The tale of the GOP Tape – post State Fair edition!

We’ve moved past the summer, and into the beginnings of the fall before the election season begins in earnest. So, where does the GOP sit with statewide political races?

It’s time to revisit the tale of the tape – the semi-official chart of 2018 Republican Candidates!

6 Replies to “The tale of the GOP Tape – post State Fair edition!”

      1. Anonymous

        Why didn’t Sattgast run for Secretary of State?

        By running for Auditor it looks like he’s going backwards and just wants a job. The party needs new faces.

  1. John

    Blog man—your dotted lines are not right.

    You have AG going to Congress and Secretary of State to Governor…

    ok yeah I might be a nerd but thought I should let you know for next time


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