The tour continues.. Egg-roll madness.

So I see a place in Old Town Alexandria,VA that is in all the ‘best places to eat’ lists. It has been featured in Southern Living and Washingtonian Magazines. And it was odd enough I had to give it a try: Meggrolls.

I think I’m ruined for life. It’s too sinful to resist:

It looked a little prettier before I bit into it, but on the left is a Buffalo Wing Eggroll, and on the right is the Chicken Parm Eggroll.

Yes, they’ve turned those meals into egg rolls. You usually find it as a fried noodle shell outside with a vegetable filling… and now you get a wild variety of gourmet fillings. And they’re good.

They said one roll is a snack, and two is a meal. I’m eating brunch, so I went for two. And I’m definitely full.

The Chicken Parm roll had mozzarella, provolone, and lemon basil ricotta, so it was a bit heavier. But the Buffalo chicken one is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten with buffalo sauce, chicken, and not much more (Inside a fried noodle), except for some celery on top.

If you’re ever in the area, it should be a planned food destination, just a half a step off of the Intersection of King Street & Fayette. It’s that good.

8 Replies to “The tour continues.. Egg-roll madness.”

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Actually they do. My wife had the breakfast egg roll, which was French toast, sausage, egg and topped with bacon.

  1. grudznick

    I found the menu. Looks like breakfast could consist of a 4-cheese broccoli mac Meggroll, and a D.C. Brau Corruption IPA. Mr. Nelson could order the pack of 30, and quaff back a few dozen Corruption IPAs for brunch.

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