The SDDP and the awful year end report. $340.39 cash on hand in state report.

I was wondering where the SDDP was on it’s fundraising, and now we find out. They’re panhandling at this point:

Sddp and the Awful Year End

While the 2015 Year end federal report is bad enough, showing them at $11,362 cash on hand, their state report is even worse. Their state report shows them at – and this is no joke – $340.39.

No, that’s not a comma. That’s a decimal point. They have $340 in their state account. All I could think is that they may need to borrow some money from Paula Hawks. Her own dismal fundraising is better than the SDDP’s.

What’s the problem with the SDDP? Their burn rate for one. In their state account, they started with $14k, they raised about another $13k, and they spent $26.6k.

In the federal account, you’ll note that over the last year, they started with $21k, they raised 278k, they spent $300k, and they’ve ended the year with $11k. And that’s with the national Democrat party propping them up with $86,961 over the course of the year. (KSFY’s Phil Schrek also helped. He was in for $530).

But South Dakota Dems spent Phil’s and the national Dem’s money as fast as they could.

Ann Tornberg is going to find it hard to put that up against the SDGOP’s $265k cash on hand that they’re starting the election with.   Oh well. This is how Tornberg’s South Dakota Democrat Party rolls.

One thought on “The SDDP and the awful year end report. $340.39 cash on hand in state report.

  1. Eddie

    Wow- they can barely make payroll … And they think they can run the state? They better get their own financial house in order before they try to run ours.