The rise of Mark Mickelson

I don’t know how many of you have taken the time to look through Mark Mickelson’s campaign finance report (he’s running for District 13 House), but it is more than impressive. Don’t believe me – take a look.

Mark Mickelson is certainly causing many to wonder if a reshuffling of the deck is going on when it comes to the top tier candidates currently eyeing future openings. And he won nearly 54% of the vote in a 3-way primary.

Joel Rosenthal said it best on his blog South Dakota Straight Talk:

Mark Mickelson has the skills and I predict based on him, not his pedigree a future if he desires it. Other politicians with ambition should be concerned and be paying attention.


14 Replies to “The rise of Mark Mickelson”

  1. Sullivan

    Joel is right that Mark has a future ahead of him, and that he is smart and talented. However, he is wrong to completely discount the pedigree.

  2. Anooner

    He’s about as solid as they come. Smart and trustworthy and a good listener. He will definitely raise the collective IQ in Pierre.

  3. Mr Moderate

    His website concentrates on real issues in South Dakota instead of the culture war that so many get sucked into. It is good to see a common sense conservative getting so much support.

  4. ymous

    He’s conservative. Deb Peter’s is not. She’s lucky that she survived her primary. Next time she won’t!

  5. Winston

    His father and grandfather did not have too live in a “Tea Party World” the way his political ambitions will be forced too …..

  6. barney

    I’m not too impressed. A bunch of super-rich country-club Republicans supporting him, as well as the big hospitals and the trial lawyers. Little guys look out ! I would steer WAAAY clear of anyone Rosenthal likes. (and I’m a Republican)

  7. Lee Schoenbeck

    Mark is a good person, and his talent and judgment will be a positive addition to the people’s work in Pierre.

  8. Anonymous


    let’s see how he votes in committee, and in the full house, and what legislation he writes. Let’s judge Mark based on his legislative actions and his voting record.

    1. proof is in the pudding

      well said. I’ve had enough of establishment republicans telling me who will make a good representative of the people, and who is bad and supposedly “ineffective.”


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