect it.

I hung around after the show. Nearly 40 minutes after the scheduled end of the program, after shaking hands and talking and taking photos with numerous other constituents, after doing a few minutes with the professional press, the Congresswoman made time to talk to me. I tried to keep it short.

This speaks well of her, especially since after the interview Cory filled his blog with demeaning put downs as he has for the past two years.

After over a year on the job in Washington, Rep. Noem gives me the same impression she did in Huron: she?s a lightweight, in over her head.

Now keep in mind Cory is a total partisan, but this is a good example of the intense vitriol liberals have for Kristi Noem.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem has a few hundred thousand dollars? worth of Congressional staffers to help her become a policy whiz. And so far, they haven?t succeeded. They could probably sit her down in front of C-SPAN for an hour a day to make her sound more prepared.

Hmmm? Notice how Cory struggles to argue the issues when discussing Kristi Noem and instead continueously attacks her intelligence. Anyone who knows Kristi knows that her intelligence should not be brought into quesiton. She is very sharp and articulate. But I don’t suppose we listen to her with blinders on like Cory.

Rather than becoming a policy expert, Noem prefers to keep singing karaoke.

Another slam on her intelligence…

Noem?s paucity of policy knowledge shone through her slideshow and her responses to audience questions.

Does using words like “paucity” make you feel smarter Cory?

but then reveals she is absolutely clueless about the laws South Dakota has already put in place to comply with ObamaCare. Apparently troubled by her own ignorance, Noem turns to some prepared folksy lines about an unsourced poll on public suspicion of bureaucrats and the sheer lie people ?no longer have any decisions over their health care? under ObamaCare

I’m begining to think this guy has a preconcieved notion about our congresswoman? Boy, he sure seems to be convinced of his intellectual superiority. And why shouldn’t he be convinced of his superiority. He’s a French teacher for goodness sake!

In a wild distortion of the truth, Rep. Noem said…

Yep, that must be what she’s doing… Or more likely that is just what Cory assumes people who disagree with him are up to.

if South Dakota wants intelligent, studious, policy-oriented representation in Washington, it needs to replace Kristi Noem with someone ready to do the job.

Well, if you say so Cory. I’m so surprised Cory came to that conclusion following his time at the town hall. Especially since it’s clear he attended with a very open mind…

I’ve often wondered how bad the retribution was towards him from other Democrats after he took Herseth Sandlin to task prior to the 2010 election. My impression of Heidelberger is that he is doing his best to get back in the good graces of the South Dakota Democratic Party. Judging by the number of put downs he fit into one blog post (and yes I excluded many more) apparently it is more difficult to be forgiven than he thought it would be. Keep trying Cory, eventually they will give you their blessing again.

My conclusion, and my opinion is that Kristi is obviously several classes above Cory when it comes to treating others with respect. He sets such a darn good example for his students doesn’t he?

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  1. Anonymous

    Anyone who waits 40 minutes after the meeting to talk with Noem is obsessed.

    Clearly Cory has issues. Especially in civility.

  2. M.D.

    Cory doesn’t like that noem lacks substance but then again his attacks tend to be superficial. I can’t stomach his blog on a daily basis.

  3. ymous

    He is the issue. It’s all about him after all. The I, I, me, me complex I call it. It’s the “I went to college and got really good grades so I’m not paid enough, dammit”. I will prove to you how smart I am, not obviously based on productivity. We can call him the anti Steve Jobs. After all, teaching French in SD is like teaching a frenchmen to fight. It just don’t make no sense.

  4. Anonymous

    Here is another one of his put downs.

    “Math is hard for Kristi (insert cheerleader laugh here)? but let?s hear more about spending cuts, tax cuts, and stimulus:”

    Pretty funny Cory. You are a real toad.

    1. caheidelberger

      If you have an issue with my job, you should address your criticism to the publicly elected Spearfish school board and the fine administrators who decide to include French in their curriculum and who graciously hired me to teach that curriculum this year.

  5. caheidelberger

    You guys are the ones who are all about me. Reread my actual post: it’s not about me: it’s about Noem’s dodging, her lack of specifics, and her unfitness for the job. But, since you kids are going there, and since you apparently need the real story, let’s go long:

    Now, “Bill Clay,” you seem desperate to talk about anything other than what Noem herself says. Why is that, “Bill Clay”?

    Your fairy tale of retribution and my seeking good graces is absurd. Do you have any basis for making up such a story? What could the Democratic Party do to me? More importantly, why would they bother to do anything to me? Just how much influence do you think I have? Is that why you keep hiding your name, “Bill Clay,” because you’re afraid I’ll wield my mighty powers to inflict retribution on you? Pshaw.

    Your impression that I write what I write to win anyone’s good graces proves that you know absolutely nothing about me. If that’s what I was about, why would I write nice things about Dems? If that’s what I were about, I’d have switched my party registration and begged Pat Powers to let me take over Dakota War College so I could kiss the SD GOP’s keester and maybe get a nice salary-doubling appointment from Secretary Gant or the Governor himself.

    As for obsession, you fail to acknowledge why I stayed to talk to our Congresswoman. Toward the end of the town hall, an audience member took the mic and uttered bigoted words about Muslims. I hoped that the Congresswoman would take the man to task, as John McCain did an audience member who spouted anti-Muslim garbage at a rally during October 2008. Rep. Noem did not.

    Now I could have hit Twitter right then there, or put up a full blog post saying, “Noem Lets Bigotry Stand.” I did not. I recognized that she might simply have gotten tangled in other issues the gentleman brought up. She might have simply wanted to avoid a confrontation (as I did, since I didn’t interrupt or challenge the bigot, either). But I wanted to give Rep. Noem a chance to address that bigotry for the record.

    So I waited. I went around and chatted with other people, in part because there were many other interesting people there, in part because I wanted to give other folks (most of them Noem fans) a chance to speak with her, get their picture taken, maybe even bring up pressing constituent issues they need her office to look into. I didn’t want to be the center of attention; I didn’t want to take time that would better serve other people.

    Noem shook hands with folks, chatted, took pictures, then went to do pressers with Woster and Al Van Zee (I think). Noem’s RC guy, Brad Otten, asked if I wanted to speak with the Congresswoman. I said that if she still had time, sure, I could wait. I didn’t push or demand; I knew she had to get to another event yet that evening. I wouldn’t have taken it personally if Otten had said, “Sorry, we have a schedule to keep.”

    She finished with the press guys, then came over to talk with me. I said the audience member’s anti-Muslim bigotry had alarmed me. I asked if she would for the record renounce that bigotry. She said we have freedom of religion. I asked if that meant she rejected the bigot’s suggestion that Muslims are unfit to serve in government office. She said yes. I thanked her and split, no further questions.

    And when I got home, the first thing I published about that meeting, out of all the clips I could have pulled, was a standalone post where I praised Rep. Kristi Noem for rejecting anti-Muslim bigotry. I don’t think I took a single shot at her in that post. I gave her the credit she is due for rejecting such bigotry, and for taking time to have that conversation with me, a person whom she may, if she notices, find to be a burr under her saddle.

    I stand by every word I wrote in that lead Saturday night post as evidence of Kristi Noem’s character. I stand by everything I wrote in the separate, fuller, Sunday analysis of the town hall, with complete video for the record, as evidence that despite the character demonstrated in her brief chat with me, she is wrong on many issues, uninformed on many issues, and not the best person to serve as our Congresswoman. That’s not obsession; that’s honest assessment.

    And notice, to top it off, that “Bill Clay,” an individual who will not share his/her real name while attacking others personally, did not refute the substance of a single thing I said about Noem’s town hall performance.

    1. Arrowhead

      I like you cory but come on. You give it to Bill Clay every day out of context on your blog or however you interpret what’s said by anyone and then when you show up here and read this you go bazerk! Take a chill pill and laugh it off as it was obviously intended to be humerous.

      I love you man but the spandex on your tighty whities is getting really tight apparently.

      1. caheidelberger

        Berzerk? No, I set the record straight… and pointed out that “Bill Clay” is engaging in ad hominem attacks to divert attention from Kristi Noem’s poor performance.

        And “Bill Clay” hasn’t mustered a single response.

  6. Anonymous1

    Cory, we can sit here and talk about Noem’s character, SHS’s character, Thune’s character and so on till we are blue in the face. Ir you really want to know about someone’s character, watch what they do after holding political office. As one very important Senator, who happened to be a Democrat, once said, “If you want to know a politician thinks about their state, look to see where they live after they retire or lose an election.” McGovern stayed out east for a long time. Pressler stayed out east. Daschle stayed out east. Abnor went back to his ranch in western SD. SHS stayed out east where she lived BEFORE she ran for office. Noem? I will bet you a year’s pay that if she loses in 2012, she will go right back to Castlewood SD. Takers Cory?

      1. Anonymous1

        Corey, I do apologize. I thought you were talking about character of a politicians. If you want to talk about dodging questions and ability to answer questions, I have had on many occasions that experience with numerous politicans. Many of them Democrat some Republican. Say what you want about Noem, but at least she stayed and talked with you. SHS couldn’t give my business the time of day when she was in office.

      2. Anonymous1

        Corey, if you read the long post abouve, you will see that you did talk about her character. You said,” I stand by every word I wrote in that lead Saturday night post as evidence of Kristi Noem?s character.” That is what I was addressing in my post.

  7. Les

    McGovern, Pressler, Daschle, Abnor, Herseth and Noem. Wow, I can think of hundreds of millions almost all of them brought home to SD, wasn’t that the old saw?

    I still don’t like that NDAA vote that was made. We couldn’t even support a silly old amendment to help us keep our constitutional right to swift justice, but why would we if we didn’t even know what we were voting on. Now that’s character for you.

  8. Clay Bill

    It’s strange, “Bill,” that you describe Kristi as being “several classes above Cory when it comes to treating others with respect.” She ran one of the most vitriol-filled U.S. House races against SHS in the state’s political history.
    It’s also strange that you’re devoting so much effort to try to discredit what Cory wrote. Instead of your “kill the messenger” attitude against him, why don’t you share your thoughts about Noem and her meeting? Thanks to Cory posting video of virtually her entire town hall, you have the opportunity to do that, but you’ve wasted it. There’s no reason for you not to judge Kristi on her own merits, just as Cory has … or are you finding yourself agreeing with Cory about Noem’s lack of ability?

    1. 73*

      Yeah that was a really negative campaign Noem ran in and it was a damn shame SHS targeted Noem with ads insinuating Kristi was going to run over kids if she was elected to congress.

      Looks like SHS was the villian of the sleeze ad of the decade in SD Politics.

    1. chump change

      Ocassionally he has a point abouy Noem like town halls, lack of public availability or constituent interaction but lately it’s just been him accusing her of being dumb. That doesn’t bother me either but he should at least not pretend to be focused on the issues.

      Kristi isn’t the deepest puddle in a rain storm but she is good at reciting talking points and connecting with voters in this climate.

      All in all she does a decent job. She’s not the leader in congress I was hoping for but she isn’t exactly voting with Pelosi most of the time either.

  9. mhs

    Say what you want about Corey, but, I think he has a point we need to address. SHS was the master of saying nothing, and doing it impersonally at that. She never upped her game, thought she could take an election off and got her rear handed to her. The past year, Kristie has been playing the same game and it will bit her as well should she not take the next step.

    Freshman year is over, it’s time for Kristie to play in the big leagues. Thune, Daschle, Johnson and Abnor all were making their mark in their respective caucus by the end of their first terms. It’s time she started to assert herself and her agenda: not chase dust storms.

    1. Anonymous

      SHS got her rear handed to her? Kristi Noem won with 153,703 votes. SHS lost but garnered 146,589 votes. That’s a difference 7,114 votes. Your assertion of SHS’s hind end being handed to her is merely a misguided point of view.

      1. mhs

        Uh, powerful incumbent losing to unknown who got in at the last minute? What part of “whupped” needs to be explained?

        1. Anonymous

          SHS ‘whupped’ Bruce Whalen 230,473 votes to 97,868 in 2006. Rounds ‘whupped’ Billion 206,996 to 121,241. Daugaard ‘whupped’ Heidepreim 195,046 to 122,037. There you go.

  10. Elais

    I seem to remember considerable obsession (that still continues) over SHS on this blog. Bloggers here couldn’t get enough of slamming SHS over everything, focusing on every single thing she said/did/thought/smelled/tasted. Very scary to read sometimes.

    1. MC Post author

      I believe SHS is an great legislator, I would like to see her put her skills to use right here in South Dakota, however, she has choosen another road

  11. Anonymous

    Kristi isn’t my favorite Republican in the state and I could be persuaded to vote against her but that doesn’t mean I’d vote for a Dem. (never have and they aren’t giving me a reason to)

    I want someone serving me who is competent and capable of advancing the cause. She hasn’t proven to be either.

    Heidelberger on the other had is absolutely distasteful as a blogger.

  12. Duh

    CAHEIDELBERGERBERGERWITHFRIES actually teaches french for a living??? LOL. No wonder he’s so tightly wound. The french are good at two things, pastries and surrendering.

    Mon nom est le juge Cory. Je suis un pinheaded douchebag et ne le sais pas une politique gouvernementale valable si elle sat sur ma face. , dépenser, dépenser, est tout ce que je fais.

    1. Duhr.... Duh's Brother

      Hee, Hee, Hee, my old brother Duh; I have so many stories. One time Je suis venu sur Duh molseting tout en regardant un livre de photographie de Robert Mappelthorpe. Il a sont le sceniario le plus répugnant que j’ai jamais été témoin. Les bouteilles de rosée de montagne, le kleenex sanglant, et une poussière fine des morceaux de Doritio salis est maison gardée malade, où il a par le passé eu un famille, avant qu’il les ait conduits loin avec sa flatulence, misantropy, et, dans le cas de son épouse, pénis flasque. Mais he’ s mon frère. Dick mou et tous. Beaucoup d’amour Bro, Veuillez agréer l’expression de nos

      salutations distinguées,


    2. Anonymous

      Oh good, the world’s biggest pinhead knows how to use Google’s language translation feature. You went to Google, tappity tapped your blathering and translated it to French. You fool no one but yourself.

    1. Les

      As I watched California’s 2nd lady being gently led on MSNBC this morning while she bared her mental weakness, I am gratified that KN can be gently led by FOX for equal treatment.

      Bill Clay, if you want to protect Kristi, keep her off topic.

      My gosh, as if Corey needed to say anything beyond the videos of our Congress woman’s meeting.

      Our state GOP has a room full of talent and we will be on the losing end of this if we don’t tighten our party values.

  13. kwn

    The beauty of America = we all have the right to our own opinions. While I don’t always agree with Cory, I don’t always agree with this blog either.

    I’d enjoy more of these blogs if there weren’t the personal attacks on people – but actually intelligent conversations on the issues.

    1. Anonymous

      Riiiight, because this website will automatically put the fancy little characters over the vowels for you. Right.


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