The Replacements take the field.

Replacement candidates for the candidates who have withdrawn from the ballot are due today at the Secretary of State’s office, and they already trickling in, as you might have noticed from last evening’s replacement of Assistant House Majority Leader Steve Westra with former SDGOP Vice Chair Sue Peterson.

What have we seen so far?

  • As noted earlier – John Mills of Volga has replaced Fred Deutsch as the GOP Candidate in the D4 House Race.
  • Anti-Death Penalty activist Leona Weiland has replaced Democrat Mary Claus in the D11 House race.
  • Liberal activist Susan Randall, who lost by nearly 400 votes in the last election, has replaced Democrat Betsy Lang in the D12 House race.
  • In D13 House on the GOP Side, as noted, Sue Peterson has replaced Steve Westra.
  • As noted earlier, Democrat Tony Pier was replaced by JR LaPlante in D14 House.
  • Marijuana activist Melissa Mentele is going to bring her politics to the District 19 House race, replacing Democrat Ardon Wek who withdrew. Interestingly enough, the only other Democrat running in that District, Russell Graeff was recently arrested for DUI.   Wonder how that’s going to play with the church folk in that area, eh?
  • Democrat Eric Bliss is replacing Democrat State Senate Candidate Chuck Groth in D22 Senate.

….and that’s all I’ve got so far.    I’ll update this should any more replacements come in.

Any thoughts or comments?

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  1. stitz58

    Should have dug deeper on Russell Graeff in District 19. All charges were dropped. Nothing wrong. Hard to believe you want to help Stace. Hmmm


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